Jack: A Life Like No Other

Jack: A Life Like No OtherEbook Jack A Life Like No Other By Geoffrey Perret Paletterie2000.eu There Has Been No Complete Biography Like This One Jack Deals With The Full Scope Of Kennedy S Life His Family, His Friends, His Infidelities There S Much To Say, Much Culled From Hundreds Of Hours Of Tapes From The Oval Office Through Painstaking Research, Geoffrey Perret Located Thousands Of Revealing Documents On National Security Issues And Foreign Affairs, Subjects To Which Kennedy Devoted Most Of His Time And Energy All Of The Documents From The Assassination Records Review Board Are Now Available As Well, And Perret Has Mined The Kennedy Library In A Way Few Others Have, Finding Letters And Diaries That Have Never Before Seen The Light Of Day.But Perhaps Most Important Here Is The Narrative Ability Of Perret With Style And Substance, He Brings To Life Again The Man Who Left Such An Indelible Impression On Our Century. JACK A Life Like No Other is a fairly straightforward biography of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 35th President of the United States The reader is taken through the various phases of JFK s life and career It was a life fraught with many challenges and perils, highs and lows Throughout his life, JFK suffered from a variety of illnesses e.g chronic back pain which became steadily worse over time, jaundice, scarlet fever, malaria, and Addison s Disease that would have humbled a lesser person Indeed, on 3 different occasions, JFK had been administered the final rites by the Catholic Church And as if by a miracle, JFK not only survived but endured From an early age he had known something that few rich men s sons ever learn this side of serious illness there is no wealth but life While this was an easy book to read, there were some glaring errors in it that were enough for me to give it a lower grade than other books about President Kennedy I had enjoyed reading and valued for the knowledge they gave me about this singularly unique individual and statesman who had the capacity to inspire millions
I liked this biography of JFK It was very readable and took care to give you the historic background to the many 20th century events that shaped his life and presidency It didn t ignore the salacious details of his life but didn t dwell on them either It gave you a better picture of his often precarious health then one would ever imagine loo
A bit of a tough read if you are a JFK fan, and most of my generation probably are I was 13, in 7th grade art class, when the news came over the school public address system that JFK had been shot Almost everyone alive that day remembers where they were and what they were doing when the news was announced After that, it seems like everyone just accepted that he was a great man and a great president This book exposes much of that myth, and the conflicted and complicated man that JFK was His health issues were far varied and serious than I had known The rumors of his sex life have always been around, but whoa, I had no idea His presidential legislative accomplishments were few, but thank God he was president in October, 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crises One wonders what would have happened had someone else been president at that moment in history The world was literally at the brink of catastrophic nuclear war, and but for his leadership it could have, probably would have, turned out very badly Maybe for
108 of 120 books pledged to read during 2018If you haven t read any books on John F Kennedy, this is a great condensed one volume version of his life from beginning to end I have read many books on him, so I kept noticing many missing details But if you just want the basic
I felt that the book was well written and contained many seemingly well researched facts But I prefer history that focuses on the person and their relationships with others rather than the events that surround them I skimmed through some sections in the beginning because they were rather dry and bogged down with tedious facts The chapters dealing with Kennedy and his immediate family were very interesting This would be a great book for someone who is very interested in Kennedy s public and foreign policy A good deal of the book focuses on politics and life in Washington.I d say JFK and the other players are depicted fairly and accurately At times, dialogue is presented that gives insight to JFK s sense of humor I wish there was of that so I could get a better sense of him as a person Joe, Rose, and Jackie are sometimes painted in an unfavorable light.This is a academic biography than others books I ve read on the Kennedys Some read like tabloid tell alls This one has footnotes that list many reputable sources, including Kennedy s own writings.I was a little bothered by the last couple of paragraphs that briefly described the assassination I find it hard to believe that a person, who obviously has devoted a great deal of time researching Kennedy, seems to fully embrace the magic bullet
Il mio professore di Storia Contemporanea era solito ripetere, con malcelato disprezzo nella voce, che John Fitzgerald Kennedy fosse strato il presidente americano pi sopravvalutato, perch era belloccio ed morto giovane E confesso che parte della mia ammirazione per JFK si fondava esattamente su questi due superficiali motivi, per cui,, sebbene il libro in s non mi abbia entusiasmata, servito quantomeno ad un rapido ripasso della storia americana del tempo.Il difetto principale di questa biografia il fatto di concentrarsi per lo pi sulle ci
Really three and a half stars I have read many many biographies of JFK and thought there wasn t anything else to learn Wrong The author seems to bring a different, deeper perspective to the book gleaned from among other things JF
I really enjoyed this book I learned a lot about the Kennedys not just JFK I learned so much about Jack that I had never suspected The Cuban issues of his presidency were amazing I never knew how invo
It fascinates me that both Jack Kennedy and Jackie still fascinate me And I flip flop from thinking Jack was bad and good The I read about all our historical figures.the I realize I can t judge any of them But back to the Kennedy time.I suppose the reason is the he was the first
This is an engaging biography about JFK I don t know enough to fact check this book, but it is well written and presents an interesting take on JFK s life I d recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading biographies that have a little flare.

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