The Heroes

The HeroesThey Say Black Dow S Killed Men Than Winter, And Clawed His Way To The Throne Of The North Up A Hill Of Skulls The King Of The Union, Ever A Jealous Neighbour, Is Not About To Stand Smiling By While He Claws His Way Any Higher The Orders Have Been Given And The Armies Are Toiling Through The Northern Mud.Thousands Of Men Are Converging On A Forgotten Ring Of Stones, On A Worthless Hill, In An Unimportant Valley, And They Ve Brought A Lot Of Sharpened Metal With Them.Bremer Dan Gorst, Disgraced Master Swordsman, Has Sworn To Reclaim His Stolen Honour On The Battlefield Obsessed With Redemption And Addicted To Violence, He S Far Past Caring How Much Blood Gets Spilled In The Attempt Even If It S His Own.Prince Calder Isn T Interested In Honour, And Still Less In Getting Himself Killed All He Wants Is Power, And He Ll Tell Any Lie, Use Any Trick, And Betray Any Friend To Get It Just As Long As He Doesn T Have To Fight For It Himself.Curnden Craw, The Last Honest Man In The North, Has Gained Nothing From A Life Of Warfare But Swollen Knees And Frayed Nerves He Hardly Even Cares Who Wins Any , He Just Wants To Do The Right Thing But Can He Even Tell What That Is With The World Burning Down Around Him Over Three Bloody Days Of Battle, The Fate Of The North Will Be Decided But With Both Sides Riddled By Intrigues, Follies, Feuds And Petty Jealousies, It Is Unlikely To Be The Noblest Hearts, Or Even The Strongest Arms That Prevail.Three Men One Battle No Heroes. 4.5 5 StarsI won t forget the three days I spent reading the intricate three days of battle in this book Joe Abercrombie has proved himself once again to be my shining star in Grimdark fantasy For me, there s simply no one that can write Grimdark fantasy like him The Heroes has been claimed by a lot of Abercrombie s fans to be his best works, although I disagree because imo that crown still belongs to Last Argument of Kings , I do however think The Heroes as his third best work, almost as much as I loved Before They Are Hanged , which is a LOT.Picture The Heroes Subterranean Press edition cover The year is now 584 AU, four years after the events in Best Served Cold The entire setting of the book took place in The Valley of Osrung in the North, located between Uffrith and Carleon The plot of the book revolved around the three bloody days of climactic battle between the Union and the North That s it, this is seriously the main plot of the book The Heroes is thoroughly a Military grimdark fantasy, it captured the horror of war perfectly, showing the preparation, the wars, and the aftermath of each battle in details from both sides The pacing of the book is well paced, it started really slow in order to giv
HE WAS AS UGLY AS INCEST now that is funny Okay, so do notDO NOT listen to those who call this a less than a stellar performance by the god king of grit, Joe Abercrombie This is not only a 541 page manual on the art of breezy, muck dripping proseology, but it also sports an intricately layered and well designed plot, three dimensional characters that are just saturated with nuance and some powerful evocative statements on the underpants loading horror of war and the pain burden born by those who must fight it Despite the war is pretty shitty business sentiment expressed throughout the book, the common soldier and those doing the actual fighting are shown, for the most part, to be men of quiet bravery and just trying to do their best and get through in one piece Of course, there are certainly a lot of venom filled cannon shots fired across the bow of the leaders and instigators of the conflict and some fun poked at the conventions of war, but I found that Abercrombie was generally respectful of the fighting soldiers and didn t portray them as murderous meatheads out to rape and pillage.The majority of the story takes place over three days with the Union Army and the Northmen
I ve got a really great idea for a novel Do you want to hear it Okay, so here goes Well I was thinking I could create a story in which everything relates back to the title That way I could say the title over and over again Wouldn t that be fun I mean I could write about heroes fighting at a place called the Heroes and then they could have a crisis about being heroes whilst worrying who has taken the Heroes and if enemy heroes are going to kill them And then I could say heroes a few times and relate all the events to heroics and consider what makes a hero a hero Doesn t that sound like one big heroic headache See I can do it too Joe Maybe that makes me a hero Damn I m getting good at this That isn t the only reason I hated the novel, but it did piss me off the most Nothing speaks the word redundancy than an overly used metaphor The entire novel also felt restrictive It is essentially one big battle sequence So, its layers of action upon action in the same boring place I hated the end I hated the beginning too And I especially hated the middle This is Joe Abercrombie s
The Piles Fuck this shit grumbled Slicker Gutwruck as he wearily limped up the hill, bile tickling his tonsils I couldn t give an arse about war any, he spat How ironic that I m so good at it he mused, as his rag tag squad of soldiers showed off their cool moves on a group of unfortunate peons they got the drop on There was Broody McBrooderson, master of the garotte Slicker s second in command, Little Miss Sunshine, tougher than any man, and than capable of commanding Serenity, er, the squad, on her own wise cracking Esposito from Brooklyn Ole Five Finger Discount the triplets, Gramps, and the rest A hard bunch Sick of fuckin war But fuckin good at it.Back at HQ, the Big Chief grimly sat in conference, looking over the hardest men of the North like a hamster considering pellets of its own shit There was Brandis Bowel burster, clawed face fixed in a rictus of hate, scowling while he stroked his axe made of sharpened pelvic bones Next to him loomed the always dangerous Farnsbury Flopper, commander of the 3rd Signal Corps, as hard as un rinsed oatmeal that has dried on a bowl for two days And eyeing them all cynically from the back of the tent was the Gooch, another complete arsehole.The last to enter the tent was He Who Heaves, green of face and unsteady of gait The other war chiefs inched away warily, vomit frothing in their gullets We have to sho
The plot can be described in a couple of sentences, literally This is about a 3 day battle between the Union forces civilized bureaucratic society and Northern people barbarians , and also about the events right before it and its aftermath This is probably the most spoiler free plot description I ever wrote, by the way Joe Abercombie is the undisputed king when it comes to modern grimdark fantasy Yes, I have read Malazan epic Yes, I still stand by what I said in the beginning of the paragraph I even admit that I do not like his first standalone in The First Law universe Best Served Cold that much My opinion on him is still the same Ask any Abercrombie s fan about his main strength and the first answer you get from anybody would be characters I was fairly skeptical about these when I started to read as in the first trilogy he had three books to develop them while here he had to do it in just a third of space My fears were somewhat justifies as th
Forty eight hours So much can happen in such a short span of time in the middle of a war This tale shifts between varying viewpoints, from soldiers to commanders to camp followers There are no good guys and no bad guys The reader will wind up caring about all of them, a
Wow.This one has been on my To Be Read pile for a long time In an effort to clean out some of my older books I finally got around to reading it.And now I m not sure what took me so long Heroes is a gritty book about a war between the Northmen and the Union, which takes place around a hill called the Heroes.It s a dark book, with rough characters and some pretty gorey deaths Ambercrombie does a great job with his battle scenes, showing the confusion of war and the costs of being a hero.But with a war comes a lot of downtime But scenes without fighting are boring right Wrong Some of the best quotes came out of the downtime, and many times I found myself laughing out loud The fool s tasks lined up in crushingly tedious procession Run Practice Shit a turd Write a letter Eat Watch Write a turd Shit a letter Eat Bed.Or nodding in agreement to some sound advice An unarmed man is like an unroofed house They ll both end up leaking.Through this great story however I found a deeper meaning The book is divided into 5 parts 1 Before
War, War never changes The Heroes unflinchingly chronicles a 3 day battle between two warring nations It s a story filled with visceral fighting, complex characters and constant danger and suspense For me this is the best of Abercrombie s standalone novels and is on a par with his First Law trilogy Being a massive Abercrombie fan as I am the fact that this is my favourite of his works says a lot The Heroes combines Abercrombie s dark fantasy with a war story and while the entire novel revolving around a single battle limits the plot in some ways it still manages to be inventive and gripping.A brutal land war serves as a brilliant backdrop to Abercrombie s typical cynicism and exploration of human flaws The shit rolls downhill philosophy espoused throughout is reminiscent of the Wire and one of my all time favourite war stories and TV shows Generation Kill In perhaps Abercrombie s biggest subversion of classic fantasy to date he mercilessly describes the pointlessness and brutality of a Medieval land war There s not a force of pure evil bent on world domination nor a prophesised hero to be found Instead we see scheming politicians, bloodthirsty warriors and grunts just trying to survive.The character I most wanted to read about in this book was Bremer Dan Gorst He was one
I was eager to put my eyes on The Heroes , because I was still high from Best Served Cold and I didn t read Mr Abercrombie s book for some time The fact is that The Heroes decreased my fangirlism a little bit But let s start from the tasty bits Joe Abercrombie always has smth tasty in his books The Heroes is a military fantasy novel, which offered me a rather unique and interesting glimpse into war and warriors who are annoyed with fighting a war.I always love to find the so called Abercrombie s realism in his characters, action and the gritty fight The characters feel real They aren t perfect in a good way and they have emotions Their manners, speech and thoughts allowed me to imagine them better I could live and feel their life in my thoughts The battle episodes were like a good, disgusting, bloody and gritty movie Quite a lovely stuff DMoreover, with the rivers of blood, loads of deaths, toils of political intrigues and grim, dark humor there is a story here that is very real and in places even touching The
My sixth book by Mr Abercrombie and as always he never cease to amaze me with his writing, especially when he is writing about War.So The Heroes is story of Black Dow, the Northern King, and Union army finding themselves battling over an old monument called, The Heroes.As it is war, so there are tons of characters and with them lay the beauty of the book its the story of famous names, fallen and new names its the story of people who are strong headed, cruel, ambitious, self centered, vicious and people who knows how to survive a war And Abercrombie has done a wonderful job of doing justice to every character in this book There are two things that I liked most about this book First is how Mr Abercrombie has described the battle scenes, from one person to another, almost in a sequence He made these battles alive with his words Second thi