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I Am Mary DunnePDF I Am Mary Dunne Author Brian Moore Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk A Beautitul Woman In Her Early Thirties, Mary Lavery, Nee Dunne Lives In New York And Is Happily Married To A Much Feted British Playing Playwright But Before This There Have Been Other Lives, Two Previous Husbands, And A Catholic Girlhood Filled With Suppressed Passion A Brief Encounter With An Old Friend Brings Back A Sudden Flood Of Memories From The Past Memories Which Confuse And Disturb Female Desire And Sexuality, And The Elusive Nature Of Identity Are Brilliantly Explored In This Novel Which Glimmers With Insight And Truth. I read this book when I was very young, either teen or early twenties I found Mary s identity problems because of the different last names she had had infantile and her PMS problems contrived Clearly the author was a male It s impressive that I remember being annoyed after almost 20 years This book portrayed a woman that was
I thought this novel my first by Moore was excellent, with one exception as the novel progressed, Moore increasingly turned Mary s internal monologue into a frame for flashbacks, losing the monologue s power that was built up earlier in the novel The past can
Probably of a 3.5 star than 3 star for me This is the fifth or sixth novel of Moore s that I ve read, but the first that isn t set in N Ireland Published in 1968, the book is a first person narrative told by Mary Lavery, a 32 year old Canadian living in New York with her third husband Terence, a successful British playwright While the present consists of a single day, during which Mary constantly refers to her evil twin PMT issues , a series of encounters a hairdressing appointment, a lecherous encounter with a stranger in the street, lunch with an old friend and a disastrous dinner with a friend of her second husband, force her to retell the stories of her past marriages and confront the demons associated with them.Moore is known for his empathetic portrayal of female characters, and this one is another that he has be
I absolutely loved this book I read both negative and lukewarm reviews which almost convinced me to skip it I decided to give it 10 pages if I lost interest before then I d shelve it, but I was hooked after 5 Please, NYRB , republish this with a beautiful cover like you did The Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne which I Am Mary Dunne surpasses, IMO I can safely say I found the writing and characterization spot on, and though Mary s mad twin was mentioned a bit than I would have liked and I can understand why some see it contrived or mansplain ey , it didn t distract me or take me out of the novel Mary s fear, doubt, irritability, mania, distaste, severe anxiety, guilt, repression she s not a likable character by any means, but I found her fascinating, real every character in the book could be someone I know I even saw some of myself in Mary, and I m a guy and so, so readable I also think the different sides of her personality, the inner and outer monologue, were wound together perfectly I didn t love every character, but every character was fully realized and three dimensional Even the ones I hated, I loved to hate.I think Mary has severe anxiety in addition to othe
A difficult read that has an almost claustrophobic aspect It s difficult to understand if the principle character is on the edge of some kind of major breakdown or it is in fact just PMT as she thinks It was difficult to warm to Mary because of the way she had treated others in the past but I really felt the confusion and anxiety she experienced as the sto
I am Mary Dunne covers a single day in the life of Mary Lavery, n e Dunne, ex Mary Bell, ex Mary Phelan She s currently married to her third husband but can t help remembering events from the past even though she has trouble with her memory Brian Moore is a new favourite author of mine but I was a little wary of this one at the beginning as he adopts a first person narrative where we are dropped straight in to the confusion that is Mary s life but Moore handles it really well and although it takes a little while to work out which husband is which and who all the other people are in Mary s life Moore slowly reveals the details so that we can begin to make sense of her life Within the first few pages of the book Mary recounts her morning visit to a beauty salon where the receptionist forgot Mary s name but when she asked Mary for it Mary s mind went blank until she gave her name as Mrs Phelan, her name from her first marriage Then upon leaving the salon she was stopped in the street by a smiling man, a stranger, who said I d like to fuck you, baby and then walked off leaving Mary stunned then angry It s not a great start to the day Mary is currently living in New York but she s originally from Montreal, Canada Her current husband is Terence Lavery, a British playwright, and as the novel unfolds it seems that she s finally settled on a man whom she truly loves and who loves her But she always feels that she s playing a part wi
The main character has than PMS I beleive it crossed the line into premenstural phycosis I felt almost as strung out as she when I finished the book The central theme appeared to be identity crises, but mental illness was always lurking ab
I really couldn t get into this book Mary Dunne seems to be floundering in New York, working on her third marriage and can t get a grip on her life She seems to have three personalities inhabiting her body who are at war with each other It got tedious after a while trying to keep track of them Beautifully depressing What a gifted writer, Mr Moore was.

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