White Heat

White HeatDownload White Heat Author Pamela Kent Easyfaroairporttransfers.co.uk Karin Was Thoroughly Enjoying Her Cruise To Australia Aboard The Ariadne, With A Considerate Employer, And A Host Of Admirers The Only Fly In The Ointment Was The Austere And Arrogant Kent Willoughby, Who Made No Secret Of The Fact That He Had Little Time For Women In General And Karin In Particular Karin Decided That The Best Thing Was To Try And Ignore Him And She Managed Fairly Successfully Until, Following A Fire Aboard The Ariadne, She Was Shipwrecked On A Desert Island In The Middle Of The Indian Ocean With No One For Company But Kent S Manservant And Kent Himself I was pleasantly surprised by how vividly the author managed to convey the shipwreck and castaway on an island scenario Even though that trope is such an old nugget, I was weirdly engrossed in the protagonists frightening crises, including the merciless, burning sun, the eerie, pitch blackness of the ocean, and the hurricane that threatened to engulf their refuge.The heroine was also written quite plausibly as a young woman of character and fortitude who doesn t give into hysterics despite being plunged into an intolerable situation She also showed her spine to the hero when he would try to put her down and gave as good as she got and even better.The reason why this story didn t work was the Jekyll and Hyde hero Chivalrous, even tender on occasion, then brutally slaps down the heroine only metaphorically, he never touched her though she did get a good punch between his eyes which was 100% deserved His lame confession at the conclusion that he acted so rudely becau
Decent story, awkwardly written. awful And badly written

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  • Paperback
  • White Heat
  • Pamela Kent
  • English
  • 13 April 2019
  • 9780263718157