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Richard DaddPDF Epub Richard Dadd Nicholas Tromans In The Summer Of 1842, Richard Dadd Was The Resident Artist For An English Expedition Through Greece, Turkey And Egypt Towards The Trip S End, Dadd Underwent A Dramatic Personality Change, Believing Himself To Be Under The Command Of The God Osiris Upon His Return To England, He Was Diagnosed Of Unsound Mind And Was Taken By His Family To Recuperate In Cobham, Kent It Was Here, In August 1843, That Dadd Murdered His Father, Before Fleeing To France Where He Was Eventually Captured And Committed To Bedlam Psychiatric Hospital In London Over The Next 40 Years, Dadd Made Some Of Victorian Britain S Most Mesmerizing Paintings, Such As His Endlessly Detailed Masterpiece, The Fairy Feller S Masterstroke A Proto Psychedelic Fairy Drama Whose Fame In The 1960s And 70s Prompted The Rock Band Queen To Record A Song About It, And Which Remains One Of Tate Britain S Most Visited Paintings The Tale Of The Rediscovery Of Dadd S Greatest Watercolor, The Artist S Halt In The Desert, On The Antiques Roadshow In 1987 Has Also Entered Popular Folklore Richard Dadd The Artist And The Asylum Is The First Thorough Monograph On This Neglected Victorian Virtuoso Alongside Its 100 Color Plates, Critical Essays Overturn Several Myths About Dadd Revealing, For Example, That His Jailers Were Generous And Often Acted As His Patrons Rather Than As His Oppressors And Trace The Critical Reception Of His Now Widely Admired Art.Richard Dadd 1817 1886 Was Born In Chatham, Kent, And Entered The Royal Academy At The Age Of 20 In 1842, Sir Thomas Phillips Chose Dadd To Accompany Him As His Draftsman On An Expedition To The Middle East, During Which The First Signs Of The Artist S Schizophrenia Emerged Following His Murder Of His Father In 1843, Dadd Was Incarcerated In Bedlam Hospital, Later Being Moved To Broadmoor, Where He Died In 1886. Richard Dadd the Artist and the Asylum is an unusual book, lavishly illustrated with Dadd s works, and giving equal weight to both topics Dadd was a supremely talented painter, who painted imaginative scenes in minute detail Yet over half his life was spent in what were then two lunatic asylums, Bethlem on the site of the present Liverpool Street Station and Broadmoor He had had what appears to be a psychotic illness, had murdered his father and was attempting to kill another man on a train, when he was apprehended and taken to the insane asylum.His paintings, of course, show none of this mental chaos Their execution is superbly controlled they are little masterpieces of intricate design By far the most famous is The Fairy Feller s Master Stroke , and details from this are reproduced often than the entire painting itself Sometimes it is the only work a person may know of by this artist, and has certainly become the most studied one after his death It was even owned by the poet Siegfried Sassoon at one poi
Richard Dadd The Artist and the Asylum is not a book that would be to everyone s taste I would never have read it if I hadn t read Bionic Jean s review of it.It s the story of an up and coming artist in the early 1800 s who agrees to go on a tour of the Middle East with a patron of his In return for his expenses, he is to make sketches of all the ancient wonders they see However his patron sets such a frantic pace that Dadd hardly has time to sleep much less sketch When he returns from the tour, it is obvious to his friends and family that something is wrong He proceeds to murder his father, claiming that he made a sacrifice for Osiris, an ancient Egyptian god He runs away to France where he almost kills a fellow passenger, claiming that voices are commanding him to do this He is taken into custody and declared insane Something about the Middle East trip seems to have triggered what we today would call schizophrenia.He is to spend the rest of his life in asylums such as Bethlem and Broadmoor Th
At last, I thought, a book concerning Dadd other than Patricia Allderidge s catalogue and the Rock and the Castle of Seclusion by David Greysmith Being a huge Dadd fan this was a must read for me and it is a good and a welcome addition however I ended up disappointed There is a lot of information on Bedlam and Broadmoor, the regime, conditions and developments over Dadd s incarceration However there is less information on the man himself which is understandable first hand sources are few I felt a real sense of missed opportunity though at the limited series of plate reproductions My interest in Dadd is focused on his meticulous watercolours especially the Passions series and I was really hoping for a good spread of these but there are only a few reproduced I was left wondering why valuable picture space was taken up with photos of bit players and extraneous Victorian fairy p
A fascinating story of the Victorian artist who murdered his father, fled across the channel and was committed to a French asylum in 1843 after attempting to slit the throat of a fellow coach passenger He was soon brought back to England to commital in Bedlam, and later transferred to Broadmoor, where he died in 1886, after 43 years spent in
Dadd is a fascinating character and this book is useful in showcasing his oeuvre and highlighting his relationship to the History of art which has been slow to recognise him.Interesting to read about Bedlam and how attitudes towards the mentally ill and their art have slowly evolved. Reads like a textbook, but lacks organization and often trails off into rambling conjectures concerning Dadd s possible influences at the expense of admittedly scarce biographical information I wish of Dadd s art had been included, but what s here is obvi

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