Indiscretions❰KINDLE❯ ❀ Indiscretions Author Madelynne Ellis – Eighteen months into a delicate m nage trois relationship, Lucerne, Viscount Marlinscar is feeling the strain He s engaged in a constant tug o war as both his lovers compete to win his affections Only Eighteen months into a delicate m nage trois relationship, Lucerne, Viscount Marlinscar is feeling the strain He s engaged in a constant tug o war as both his lovers compete to win his affections Only, Lucerne s not so eager to choose Matter of fact, he s beginning to wonder if he s not the one that s being left out, considering the effort Vaughan and Bella pour into tormenting one anotherWhen the three lovers attend a society music recital, jealousy again rears its head, which convinces Lucerne that it s time to take matters into his own hands The decision doesn t go down at all well, particularly with Vaughan, who shows his displeasure by dishing out erotic punishments to both Lucerne and Bella However, the tug o war isn t over until there s a winner, that is, unless the lovers can put aside their differences and decide that all three can have the passion and satisfaction they derive only from each other, no matter which one of them is in the middle Genre M F M Menage HistoricalLength Novella ,words Series Reading Order A Gentleman s WagerIndiscretionsPhantasmagoriaThree Times the ScandalHer Husband s Lover. This was an entertaining and erotic novella I found the relationship dynamic unusual There is one hero in the middle, and the other two H and h are in love with him but in clear competition for his affection with each other I liked it well enough to download another book by this author. a new guilty pleasure for sure Don t normally like historical fiction, however this was very entertaining and well written Vaughan is one very naughty aristocrat 0I will be taking a look to see what other books are available from ms Ellis. FREE on today 5 17 2019 Brilliant It s great to see the characters still enjoying themselves Brilliant writing I loved the first book a gentleman s wager and it s one of my favourites Great story, can t wait to read the rest. I wish I could give 4.5 stars for this as I really did enjoy it, but it falls just short of the perfect 5.I think the main reason is although very relevant to learning about the three main characters in A Gentleman s Wager and later in Phantasmagoria , the story as such doesn t go very far Which is kind of the point, but it frustrated me a little bit I think I m just greedy and wanted .Vaughan is so desperately in love with Lucerne that he repeatedly tells himself that Bella is in the way, and Bella, herself in love with Lucerne, has to remind herself of just how amazing having both of them is without Vaughan Lucerne really wouldn t be the man she dreamed of Lucerne needs both of them, as he can never quite accept his desire for Vaughan and loving Bella provides the air of normalcy he craves in his public life It s about as complicated as three hearts can get.The writing is as ever exquisite, and the descriptions of the physical side of their love are scorching Actually, I m changing my mind It s a 5 Madelynne Ellis just writes books that are so hot they deserve nothing less. Delightful and a new author I m going to have to read I don t like historical erotic romances Generally they are terribly done and I feel bored the entire time This short story I enjoyed because it shows a realistic side to menage Most of the menage I read everyone gets into it There are little to no problems Sure there are communication issues in all, but there isn t the since a menacing threat of jealousy as there is in this story This one shows the grittier side of it as Bella and Vaughan fight to be Lucerne s lover.I can t say that I really liked either Bella or Vaughan In fact, I don t think I was engaged with any of the three characters What I did enjoy was their dynamic or lack of dynamic with each other There doesn t really seem to be love in this triangle Instead, it is petty jealous and who can top whom It s a pretty accurate portrayal of what I think a real menage would be like in real life It isn t all sunshine and roses Instead, it s ice daggers and thorns. Since Gentleman s Wager finished so suddenly and Bella s, Vaughan s and Lucerne s story is so interesting I just had to keep reading.Indiscretions is about the three of them, after they have lived in London together already for than a year and half, but they still have not found their happy together Lucerne is in a middle of Bella s and Vaughan s constant fighting, since neither of them does not want to really share Lucerne with the other or want to admit that they can t let the not wanted party go So when one night Lucerne leaves those two on their own, they still try to hide their real feelings for each other, but they end up in each others arms anyway And when Lucerne returns they will do their best to find the happy middle that will satisfy all of them.It s just a novella, so into just so many pages are compressed together hot MM, FM and MFM sex scenes It could be too much, but if you not expecting and if you can see the story behind the heaving and thrusting bodies then its a good story. The 2nd book in the Scandalous Seduction series This sexy short has a wonderful story and some scorching hot sex scenes Even though this is a quick read, the characters are very complex and the story is fast paced but not rushed, I was hooked from beginning to end Hot Read Forbidden love A m nage of m m f A love of domination for Marquis Vaughan for his lover Viscount Lucerne For the time period when males in a relationship was taboo we follow the indiscretions of these two lovers and a cover up in their third party Beth In Indiscretions, we continue to understand Marquis Vaughan and his demands for his lovers, but there is always a but, what happens to them An enjoyable read and need to continue the series to see where the trios lives will lead.