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Batman The Long Halloween❮Download❯ ✤ Batman The Long Halloween Author Jeph Loeb – Taking place during Batman's early days of crime fighting this new edition of the classic mystery tells the story of a mysterious killer who murders his prey only on holidays Working with District Att Taking place during Batman's early days of crime fighting this new edition of the classic mystery tells the story of a mysterious killer who murders his prey only on holidays Working with District Attorney Harvey Dent and Lieutenant James Gordon Batman races against the clock as he tries to discover who Batman The PDF/EPUB ² Holiday is before he claims his next victim each month A mystery that has the reader continually guessing the identity of the killer this story also ties into the events that transform Harvey Dent into Batman's deadly enemy Two Face. I believe in Gotham CityThe Long Halloween deserves its hype It's a classic Batman story and belongs among the greatest like Batman Year One The Dark Knight Returns and The Killing Joke I have to say this is probably Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale's best work Loeb's writing is incredible It definitely draws from Frank Miller's Batman Year One with its sense of noir crime drama mystery and the addition of light horror But largely The Long Halloween is as the cover blurb says an epic tragedy Because we see Batman and Captain Jim Gordon fail and most of all District Attorney Harvey Dent descend into hell and madness The story itself follows the serial killer Holiday and the tangled web of the Maroni and Falcone crime families What's most fascinating and tragic is to watch Bats Gordon and Dent affected and irrevocably changed by Holiday and the destructive mafia warLike Loeb's writing Tim Sale's artwork here is the best I've ever seen I really believe he draws Batman and his world better than anything else Dark angular gritty dramatic Deep colors and brilliant use of light Some of the rare artwork I'd love to have framed on my wall There's also a fantastic visual contrast between Bruce Wayne and Batman Bruce although big and tall is similar to Clark Kent Amorphous and stoic or emotionally haunted by his past as we see in one scene Batman however is this gigantic looming figure with long sharp ears and sprawling cape rippling muscles growl and scowl He's monster than man and it's brilliant to see This is in my top 5 favorite Batman stories It's also one of the subtlest a sort of cousin to Batman Year One with the addition of mystery and some horror The story is riveting the dialog is solid and the artwork is incredible If you're new to Batman or a longtime fan you have to check this out Batman MeWhat? 3 stars is good It was way better than sucky bookBatman MeFor reals Bats? Are we going to go there? This book had some draggy parts that bored me but it did have Poison Ivy The Riddler The Joker Catwoman and The Scarecrowso it had some good stuffbut what the hell was with Soloman Grundy? He had no place in the frigging book Plus the art made you look hot Batman MeNow you are gonna grope me? MeI could go for that Batman image removed censored MeOk weirdoAre you really my husband in disguise? If I met anyone that had never read a Batman book this is probably the one I would recommend This is the uintessential Batman story The volume revolves around mobsters being murdered on each holiday and takes place early in Batman’s career It’s a vehicle for Harvey Dent’s transition from Gotham City district attorney to Two Face Dent along with Captain Gordon and Bats puts “Detective” back in DC comics attempt to figure out who’s the killerIt features most of Batman’s rogue’s gallery where the heck did Solomon Grundy come from? before they went super mega villain In this respect it shares the same vibe as Batman The Animated Series relatively simple stories sans other superheroes aliens Omega Sanctions etc Someone is killing off associates of Gotham City's crime lord Carmine The Roman Falcone but only only holidays Can Batman Commissioner Gordon and Gotham City District Attorney Harvey Dent stop Holiday before the entire Falcone crime family is dead?I first read Batman The Long Halloween in that mythic time before I felt compelled to write reviews for everything I read I didn't care for it at the time but when a copy fell into my lap last week I decided to give it another goBatman The Long Halloween is a 13 issue murder mystery Someone is knocking off criminals with a22 pistol and Batman and the law are stumped Who is Holiday aka The Holiday Killer and why is Catwoman nearby every time Batman tries to investigate The Roman? And what does Calendar Man have to do with it? And what's up Harvey Dent's ass? All of these uestions and are answered over the graphic novel's nearly 400 pagesI don't normally go for retellings of stories I already know but The Long Halloween fleshed out a chapter in Batman's early days Harvey Dent's transformation into Two Face While Tim Sale's artwork isn't my favorite its cartoony moody dark feel perfectly suited the story I've never been a huge fan of Jeph Loeb but he did a great job here The mystery was great and even solveable if you were paying close attention I wasn't and was surprised by the reveal even though I read the Long Halloween before back before the world moved onThe Christopher Nolan Batman movies borrow a lot from the Long Halloween I once said Grant Morrison's Batman felt the most like movie Batman but I think I'm going to have to issue a retraction for that The Batman in Long Halloween IS the Batman from the Christopher Nolan trilogyI will say that some of the story felt like filler The bit with Poison Ivy was a little unnecessary and the whole Sofia Falcone Gigante thread could have been cut It felt like the book was slightly stretched to fill thirteen issues instead of twelve Those are pretty much my only gripes with it Batman felt like a detective in this and less an uber prepared scientist super soldier as it should beBatman The Long Halloween is right up there with Batman Year One in the upper echelon of Batman books 45 out of 5 Batarangs Comic books often deal with extremes; they deal with the extremely good and the extremely bad highlighting the struggle between two opposites on the morality scale One wishes to wreak havoc hurt people and gain some form of gratification The other wishes to save and restore order The two are diametrically opposed though sometimes in order to achieve the most ultimate form of good or evil one needs step into the opposite camp to reach their goals The two are not so far apart as they may appearEnter and exit Harvey DentOnce a stalwart protector of justice Dent is now the merciless Two Face who executes without remorse trusting in the luck of a coin to decide the fate of his victims He has become the exact opposite of who he once was though in reality he is a bitter reflection of the world at largeLike Batman The Killing Joke this story shows us how easy it is to fall into chaos madness and despair when you live in a city like Gotham Batman’s detective work can only do so much in the face of such havoc Heroes and Villains are separated by a very thin line This is a non stop detective drama that is pulp noir dark and gritty it is an excellent Batman comic Pretty decent volume full of all the favorites and the beginning of Two Face featuring a ton of mobsters and everyone including the villains and Batman are bright and shiny and new It's Year One for the DC line and it's just fine Coherent fun even having a bit of depthI like the uality and it's a good story I especially loved all the interactions with Catwoman Other than that? It's just the classic Two Face opener Good mystery interesting reveal Solid This is my very first Batman comic Apparently it's not too bad a place to start I must admit I'm not too much into the big superhero comics but instead prefer independent comics mostly because of the constant re boots of universes etcThe Long Halloween is actually less of a superhero comic and of a detective story We have a bunch of mobsters such as Mr Falcone and his Familia and on each holiday someone dies Thus Batman together with Harvey Dent and Lieutenant James Gordon must find out who the murderer is In between we have a number of runnings in with other well known characters such as Catwoman who looked weird so muscular in the outfit but slim in dresses And we get the origin story of Two Face which was niceThe artwork is not too much to my liking Bruce isn't handsome Selina has atrocious hair there is the afore mentioned weirdness of Catwoman but in some way the edges actually work in delivering the story “Life is made up of little disappointments Mr Falcone It’s what makes what we do sochallenging”This is Batman at it’s finestAdored the story till the last page with twist after twist Jeph Loeb surely did an amazing job writing this mystery and Tim Sale’s art was something to behold with darker tones when some murders took placeOnly minor complaint is that i wanted involvement with the joker here Otherwise an amazing story for every Batman fan I’d been hearing great things about this the past few years I’m a late comer to the game what can I say? The story is broken up by different holidays some major and some I basically forget exist until they pop up during the year All the stories connect as Batman works with Gordon and attorney Dent to try and figure out who the killer is as he strikes during the holiday season setting forth a solid detective battle They investigate contemplate interrogate make wrong guesses get shown right ones and – even better – the reader leaves the series knowing something Batman doesn’t Not something that happens often Usually the ‘great detective’ doesn’t get led astrayThe writing is simple and direct the story working because it shows the background political machinations of Gotham’s crime bosses and their twisted families who go from suspecting each other fighting each other to aiding each other Throw in Batman’s well known villains like The Riddler with his side story that ties into the main one Joker of course in his crafty goals to ruin holidays for the innocent Poison Ivy using her seductive charms to reel in victims and catwoman hopping around never revealing all the cards in her deck We even get an appearance from Solomon Grundy who I always had a draw toward since seeing him in animated seriesTruth told Joker’s story was one of the least impressive and is gotten out of the way early on Poison Ivy had a starring role at times and ended up surprised me The Riddler showed himself as a strong villain like always but as a flawed one too The story works to show the evolution of Dent as a main character from hero to wacked villainThe artwork is pulpy and fresh fitting into the story well Batman is menacing and a force to be reckoned with Some of the deaths were surprising many of them startlingly violent for this type of comic collection Some of the holiday stories worked better than others as I mentioned with Joker being weaker and Mother's Day was particularly brutal the grimmest of the group on a depressing level with Bruce and his mother memoriesI’m noob level with comics and their stories so my opinions shouldn’t weigh as much for this stuff as some of my fellow reviewers who have read of these and know the faithfulness of the character’s stories but as an outsider looking in I have to say this was a fun read and impressive It lived up to the hype in my eyes and will be something I’ll re read in the coming years In general this might be the most uintessential Batman story ever I wouldn't call it the best just yet but definitely one of the most definitive It captures a proper tone rightfully grounding it as a crime epic and features almost all of the major bat villains It follows a tumultuous year early in Batman's career as a vigilante as he works with GCPD Captain James Gordon and District Attorney Harvey Dent to bring down the untouchable Carmine The Roman Falcone and his crime mob that rule the underworld of Gotham all while contending with a mysterious serial killer that strikes on holidays It was great seeing how this year takes a heavy personal toll on these three dedicated crime fighters and how it leads one of them down a darker path toward becoming one of the best Batman villains Also it's so impressive that Jeph Loeb is able to fit all of these characters into this story without it feeling TOO crowded Some of the cameos felt a little silly but I always saw what Leob was attempting to do and I rolled with it There were some things I didn't like though I thought the art really detracted from the story and was downright ugly And here's yet another example of a writer that doesn't understand the Riddler There is a difference between jokes and riddles and the Riddler is not a jokester In the future any writer attempting to depict the Riddler should take a look at what Scott Snyder did with the character in his New 52 run or even what Tom King does in his recent shitty run But story wise it truly is one of the best Batman tales and definitely kept me riveted I would recommend it to anyone starting out with the character Even Christopher Nolan used it as a major inspiration for his epic crime saga inspired Dark Knight trilogy

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