Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn[Reading] ➶ Breaking Dawn Author Stephenie Meyer – Don't be afraid I murmured We belong togetherI was abruptly overwhelmed by the truth of my own words This moment was so perfect so right there was no way to doubt itHis arms wrapped around meholding m Don't be afraid I murmured We belong togetherI was abruptly overwhelmed by the truth of my own words This moment was so perfect so right there was no way to doubt itHis arms wrapped around meholding me against himIt felt like every nerve ending in my body was a live wireForever he agreedWHEN YOU LOVED THE ONE WHO WAS KILLING YOU IT LEFT YOU NO OPTIONS How could you run how could you fight when doing so would hurt that beloved one If your life was all you had to give how could you not give it If it was someone you truly lovedTO BE IRREVOCABLY IN LOVE WITH A VAMPIRE is both fantasy and nightmare woven into a dangerously heightened reality for Bella Swan Pulled in one direction by her intense passion for Edward Cullen and in another by her profound connection to werewolf Jacob Black a tumultuous year of temptation loss and strife have led her to the ultimate turning point Her imminent choice to either join the dark but seductive world of immortals or to pursue a fully human life has become the thread from which the fates of two tribes hangsNOW THAT BELLA HAS MADE HER DECISION a startling chain of unprecedented events is about to unfold with potentially devastating and unfathomable conseuences Just when the frayed strands of Bella's life first discovered in Twilight then scattered and torn in New Moon and Eclipse seem ready to heal and knit together could they be destroyed foreverTHE ASTONISHING BREATHLESSLY anticipated conclusion to the Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn illuminates the secrets and mysteries of this spellbinding romantic epic that has entranced millions. If you loved Breaking Dawn and don’t want to see it criticized I’ll warn you now not to read my review That being said let me begin by saying that when I first read Twilight I was hooked I read New Moon in one sitting I awaited the release of Eclipse with great anticipation Sadly Eclipse was the beginning of the end It left me disappointed enough not to have high expectations for Breaking Dawn Even at that Breaking Dawn shattered my lowest expectations I am stunned at the depths to which this once revered author has plunged From this point on I will refer to Breaking Dawn as BD aka “Bitter Disappointment” or if you prefer “Boring Depravity” “Bloody Drama” “Brain Drain” or my husband’s personal favorite “Bloody Diapers”Where do I begin? How about with my least favorite character Bella? She began the series with a lot of promise Sure some people said that she wasn’t well defined in the first book but I never had a problem with her Throughout New Moon and Eclipse her character starts to decline In BD Bella becomes intolerable This girl is unbelievably selfish She begins the book whining about the beautiful expensive car Edward bought her She whines about the wedding preparations the dress the ring Poor thing has to gasp marry the man of her dreams The injustice She is far concerned about nameless faceless people mocking her for getting married young than she is about the happiness of the man she claims to love than life itself And her treatment of Jacob Where to begin? This is a good kid had the misfortune to fall in love with her and though I had issues with his manipulation of her emotions at the end of Eclipse still he’s a teenage guy and you have to cut him some slack But come on Bella Once she realizes she loves him but that she loves Edward she chooses Edward Fine So let the poor guy go Let him move on with his life But no she has to have her cake and eat it too She hurts both Edward the one she has chosen and Jacob the one she has rejected by refusing to cut ties with him She claims to hate herself for hurting him says at one point that it’s “criminal” to injure him as much as she does but will she love him enough to let him let go and move on? Nope She wouldn’t “feel whole” without him so she continues to cling to him Even after she’s married The culmination of this extreme selfish lack of consideration for anyone’s feelings but her own is when she slips and refers to the unborn baby as “EJ” Did she even think to consider whether Edward would be happy about having his child named after his rival? No she just did what she darn well wanted to do and gave no thought to what Edward would want Bella has become a tyrant What ueen Bella wants ueen Bella must haveNow a little bit about Edward He was what made Twilight so magical He was mysterious romantic beautiful all the many things that the hero of a good book should be Edward stole the hearts of most of the female readers of this series Yet by the time you finish BD you find yourself either feeling terribly sorry for him because he chose such a lame heroine or just contemptuous of him for becoming a doormat a slave to Bella’s whims I thought I’d scream if I had to hear him say “If it makes her happy I’ll do it even if it’s not what’s best for her” one time In BD the author sends the message through Edward that love and blind devotion are the same thing They aren’t Truly loving someone isn’t giving them free reign to stomp all over you and everything in their path just because they think it will make them happy Real love encompasses the occasional appropriate guidance of the loved one away from self destructive desires toward a better way But here we are taught that if you love someone you let them have what they want all the time without exceptionAs for the story development my greatest frustration is that the author created a very intricate world complete with detailed descriptions of what could and could not happen in it Then she decided not to play by these rules Yes I am referring to the sudden and inexplicable ability of a vampire to father a child This felt very contrived and unbelievable and introduced such a bizarre nightmarish chain of events that I could hardly believe I was reading the story that began as Twilight This baby feeds on the blood of its mother and slowly sucks her life away? Bella has to drink human blood while she’s still human to save her life and the life of her child? And she LIKES IT? This is the same human Bella that turned green and almost passed out while doing blood typing in Biology class right? Okay I could see that her aversion to blood was going to go away after becoming a vampire But while she was still human? Really? I felt sick the whole time I read about her drinking gallons of blood a day to sustain the child Bleh I still don’t get the whole scene where Edward asks Jacob to offer to make babies with Bella What?? Again is this the author’s attempt at showing us the extent of true love? It was twisted and disturbingAnd the delivery of the babythat was just plain disgusting Bella vomiting gallons of blood her bones snapping right and left blood vessels popping in her eyes Edward biting into her womb to get the baby out and the tender moment when mommy sees baby for the first time is marred by said baby taking a bite out of her mommy Ick And I’ll just join the legions of people who are saying “RENESMEE??” You’ve got to be kidding This from the author who tastefully chose names like Edward Bella Carlisle Alicewhy didn’t she just name her “Brangelina” or “TomKat”? Or “Bedward?” I will also join the protests against Jacob imprinting on Bella and Edward’s daughter I could see when the concept of imprinting was introduced that it would be the author’s way of making a happy ending for Jacob at the end of the story and that was fine I like a happy ending and of course I wanted to see Jacob happy But are we so inflexible that we can’t be happy with Jacob imprinting on a nice new girl to the story? No Bella must have her way She can’t be happy without Jacob as a part of her life And we’re supposed to feel happy and satisfied that she gets her way in the form of Jacob as her son in law? How is that a happy ending?At the top of my list of grievances is the destruction of the message that was communicated so clearly in the first three books Once Bella falls in love with Edward she is confronted with some very difficult choices If she wants to be with Edward she must choose to leave human life behind her and become a vampire The value of Eclipse was that it forced Bella to look long and hard at what she was choosing if she decided to become a vampire She would have to cut ties with her human lifeher mother father and everyone human that mattered to her She could never have children of her own She would have to deal with the bloodlust of being a newborn vampire She would spend a significant amount of time developing the self control and restraint that the rest of the Cullens had achieved One of the most compelling elements of the first three books is Edward’s angst his agonizing about the state of his soul as a vampire He grieves what he sees as the loss of his soul This is at the heart of his great reluctance to change Bella the reason for his disappearance in New Moon All the vampires who have chosen not to feed on humans hate what they have become They are conflicted about who they are None of them who remember life as a human can say with conviction that they wouldn’t go back if they could Bella has to confront all of this and choose to sacrifice the value of her humanity for the love she feels for Edward All of this is well and good and presents a very thought provoking storyline Then in BD every one of these issues is neatly sidestepped in order to create an obstacle free path to a happily ever after ending for ueen Bella First of all from the moment she opens her eyes as a newborn vampire everything is better The world shimmers She experiences everything so much intensely things are beautiful colorful wonderful What’s not to love about being a vampire? Within minutes she is exhibiting the self control that everyone else took decades to achieve And how about the whole I have to have sex before I become a vampire because all my human emotions will be gone for awhile? Nope Not only does she still experience all the emotions and passions she had as a human but they are intensified By the time we’re finished reading about Bella’s new life as a vampire we have to wonder why anyone wouldn’t want to be a vampire All the build up for Bella to grow and mature through sacrifice and self denial wiped away So much better for her not to have to suffer through that stuff right? And she manages to get immortality and a baby to boot We have to wonder if everyone who claimed that becoming a vampire was a serious heavy choice was just delusional The nobility of the message is sacrificed in order to create a neat happy ending for everyoneI haven’t seen much if any speculation on what the cover of the book is trying to communicate to the reader so here’s my take The big white ueen is you guessed it ueen Bella the white vampire The red pawn is you or I the blood red reader about to be sucked dry in the wake of the ueen’s destruction BewareI wish Stephenie Meyer had ended with Twilight or at least an extended version of New Moon I think I’ll be hauling my copies of the last three to the local library as a donation and trying to just enjoy Twilight for what it was before the rest of this mess came into play oh yes so VERY many spoilers and unladylike language sorrychokengtitiktitikchokeng1 god help me Here we gochokengtitiktitikchokeng8 yep Edward is already going overboard protecting Bellachokengtitiktitikchokeng20 Her parents think it's a good idea for her to marry this weirdo at 18? They never think ANYTHING is a good ideachokengtitiktitikchokeng33 Vampire babies creepy in a good waychokengtitiktitikchokeng58 Jacobp72 I swear Bella never just goes anywhere you always have to DRAG her like a toddlerchokengtitiktitikchokeng85 I think they just had sex OMGp86 now of course we have to suffer through pages and pages of Edward being guilty which means basically he is an assholechokengtitiktitikchokeng108 she MAKES him have sex with her again on their HONEYMOON What a slutchokengtitiktitikchokeng121 oh please no Don't be pregnantchokengtitiktitikchokeng123 God dammit p124 The pregnancy is already showing??? huh?p132 Edward cold and furious for the 1985674th timep145 Jacob POVp151 This whole thing with the imprinting on a two year old is just so fucked upchokengtitiktitikchokeng153 However I'd seen uil play peekaboo for an hour straight without getting bored HAHAHA p174 Oh I get it the vampire baby grows really really fast And also EWchokengtitiktitikchokeng177 Edward racked with guilt for the 7893902057th timechokengtitiktitikchokeng274 GAH It broke her rib?? I am NEVER getting pregnant Everchokengtitiktitikchokeng327 Haha she wants to name it either Edward of course orRenesmee? Really? No really??? Oh please let it be a girlchokengtitiktitikchokeng333 I hope we see this red haired chick again; I like herchokengtitiktitikchokeng350 OH MY GOD I know I said ew before but I truly had no idea EW EW EW EW EW p353 I am still horrified but HAHAHAHA RENESMEE Awesomechokengtitiktitikchokeng354 Wow I really didn't think she would actually have Bella become a vampirep360 THIS HAD BETTER NOT BE WHAT I THINK IT IS THAT'S ALL I HAVE TO SAYchokengtitiktitikchokeng377 So apparently becoming a vampire feels like the worst torture imaginable ever ever but she's not going to scream because it might upset Edwardchokengistitikchokeng405 Well thank god she is able to find a flaw in her looks even though she's a goddesslike beauty now It just wouldn't be Bella if she didn't hate herselfchokengtitiktitikchokeng409 Bella is the most gracefulest loveliest vampire ever She can even walk in heels nowp420 Really she is THE MOST AMAZING VAMPIRE THAT HAS EVER EXISTED Everyone is very impressedchokengtitiktitikchokeng449 Oh lord it WAS what I thought it was Okay so you are a teenage werewolf and you form an unbreakable soul bond with the HALF VAMPIRE DAUGHTER of the girl you have been in love with forever who is ALSO now a vampire and married to another vampire with disturbing rage issues and you know you are going to marry this VAMPIRE BABY when she grows up I suppose she doesn't have any choice in this so how do you feel? Fulfilled apparentlySo what is going to happen to Leah now? I thought she and Jacob might end up together but of course that wouldn't be DISTURBING ENOUGH would it Maybe she and her brother can get married or somethingchokengtitiktitikchokeng463 Waitaminute If Renesmee heh is growing that fast does that mean?Probably she'll be married to Jacob in a couple weekschokengtitiktitikchokeng474 Bella is relieved that even though she's a vampire now her essential core traits of being a killjoy and a whiner are still intactchokengtitiktitikchokeng485 Hee Edward is a much better musician than the rest of his family because while he was practicing and reading about science and learning languages they were too busy having sex all the time For real Because vampires never get tired so they never have to stop AwesomeApparently they also can only have sex if they're marriedchokengtitiktitikchokeng504 Coldly furiouschokengtitiktitikchokeng532 Coldly furiouschokengtitiktitikchokeng567 This entire series encapsulated in one sentence Wasn't shielding her important than answering her uestions?p586 Wouldn't it make sense to explain first and THEN show them the vampire baby?p602 This whole thing about the different vampire powers is coolp608 AWESOME There is a fat vampire who is beautiful and the leader of her clanp611 HAHAHA someone is going to have to provide an index see page 756p612 Huh New word ferine adj Untamed; feralchokengtitiktitikchokeng704 Coldly furiouschokengtitiktitikchokeng736 Oh good so Renesmee should be able to get married by age seven and avoid the extra ten years of tedious waiting to be joined with her soulmatechokengtitiktitikchokeng753 No one's ever loved anyone as much as I love you Yeah yeahchokengtitiktitikchokeng755 THE END Okay it started out pretty horrifyingly but I enjoyed the last third or so I still think Edward has no personality but I guess that's what some people likeAnd the red haired girl never showed up again Boo Ohhh yeah I went there check out the video to see all my unpopular opinionsif you dareAnyway onwards to the review Oh the memories The angsty teen memories They're all flooding backIt should come as no surprise that I have a dark and dangerous past I was a Twihard I loved this series with every beat of my teenage heart I had a poster I had a vegetarian vampire shirt I had a themed birthday party and worst of all I did this to a book I can't even open it any for fear of the pages falling out and the spine splinteringyet I can't bear to throw it awayAnd now ten years later I'm revisiting the series to see how my opinion's changed over the last decade For the most part I still am pleasantly pleased by how much I enjoyed rereading I very nearly memorized the series as a teen so during the reread it was nice to see the scenes with fresh eyes after all this time It was like visiting an old friend However this time around there were several momentsaspects that stood out so much clearer to adult meJacob went from a lovable sidekick to a mopey and whiny teen in my eyes It wasn't unbearable but it was so much noticeable this round “What do I look like? The Wizard of Oz? You need a brain? You need a heart? Go ahead take mine Take everything I have” 15 year old me thought this was perfectly reasonable and undoubtedly romantic 25 year old me couldn't stop noticing how he kept trying to force himself on Bella in Eclipse and then did the whole woe is me when Bella kept trying to tell him to stop even when she was married That werewolf needed a firm kick in the teeth AND for the first time I noticed how conveniently and absolutely perfect everything worked out for Bella The sheer amount of coincidences drove me a bit bonkers And then we continued blissfully into this small but perfect piece of our forever 15 year old me was so relieved that the tensionuncertainty was resolved We could finally get those super cute moments with the Cullen Family 25 year old me kept waiting for something to happen I mean the first 23 of the book consists of Bella getting married and being pregnant Lots and Lots of filler fluff She's the calmest newborn in centuries she makes leaps and bounds with her gift and has a super adorable precocious child It's verging on Mary Sue territory Stop being so optimistic It’s getting on my nerves Most notably the series' end wasn't as all consuming and life altering as I remembered it being I still enjoyed the series but it just doesn't hold to my memory I guess that's a product of growing up I'm a bit disappointed about that Ah well It's still a four star er in my book here's to nostalgia and memoriesAudiobook CommentsFor such a popular book you'd think the audio would be a bit better The female voice done by Ilyana Kadushin for Bella's parts didn't have enough variation in tone especially when she did male characters Nearly every adult male had the same voice and the accents of the newvisiting vampires wasn't distinct enough The guy voice done by Matt Walters was a bit better for the distinction but sounded wooden throughout the book The 2018 Popsugar Reading Challenge A book with the time of day in the titleYouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading I was so disenchanted with Eclipse I wasn't excited for this read but I had to know how it ends I held off judgment in hopes that the conclusion would redeem the series The verdict? Hard to swallow soap opera A car crash you can't stop staring at in hopes that something salvageable comes out of the wreckage But nothing does So bad I started taking notes on all the plot holes because I couldn't keep track What happened to the story that captured the hearts of girls everywhere?You can't fall in love with your characters so much you save them from the dilemma you created the impossibilities of vampire and human love the instinctual need to destroy between vampires and werewolves the girl who has to choose between two boys in opposing worlds the boy who gets left out the girl who has to make massive sacrifices for her choice You can't save them from the plot by taking it all back and saying never mind the rules I created you can all have it all without giving anything up for it When you do that you take an exciting premise take all the fire and excitement out and ruin the story As an author you have a responsibility to your story your characters your fans even yourself as a creator to let the story be I recommend you write your own ending Or better yet since I'm not really a fan of fan fiction take your book back and get your money back If everyone does maybe Meyer will pretend it was a big joke and rewrite a plausible ending to the saga Maybe this time her editor and copy editor will actually read it By the double digit errors I found not even looking I doubt heshe did What I expected from this story1 The big dilemma In Eclipse Meyer finally showed the downfall of vampire life Bella has to give up her family the potential of her own family her friendship with Jacob and the ease of human life out in the open Most importantly she takes on the internal moral struggle of an instinct to kill of being a monster This is serious sacrifice and I wanted to see some soul searching some grieving some preparation for death from Bella 2 Vampire sex Vampire trying not to kill human sex Newborn vampire with unuenchable passion sex No harleuin romance graphic but like Twilight explored kissing exploring how they could possibly do that3 One scary newborn vampire Murderous screaming during the transition after a bite from Edward to save her from death The rage the passion the strength and most importantly the thirst the unuenchable thirst that overpowers all that is human I wanted to see Bella going after a human preferably someone she knows and have to be restrained I wanted to see the true monster that is vampire take shape before learning to control the beast4 A good showdown Eclipse robbed us of the vampire battle I didn't care if it was the Volturi coming after Bella or the werewolves after Edward I just wanted a good fight from all the buildup to one and I wanted people to die because a battle without death isn't realistic maybe even Jacob sacrificing for Bella Isn't killing the vein of their existence? I expected some deathBut alas that is not the story I think I may have to start denying I've ever read the Twilight saga I was going to buy the boxed set if for nothing else for a pretty addition to my bookshelf but now I'm truly embarrassed to have read the series The rest of my review has spoilersview spoilerI'm calling wolf This is not Jacob's story This is Bella and Edward's story and Jacob is a distraction I'm sorry that you like him too much to hurt him but that doesn't mean you have to ruin the story for him much less give him half the book Making Bella still love him hurts them all makes her self centered and Edward seem an indulgent parent with a whiny brat he can't say no to It diminishes their love to volley back and forth Everyone I love together? I don't buy it Bella said goodbye to Jacob in Eclipse; leave it at that Sacrifice for Edward That's love Bella's treatment of Edward and Jacob is only as infuriating as his indulgence of it His idea for resolution of her nudger gag is ghastly For a second I thought Meyer was going to go down that road and I was sickened How in anyone's mind is offering your wife up to another man shows undying love is beyond me It is sick and wrong And how is insemination gross or worse that pimping her out? How can Bella never consider Edward's worry for her? She knows how she'd feel if he died Bella seemed like Wanda in The Host trying to portray her as too kind which is just blindly selfish She should have written The Host after and not confused the stories or writing style The characters have wandered so far from their original shells that I couldn't branch this story to the magic of Twilight Where were Edward and Bella? And the rest of the Cullens?The way Meyer transfers Jacob from one obsession to another while not extreme to be pedophile is still creepy much worse considering Jacob's comment about seeing Bella naked or that Bella's eyes caused the imprint This is not a southern joke where your father is your uncle and your grandpa too It doesn't excuse Bella's unhealthy possession of him and it doesn't smooth over the hatred with Edward My brother my son? Gag His intrusion in the happy family of three was beyond grating He doesn't get a say in how that child is raised And is Renesmee seriously supposed to grow up and love a guy who raised her? That's disturbing Why couldn't Jacob and Leah be happy together instead of Meyer making all of her relationships the older man with a young girl? The story was going that way but Meyer had reserved this sick end for Jacob she found romantic so she forced it onto the story Werewolf imprint on vampire hybrid? That makes no sense especially after Leah's discussion about imprinting on the best mate to keep the race alive As much as I didn't like the extent Jacob was in the book the other vampires were disappointing All the old albeit shallow side characters were replaced with a freak show I thought this was a book about vampires not superheros? The abundant rare gifts got ridiculous from one to the next at least the original gifts connected to human traits And the flaws Alice's ineptitude at her visions was not consistent Bella? Willpower? Bella's holes didn't make sense How could Jasper affect her if she's that strong? Why couldn't Edward hear her inside her bubble? Everything about all these extra vampires was just wrong Hundreds of vampires on a feeding frenzy without the Volturi reducing numbers didn't make sense She should have stuck to developing the Cullens And Bella The second half was so out of character I couldn't take that disjointed leap with herI was so disappointed with the lengthy Volturi scene the only thing with any hope of excitement that only built and tiringly built and then fizzled These were the only vampires sold as creepy monsters and while their mafia type support didn't make sense I still expected them to act out the role They didn't deliver The story was so far gone by that point I half expected the spawn of Satan and by that I mean Renesmee to destroy the Volturi alone It seemed The Incredibles than Bella and Edward at that point so why not a Jack Jack ending? It didn't resolve anything and only put them in graver danger but she still shoved a happily ever after down our throatsVampires dead humans with extra chromosomes? don't have blood; they don't drink pee sweat or have liuid in their bodies Beyond the complications of sex for those reasons which I wouldn't have uestioned if that's as far as it went or the likelihood of Rosemary's baby don't turn the monster into an angel werewolf than vampire It's a confusing stretch You know in soap operas where babies get in the way of the storyline so they magically grow up so the parents don't have to deal with childhood? Sacrifice is what gives you undying love for children; they are not convenient plot ideas Nothing about that child made sense and I thought Nessie considering its monster ties was a vast improvement on a ridiculous name And Edward Jacob for a boy is not sweet It's obscenely selfish The point at which I started hating this book was when Bella didn't even act like a vampire Not being a newborn vampire is not a gift particularly for a vampire who needs a myriad of other gifts to save the story It's an excuse to not have your characters suffer But instead of making characters stronger it weakens them It robs them It robs us of a good story You can't soften that blow Hiding the pain of the bite from Edward robbed him of a chance for compassion something dependent Bella would not do Turning to the person you love most in your worst hour is love is what strengthens relationships And how is Bella's human uterus so strong that only a vampire could cut through it with his teeth? That was about the biggest joke in the book Being a soulless newborn vampire isn't all Meyer cracked it up to be If it were they never would have let a strong newborn go hunting with only one guardian Since Bella was so easily distracted from a thirst that didn't seem all that powerful there should have been some good loving in that forest Having the thirst that drives the series not phase her diminishes its power and intrigue for all vampires all the way back to Twilight Being a vampire isn't torture; it's fun I want to be a superhero vampire Sacrifice is what Bella knew she was undertaking when she picked Edward But she gave up nothing Everything is twisted for the sake of convenience children newborn desire imprinting human family death special gifts a cast of new vampires everything Would a cop who detaches his daughter's battery so she doesn't sneak out plead don't ask don't tell with the scary supernatural threatening his community and daughter? The only reason this bogus aspect is even in the story is because Meyer couldn't bare for Bella to lose anything But if Edward Bella and Jacob are unrecognizable characters why not Charlie? And if Charlie gets pulled into the story why not her mother? I'm sure Meyer could have come with an implausible excuse for her tooMeyer tried to add plot twists but couldn't commit to their conseuences With all the conflict removed for Bella there is no drama so Meyer tries to create it with ill placed childish mood swings There are no monsters in the book Vampires are sparkly happy supermodels Werewolves are snuggly tame pets Even the werewolf vampire antagonism seems to have dissipated The head butting between Rosalie and Jacob seems personality conflict than the innate drive to destroy each other They all want to sit around the campfire and sing Couldn't at least some Volturi sinister be burning in that fire? hide spoiler Robert Pattinson hates Twilight so much it's hystericalInterviewer “Millions of Twilight fans they cannot wait to see this it’s almost heartbreaking because they don’t want it to be over It’s a little bittersweet isn’t it?”That look on his face is pure unadulterated joyAnd let's not forget thisFrom the mouth of the guy who plays himOr theseAnd of course the rest of the cast pardon any grammaticalspelling errors I'm not reading this over again I didn't get much sleep obviouslyIf I could give this book a lower score I absolutely would When you create a book series there tends to be an issue with the next book that comes out in the series having to be better than the last Of course that is always a possibility for stories such as Harry Potter where the plot is laced through all of the books and leads to an ultimate climax and resolution in the final book Stephenie Meyer did not follow this example in any way shape or formInstead of possibly creating an internal plot that would follow the entire series every book haswell I cannot justify a plot in any of the books save the first one that was in the last 100 pages of the book so I'll try to skim sweetly over this For her last attempt strike 4 on my count Meyer rides this train till there are no tracks; taking the train and all of it's passengers on a bumpy uncomfortable and unforgivable journey no one had prepared forBella's half breed child shouldn't even exist given Meyer's specific VAMPIRES CANNOT HAVE CHILDREN so of course she gives a pathetic if not confusing explanation to how Edward gets Bella pregnant The child's name itself is atrocious; I honestly hope no one loves this series enough to name their own child that out of their love for Stephenie MeyerLet's remember what I said before there is not a sustaining plot throughout these books besides the fact that Bella wants to become a vampire; but even that is stretching it So when Bella becomes pregnant it's almost as if Meyer suddenly thought PLOT and took off at the speed of light in a direction that flabbergasted me Has she even mentioned children in this entire book series? Besides the fact that little mutant Nessie takes the entire stage Bella's giving birth to a mutant that should not exist X Men anyone? seems to be the only thing that drives this story forward Because otherwise the story would have ended Bella got married Bella somehow someway got pregnant Bella had a half breed baby Bella becomes a vampire Jacob creepily imprints on said baby and everyone lives freakishly happily ever after I shouldn't have to describe how horrific it is that the entire 800 pages of the final novel is about a baby Bella seemed to move to Forks and somehow grow up in a year getting married and having a baby and living for forever with her ridiculously good looking husband I understand that Bella made the choice for herself doesn't mean I have to think it was a good one Or a good example for young girls to follow I'm not going to step up on the soap box and preach about how many horrible morals this gives to girl's of today's generation after feminism has fought to get us this far because if they haven't read a cheap romance novel yet they certainly will Guys looking to date girls of that generation should beware however If you don't sparkle in the sun devote every step you take and every move you make to her and like to watch her sleep you might not have much of a chanceBut back to the story cough I mean lack thereof The Volturi coming in deemed itself once again random and overreaching for Meyer As if she just wanted them to show up and have an epic battle but it wasn't really epic and it didn't serve much of a point However if I was a 1000 year old vampire I'm sure I'd be bored enough to care about someone as trivial as Bella Swan too13 of the novel is in Jacob's perspective and to be honest that was the one part I enjoyed somewhat Only because I think Jacob was Meyer's best character He shall forever be known as the character with a personality However as Meyer had introduced me to Jacob and gave me reason to like him she also had the power to do the opposite Thank you Stephenie Meyer for ruining one of the only realistic characters you created two thumbs way down Not only did Jacob CREEP me out he was so completely overbearing and whiny I couldn't wait to get back to Bella the whining ueen His imprinting on little Nessie just put the icing on the shit cake I had been eating for the past 400 pages I had assumed we went passed the pedophilia part with uil and come on he imprinted on EDWARD AND BELLA'S BABY? Why couldn't he have imprinted on a 35 year old alcoholic with an abusive husband and Meyer could give someone who needs saving a fighting chance by someone with super powers By this point I was going to take an example from New Moon and jump off a cliff just to save myself from the rest of the bookBut I didn't and I should have The rest of the book was almost as boring and laughable as the first half but at least the first half had gasp fade to black sensual scenesAs many people have been saying this book is exactly like 1000 stories on FanFictionnet and if I can give you any advice find a story on there and it might be a lot better than reading thisAnd it would probably be 700 pages less I’m just not on board with Bella needing to be married and having to have a baby in order for there to be a happily ever after 💔 it wasn’t my jam when I was 14 and it’s still not my jam now It should have been a remixed trilogy Where do I begin? I LOVED this book It was even better than I even imagined So many surprises I picked mine up at midnight when it was released and could hardly put it down So first offthe wedding was beautiful The honeymoon was even better Stephenie Meyer did an amazing job of writing a tasteful honeymoon scene It wasn't dirty at all It was beautiful You knew they were able to have sex and that there was a definate strong intensity during these moments but she didn't go into too many explicit details which leaves much to the imagination I loved the uote by Bella Why am I covered in feathers? It was PG 13 Plus they were married when it happened so that made it even better I have to admit I was a little shocked she wrote the sex parts I didn't think she would go there but I am so glad she did because it just made the bond between Edward and Bella even stronger if that was even possible It was hot and sexy for sure I am so happy Edward and Bella got their proper wedding honeymoon and importantlythat I got to read about it like I was right there Does that make me a pervert? Oh who cares It was amazingSo what I never dreamed of happening was a pregnancy This is when the story goes from pure happiness to total uncertainty and even sadness for some Bella is adamant that she would keep the baby even though it was killing her hoping she could keep her heart beating long enough so she could be turned into a vampire to save her I have never felt so horrible for Edward To say he was in agony would be an understatement Chapter 9 was very hard for me to read because Edward was in so much pain Pain isn’t even close to describing what he was feeling Not that I doubted before but it was in this chapter that really solidified that Edward would do ANYTHING for Bella no matter how much pain it caused him Pain he feels he deserves I felt awful for himChapter 18the birth was by far the most intense chapter of all the books in the series for me I was literally shaking as I read it It was pretty graphic with Bella’s bones cracking and breaking her spine shattering throwing up all the blood she had been drinking to feed her unborn child She was dying I was on the edge of my seat wondering if they would be able to save the baby and at the same time save her I always hoped Bella would become a vampire but I always had this feeling that Stephenie wouldn’t let that happen I am so happy I was wrong One of my favorite parts from the chapter was when Jacob was giving Bella CPR after the baby was born “Move your hands Jacob” I looked up from Bella’s white eyes still pumping her heart for her Edward had a syringe in his hand all silver like it was made from steel “What’s that?” His stone hand knocked mine out of the way There was a tiny crunch as his blow broke my little finger In the same second he shoved the needle straight into her heart “My venom” he answered as he pushed the plunger downYou could feel that at this moment Edward was very somber He was turning the woman he loved into a vampire Something he had fought against for a long time because he didn't want her to have to give up any human experiences and eventually regret becoming a vampire Now he did it to save her There was no other way I wish I could have been in his head at this time though it would have been very depressing I'm sure Jacob too had to give in to letting her become a vampire to save her So now not only was Bella changed into a vampire but she was a mother and a wife So many changes so fast This all shocked me but nothing shocked me than when Jacob imprints on Bella Edward’s babyRenesmee not fond of the namebut thank goodness it wasn't an Edward Jacob That name irritated me even I have to admit though it kinda freaked me out at first I don't blame Bella for wanting to tear him apart Like me I don't think she could have ever imagined this happening This event was so significant It released all the pain Jacob had to endure by being in love with Bella but knowing she would never be his At the same time it tied him to her permanently He still loved her but in the way it should have always been He loved her as a friend and nothing Also with her change into a vampire birth of Renesmee brought a release from the pull she felt to have Jacob as part of her life though he would still be because of the whole imprinting thing but it would never complicate things between her and Edward’s relationship again which I was very grateful for She loved him as a brother like she always wanted Everything was as it should beSo in the end the challenge was the Volturi They were coming to kill all of them because they believed Edward Bella had created a youngling Changed a child into a vampire when really Renesmee was the biological child of Edward and Bella I cried the ugly kind I was hysterical at a point when Edward and Bella said their uiet goodbyes to their daughter and Jacob when they thought they were about to die It was heart wrenching It was so touching when Edward said to Jacob Goodbye Jacob my brothermy son What a wonderful gesture from Edward to Jacob Luckily in the end they were able to conuer because of Bella and her amazing gift to shield everyone she loved from the special gifts of the Volturi I thought it was wonderful to see Bella so powerful and strong That for once she was able to be the protector instead of the one being protected She got to be the savior This too made the unbreakable bond between her and Edward stronger Because of her they were able to beat the Volturi and save their daughter that they loved than anything Their family was intact One of my absolute favorite parts there are so many I have to say was at the end when Bella removes her shield so Edward can read her thoughts Edward was NOT expecting this Not being able to all this time has driven him mad at times Especially when it came to Jacob He always wondered if Bella made the right decision Now he knows without a doubt that she always loved him and that nothing can or ever will change that Edward got to experience all the feelings she had for him as far back as she could remember He can know now without a doubt that they truly belong together What a wonderful gift to give Edward Oh I just LOVE Edward That Bella is one lucky vampire I was so glad this book had the Happily Ever After ending Especially after all the horrible things that have occured in the past Everything came together beautifully I loved it I liked Jacob a lot in this book in fact I laughed out loud several times at him I also liked Bella a lot when she became a vampire She wasn't as selfish and winey I wanted to strangle her at times in the other books because of the way she treated Edward and even Jacob The pain she caused both of them in the past because of her own selfish desires Everything for the characters is balanced or in line how it should be in their relationships I feel closer with the story now which I needed badly These books totally consumed me to say the least This was my favorite of the series by far It was filled with love suspense true friendship loyalty sorrow happiness and so much I look forward to reading it again I don't think I will ever be able to find a series again that has affected me like this These books are my favorites above all others if i were stephenie meyer i simply would have written this series to be less problematic and boring no offense to her but i'm differentreview to come 2 stars probably HOW IS THIS BOOK SO LONGi feel like i've lived a thousand lifetimes within its pages and i'm not even at the halfway mark when i was in fourth grade there was this kid in my class who wore a twilight shirt EVERY DAY that said life sucks then you die not sure which is impressive now that he read this 750 page book at 9 years old or that he'd settled into nihilism so early in life my mom didn't let me read this book until i turned 13 it was because of the sex stuff but i prefer to think it was because of the imprinting on a baby thing Reviewer update Aug 2009 I have demoted the book from 5 to 4 stars My confessionexplanation is at the end of the original unedited reviewYes I gave it 5 stars This is partly because I was so pleased by it compared to the last two books in the series that I overreacted But I also approve of her approach to the book and have rated it so highly in order to counteract those reviewers out there who hated it because they felt Bella was a bad example to young girlsTHESE TWO PARAGRAPHS SPOIL THINGS THAT HAPPEN EARLY IN THE BOOKI have a bone to pick with these people Read some of the reviews on or GoodReads and you will find a certain type of person who feels that Bella's character fails as a role model for young women today Why? Because she gasp got married and had a child at a young ageOh my what is the world coming to when young people choose eternal love and devotion Oh that young women could be like the implausibly articulate yet utterly selfish lead in the movie Juno In my favorite example one reviewer on claimed it wasn't credible that a girl as young as Bella would feel joy at sensing a baby growing inside her I'm 28 and if I felt something moving in me I would freak she said I can't believe a 19 year old would be happy about itEND OF SPOILAGESadness ensues Women and men from every culture in every era of history have found a tremendous and peculiar satisfaction in their children It doesn't matter where you believe this instinct came from it's real and it manifests millions of times over Should we be so surprised that Stephenie Meyer would be one of the billions who believe this love to be real? Read the author's bio and it becomes clear She was married at 21 before she finished college and had three children while still in her 20s But one can hardly call her a failure for choosing family first By all standards she's fabulously successful and wealthy Plus she has a college degree one of the big beefs some people had with Bella's choice to postpone college Are we really surprised that Stephenie would see the world through rose colored happiness prone glasses when her own life is exactly that deliriously happy?Social polemics aside for a moment The one thing this book lacked was a satisfying climactic apocalyptic battle royale between the forces of vampire good and vampire evil I know this book was intended to cap off a romance series not The Lord of the Rings but there's a reason books of high fantasy all end in cataclysmic bloodshed It takes a conflict of such dramatic proportions to drive the point of a story deep into our minds And the point of this story if you weren't too focused on your own family planning to notice it was worthy of such dramatic punctuation The real point of this book is that we can and should choose love That despite our personal weaknesses and faults our immature attempts at love and our petty jealousies we can make important permanent decisions that will tie us to other people making their lives and our lives better in the process The battle I propose one I hope sees the light of day in a future novel would seal Bella's decisions and the decisions of her family and loved ones in a way that would render their commitments real Their marital love their parental love their familial love and the love of fellowship with others who share their principlesSome would have to die to preserve the love they have made immortal Others would have to kill to do the same Nothing is final especially for immortals But they would do so to symbolize the triumph of their love over the petty dynasty of the Volturi and thus establish a global movement of vampires that respect human life and restrain their selfish hungers in deference to the greater good Something that wise humans do every day Such a symbolic battle would take this series to the next level But even without it this book is the best evidence that Meyer wasn't really writing a sloppy romance saga for misty eyed girls but was instead telling a story about the eternal power of love and self denial Update from Aug 2009I have had some fabulous comments to my review please read them most are very intelligent I have been properly chided by many of these reviews for overreacting to the Bella is a bad role model flack and failing to acknowledge the principal flaw of this book Amy said it best below Meyer shortchanged us by not forcing Bella to face any hard choices Bella got everything she wanted including a strange relationship with Jacob Nobody she loved got hurt which was the problem I did mention above and she never had to disappoint anyone Given that a year has passed I have some distance on all the whining that went on about Bella not being a protofeminist As a result I should own up to the fact that this fourth book fails to deliver not only the climax I hoped for but the real character crisis and development that a saga of this length should strive for Or that we all should strive for in our own lives to go all metaphysical on you for a moment So I have demoted the book from 5 stars to 4 and begun to ruminate on the topic of why Meyer a woman possessed of such clear imagination was unwilling or unable to make Bella's life hard Here's what I have come up with for what it's worth1 Meyer's own life is pretty darn pleasant Let's be honest she has everything most people think they want All of us who struggle to write books that nobody reads desperately wish for her success a fact that generates than few snippy comments on Goodreads I might suggest She has a whole community of women around her who adore her and come to all night parties when she debuts a book or movie just to be near her In the end she might make Bella after her own image because she doesn't know that life ultimately reuires pain 2 Meyer is a Mormon For those not acuainted with the faith Mormonism is a faith that believes everything will ultimately be okay If not in this life then in the next In fact the whole vampire immortality gig is just a metaphor for the Mormon idea of the afterlife You get to be with the ones you love forever without pain In that way Bella is a perfect reflection of the ideal Mormon eternity God forgives us for our idiocy acknowledges our flawed attempts at love by magnifying them and making them eternal Though this is only one side of Mormonism it's also a faith with sorrowful history of persecution Mormons certainly suffer plenty in this life just like everyone else so this explanation is only true to the extent that Meyer has willingly isolated Mormonism's view of the end state of humanity 3 Twilight is just escapist fantasy This is not only the most obvious but probably the strongest of my three explanations We're so accustomed to watching James Bond run through the street with machine guns trained on him that never hit their mark that we no longer point out that Bond is completely implausible and ultimately unsatisfying as a character But we're not used to reading fiction in which women get everything they want At least I'm not So we get tied up in knots about the lack of deeper meaning and pathos when in reality Meyer never promised us a garden of sorrow and personal growth So even though I have to demote the book I still feel like the saga was worth reading; both because of the fun I had teasing about its flaws but also because it gives me fodder for worthwhile introspection Oh and it connected me to some great commenters who I now follow on Goodreads

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