No Minor Chords: My Days in Hollywood

No Minor Chords: My Days in HollywoodPDF Epub No Minor Chords My Days In Hollywood Author Andr Previn Not Many People Remember That Andre Previn Started His Career As A Film Score Composer In Hollywood Arriving At The Age Of 18 He Was A Quick Learner, And He Went On To Win Several Academy Awards And To Fashion The Scores Of Such Films As Gigi , Porgy And Bess And My Fair Lady In This Memoir Previn Recalls His Years In Hollywood In The Golden Age From 1948 To 1964 Andre Previn Is The Author Of Music Face To Face And Andre Previn S Guide To Music. After his family fled Germany and settled in California, Previn finished school and then went to work for MGM at the age of 16 In a self deprecating way, Previn tells of his experiences the work he did and the people he met Some of his experiences were quite eye opening, but throughout he looks at those years in a positive w
Some stories Lenny Bruce shop lifted the 3 volumes of Emily Anderson s translation of Mozart s Letters for Andre Previn You mustn t do that, I sputtered Stealing I can t accept these, I know you meant well but you were wrong, Lenny, really You re not thinking straight, man, he hissed at me If I had ninety bucks and spent it in order to give you a present, what would be the big deal in that It wouldn t even make a dent in me But
Music lovers will enjoy reading about Mr Previn s early career in the good old days in Hollywood. If I was Previn s age, these anecdotes would seem like less of a cinematic fantasy to me. and I suppose I would ve spent less time imagining it as fiction and thus taking away the satisfaction I felt after reading this book The chapter topics are vague at first and almost always need a re read, and the people are not well defined in relation to their positions and relationships with Previn But there were a few t
Fascinating look at the days in Hollywood when film music was run by non musicians and composers just wrote tunes, leaving things like arranging and orchestration to people like Previn Lots of very amusing anecdotes as well as a fascinating look at how films were made back then A very easy read. Very engaging an easy read. Excellent I don t usually go in for biographies, but I m glad I made the exception in this case A very informative, interesting and enjoyable book Not quite 5

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  • 12 November 2017
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