A London Season

A London SeasonEpub A London Season Author Joan Wolf Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Orphaned Lady Jane Fitzmaurice Grew Up With David Chance, Who Became Her Uncle S Horse Trainer Always Best Friends, They Shared A Passion For Horses But When Jane Was Seventeen Her Uncle Felt He Must Introduce Her To The Ton, Where She Rightly Belonged With Her Beauty, Breeding And Fortune Jane S London Season, However, Was Memorable For Being Anything But Ordinary. 4.5 stars Loved it Jane and David have loved each other 4 ever, but she is noble, and he is a groom From the day they first meet at ages 7 and 8 they are inseparable, sharing a deep love for horses Jane is strong willed and socially a bit clueless, even though she is sought after for her beauty and fortune One reviewer thinks Jane may be slightly autistic David is yummy With coloring like a lion, he s strong yet gentle and diplomatic, liked by all In that sense, he is Jane s opposite, so he gently counsels her when her lack of tact becomes problematic And she listens, because she loves and trusts him above all others It s a very tight bond, like soulmates.But they can never be together, the aristocrat and the commoner.The suspense is a weak point There is greed here, and murder Horses, too, and races Newmarket, Ascot, etc Expect a twisty turny ending.Some mild lovemaking.The first third of the book is set in childhood and adoles
This is one of my all time favorites It is different from most typical regencies The story starts when the heroine, Jane, is 6 and the hero, David, is 7 They grow up together and fall in love but she is the daughter of a lord and he is a stable lad Eventually, she must go to London for a season she is 17, he is 18 but they both scheme to get back together She comes home from London with an unwanted suitor who soon tries to kill David I don t want to spoil it for new readers so I ll stop there.This book has some of my favorite quotes Example David tells everyone that he has agreed to give up Jane Jane s aunt by marriage is talking to her husband and another lord about separating the two while Jane and David are in another room Those two children love each other, my lord They love each other quite intensely, as a matter of
From then on they were Jane and David, a twosome, linked together against the outside world There was never a time when either child had put into words their need of each other it was something they understood instinctively At the death of her parents when she was six, Lady Jane Fitzmaurice is given into the care of her maternal uncle Jane loves horses much than dressing up in pretty dresses, and she s soon fast friends with stableboy David Chance The two are a bonded pair, and wellyou knowhow things change once children start growing up and they look at each other in a very different way but he s a stableboy and she s the daughter of an earl with a huge inheritance coming on her twenty first birthday and marriage is just not in the cards.Or is it You ll have to r
I had to come up with a brand new shelf name to describe the heroine of Joan Wolf s superb Regency romance, A London Season, that of Alpha female There are plenty of romance books out there with Alpha males and the feisty, strong and smart heroines who love them, but this was the first time I came across a true Alpha female The narrative is driven by the sheer force of the heroine s will, which is just as steely when she is a six year old orphan dealing with the loss of her parents as when she is a seventeen year old, ready to throw all societal conventions and caution to the wind in order to achieve her happiness, that of a socially unacceptable marriage with the only person who she has ever loved and who has ever loved her I thought the author was so clever in creating this unusual heroine The sometimes harsh and off putting aspect of her personality was needed in order for the reader to suspend her disbelief at a young woman of that era
I am so in love with this rather unusual romance It is certainly unlike all others of its genre this I feel I can safely say and I also saw in myself some of Jane s quirky characteristics The story is focused solely on Jane and David, albeit with a greater focus on Jane, and I enjoyed my evening with them from their initial meeting at ages 6 and 7, respectively, to their adulthood.In many ways, the romance is just perfect Jane and David are the embodiment of soulmates in the truest sense of the word, and the novel is akin
More like 3.5 I thought parts of this were really good, but have, overall, mixed feelings Premise Lady Jane is orphaned at 6 and sent to live with her bachelor uncle, where she is raised mostly by herself and scattered servants Jane doesn t like people much and seems to me vaguely like someone on the autism spectrum at times but loves horses and riding In her uncle s stables, she meets equally horse crazed young David Chance, the orphaned son of French emigres, who lives with his aunt Jane and David are two peas in a pod throughout their childhoods When they grow up, David becomes the new head trainer, and Jane reluctantly heads to London to do what girls of her class are supposed to do marry a man of her own kind But of course Jane and David have eyes only for each other and so on and so forth What I liked easily the first quarter of the book involves Jane and David as children, and I liked these parts Jane is a very strange child, but I liked how she was written She isn t warm or gentle or very feminine whatever that means to you she s singularly focused on what she s intere
I love this romantic and memorable childhood friends soul mates to lovers story The characterizations are so deft and true that the immediate and enduring bond of trust and love that forms between the six year old aristocrat, Jane Fitzmaurice and David Chance, the seven year old stableboy is believa
Dnf at 35%Although I love reading the angsty, drama filled romances, my favorite kind of romance is the slow burning, fluffy type where the hero and the heroine have known each other long enough to form a deep friendship that eventually grows into love I picked this one up because I thought the main characters relationship would be something like that.In this book the heroine s parents die when she s six and she has to leave her family home and move to her uncle s mansion There she meets the hero who is a stableboy and they soon fall into an easy friendship because of their common interest in horses.From then on they were Jane and David, a twosome, linked together against the outside world There was never a time when either child had put into words their need of each other it was something they understood instinctively Jane was temperamental and David was serene Jane was the niece of a Marquis and David s aunt gave French lessons They were different in so many ways, but in the most important way of all they were alike It was not something that needed to be said Simply, for the first time in their lives each child had someone he loved.The author does a good job of showing, rather than telling us how their affection develops over the years and as a result, it felt genuine and believable It was so sweet to see their relations
This is a slim little romance in which childhood friends grow up to love each other, encounter difficulties, and everything turns out ok in the end Its strong points were an excellent attention to horsey detail, a hero I actually wanted to lick possibly due to him sounding like my high school crush , and a heroine, wellI think Jane was written as being on the autism spectrum Possibly not deliberately it was 1981 and there was a lot less public knowledge, but if we are going to argue than Jane Eyre was on the spectrum and I find it not improbable , then this Jane can be, too.My points She only bonds strongly to one person, and has a flat affect around people that she doesn t care about She is much comfortable with animals than humans She is repeatedly and strikingly oblivious to social cues She is not motivated by social rewards or punishments Having decided on a goal, everything she does is bent to that goal She has difficulty expressing herself verbally She finds social situations overwhelming, especially around people she doesn t know She is anxious and withdrawn around strangers, and it takes several
A really beautiful, quite sweet and innocent romance which I adored If nothing else this book a vacation from overly tortured heros not that that s not good on occasion and depressingly predictable heroines It can be read in one sitting if you consider a skipped meal or two a worthy sacrifice for a truly compelling book For the new to friends to lovers theme such as myself this is the perfect choice as it does away with the cliche of the long lost childhood friends reunited into lovers theme a them which may work sometimes but I ve rarely found well written and instead rekindles the sweetness of learning to see their best friend in a new and passionate light.David is a truly excellent romance hero for this heroine, his calm and steady manner and tone hide a core of true mettle and provide a perfect contrast I