The Crow Trap

The Crow TrapVera Stanhope S First Appearance Was In The Crow Trap, Published In 1999 And Now Available In A New Edition It Forms The Third Episode Of The TV Series Vera, Adapted By Stephen Brady.At The Isolated Baikie S Cottage On The North Pennines, Three Very Different Women Come Together To Complete An Environmental Survey Three Women Who, In Some Way Or Another, Know The Meaning Of BetrayalFor Team Leader Rachael Lambert The Project Is The Perfect Opportunity To Rebuild Her Confidence After A Double Betrayal By Her Lover And Boss, Peter Kemp Botanist Anne Preece, On The Other Hand, Sees It As A Chance To Indulge In A Little Deception Of Her Own And Then There Is Grace Fulwell, A Strange, Uncommunicative Young Woman With Plenty Of Her Own Secrets To HideWhen Rachael Arrives At The Cottage, However, She Is Horrified To Discover The Body Of Her Friend Bella Furness Bella, It Appears, Has Committed Suicide A Verdict Rachael Finds Impossible To Accept.Only When The Next Death Occurs Does A Fourth Woman Enter The Picture The Unconventional Detective Inspector Vera Stanhope, Who Must Piece Together The Truth From These Women S Tangled Lives This is the first book in the Vera Stanhope series and gee it was good I very much enjoy the TV series based on these books and I have to say that they chose really good actors to represent both Vera and Joe As I was reading I could just visualise them saying the words Such a good book 535 pages but all of them so good that I seemed to be finished in no time I always find that with a really good mystery I just never want to put it down and this
The Hook Begin at the beginning, that s my motto when it comes to most series mystery fiction The Line s The rich onion flan might have come out of the freezer but Barbara had cooked it before it went in It was topped with tomatoes and Parmesan and latticed with anchovies and olives The above lines may seem strange to quote but I was intrigued by this dish intrigued me Searching for a recipe I saw a latticed anchovy onion tart, but flan it was not If anyone has every heard of this or has a recipe please let me know Anchovies are grand in our family.The Sinker I m not quite certain how I feel about The Crow Trap I ve heard so many accolades to Ann Cleeves and this series that I thought I should get on the bandwagon One thing I noticed immediately was that Cleeves had a way of drawing us in One moment all was right with the world and in the next sentence all is changed The title is explained in this way The trap was a large wire mesh cage with a funnel in the top Inside a live, tame crow fluttered provocatively, inviting in another to defend its territory Once in through the funnel there was no way out Presumably they had to find some form of co existence until the keeper came along to put the intruder out of its misery Ann Cleeves is a storyteller and enjoys the use of words, painting a thorough portrait of her characters and environs Detailed
My first introduction to author Ann Cleeves and her protagonist Vera Stanhope did not go well.The book first delves into the lives of three women who are sharing temporary quarters while conducting an environmental assessment prior to digging a quarry One of them is killed Each woman was given a lengthy chapter Vera shows up officially to investigate at the start of Part Two, about halfway through The book is overly long at 535 pages and generally plods along to the conclusion.I checked reviews Many abandoned this book Many loved it I m
I expect you think I m oddEccentricThat s not the case, and if I do have a reputation for eccentricity, I have one too for getting results Vera StanhopeI attempted to read a physical copy of this book, but couldn t get into it I knew that I just had to get along with Ann Cleeves, because I m such a huge fan of both television series based on her books So I decided to jump into the audiobook, and it was perfect I chose to start it on a solitary road trip into the quiet of the forest Such an atmospheric setting for an atmospheric book Probably one of the slowest mysteries I ve read in a long time, but so fulfilling and worth it I found myself juggling the audiobook and physical book during times when I couldn t listen I had to know how it would end, and of course it wasn t anything like what I d conjured in my imaginat
This is book 1 in the series I enjoyed it and rate it 3.5 out of 5 stars It is a long book, 535p., and moves slowly at times, while the author builds the scene The book is told from the perspective of 4 women Rachael 1 of 3 women conducting a wildlife assessment to determine whether or a quarry would kill off any protected plants animals She has issues with Peter Kemp, whose company is running the assessment Peter had an affair with her in order to steal her work He then dumped her and married someone else.Anne the second of 3 women conducting the assessment She is having an affair with the owner of the quarry firm Grace The third woman doing the assessment She is the product of foster homes and socially awkward She has reconnected with her father.Vera Detective Chief Inspector DCI in charge of the investigation, when Grace is found dead.I was not sure
The Crow Trap by Ann Cleeves.This is the 1st in the Vera Stanhope series This book is divided into sections describing in detail 3 women Rachel, Anne and Grace These 3 women are connected by their endeavors in an environmental project They are all naturalists and educated, but there s so much to their backgrounds and what brought them together in the first place The story begins with Rachel discovering Bella had committed suicide Shocked by this tragedy she is interviewed by the local police Joe, Vera s right hand man, begins the investigation A shadowy figure appears to enter and then leave just as suddenly during Bella s funeral A strange figure that no one seems to know This was the first brief appearance of Vera.There is another section devoted to Vera s upbringing and her experiences in that neck of the woods.This was quite a long story but I was involved from the first page The
I enjoyed this book I watched Vera on tv a few years ago and enjoyed that too Now that I ve read the book, I think the tv series did the book justice I enjoyed the different POVs of the 4 women It did seem a bit too long especially in the central section, not
The Crow Trap is the first in the Vera Stanhope series by Ann Cleeves and one of the books in the series that the hugely popular ITV television show Vera is based upon The extremely talented Brenda Blethyn is excellent playing the role of Vera in the TV show and it s definitely worth a watch If you enjoy English murder mysteries, this is an extremely well written, engaging read and a great start to the series Although over 500 pages long, it doesn t feel like it as the writing reads easily and the story flows along nicely Vera doesn t appear until about two thirds the way through the book but she is definitely worth the wait I love the normality of her character, her straight talking, no nonsense approach to everything I was definitely second guessing who the murderer was all of the way through and still never got it right Full of interesting and varied characters with absorbing back stories, lots of red herrings and ultimately beautiful descriptions o
This is the first Vera Stanhope novel It took a long time to get the the point when Stanhope enters the story which is my reason for 4 stars There are characters who hide their past and even their identity There is an early suicide which leads Vera to investigate hidden links between characters The setting is the North Pennines which are in County Durham, Northumberland, North Yorkshire, Cumbria Vera s backstory in the book varies somewhat from the TV series And although she is not a fashion plate on TV, she is described in a way in the book which makes her sound like she could be mistaken for someone who is homeless, and living on the street The audiobook is pleasantly narrated by Anne Dover I can t comment on the accuracy of the accent I have a friend who lives in Northern England and finds the accent of the TV character, Vera Stanhope, quite inaccurate I m venture a gue
I had read many good reviews about this author, so being a lover of British mysteries, I decided to give her book a try Well I was not disappointed, what a great read This is the first novel I had read by Ann Cleeves and it won t be my last It is also the first book in the Vera Stanhope detective series She is not even introduced until you have read 2 3 of the book but the other characters are so fascinating that you don t even notice Before I had even finished this book, I ordered the second one in the series, Telling Tales, from I can t wait to read it While I m waiting for it to be delivered, I ll have to content myself with other authors Prior to this book, I had read novels by various Scandinavian authors I found that these books were too dark and depressing for me If you enjoy interesting characters, and a good puzzle all wrapped up neatly in the end, then you will fi