A true description of three voyages by the north-east towards Cathay and China [microform]

A true description of three voyages by the north-east towards Cathay and China [microform] Read A True Description Of Three Voyages By The North East Towards Cathay And China Microform Author Gerrit De Veer Nature Explore.eu The Publications Of The Hakluyt Society Founded In 1846 Made Available Edited And Sometimes Translated Early Accounts Of Exploration The First Series, Which Ran From 1847 To 1899, Consists Of 100 Books Containing Published Or Previously Unpublished Works By Authors From Christopher Columbus To Sir Francis Drake, And Covering Voyages To The New World, To China And Japan, To Russia And To Africa And India This Book Contains Three Accounts Of Dutch Voyages In Search Of A North Eastern Passage To China, Undertaken In The 1590s When This Hakluyt Edition Was Published In 1853, Continuing Anxiety About The Fate Of Sir John Franklin S Expedition Made Any Accounts Of Arctic Exploration Extremely Topical The Dutch Were Not Successful In Establishing A North East Passage But The Stories Of The Expeditions And Of The Courage And Endurance Of The Men Who Took Part In Them Make For Fascinating Reading. This book is out there under a few different titles The one shown here is the most common, but I prefer this title The true and perfect description of three voyages, so strange and woonderfull, that the like hath neuer been heard of before done and performed three yeares, one after the other, by the ships of Holland and Zeland I think this other title captures the language and tone a little better These men ventured where neuer any man had bin before and dealt with cruel Beares, and other Monsters of the Sea, and the unsupportable and extreme cold that is to be found in those places This is truly a strange and woonderfull voyage of discovery Written in Dutch by expedition survivor Gerrit De Veer and translated into English by William Phillip in 1609, the version of this book you are most likely to encounter is the one republished by the Hakluyt Society in 1853 The Hakluyt society s introduction takes up about the first 1 3rd of the book, and can be s
Loved this book the original journals of Gerrit de Veer chronicling the Dutch voyage to discover a northeast passage to China, and the horrific experiences which left them all on the brink of death in the arctic An amazing account of human ingenuity, endurance, and survival Go read it Preferably in the original Dutch the translation leaves something to be desired.On a related note, the 2011 Dutch movie Nova Zembla, which is based on th