The Truth about Vampires

The Truth about Vampires❰Download❯ ✤ The Truth about Vampires Author Theresa Meyers – All her life Seattle reporter Kristin Reed sought her breakout story She never thought she'd find it in the crimson lair of a real life creature of the night Kristin never believed vampires existed un All her life Seattle reporter Kristin Reed sought her breakout story She never thought she'd find it in the crimson lair of a real life creature of the night Kristin never The Truth eBook ¸ believed vampires existed until with dark brooding eyes and a decadent chocolate scent Dmitri Dionotte called out to her Dmitri and his clan's true nature was cloaked in secrecy until a warring vampire order threatened their existence Kristin was just the woman he needed She couldn't resist their storyor Dmitri Her blood pulsed hot and furious when he touched her and with his kiss all logic fled But each night she spent with her vampire lover brought her closer to death and destruction A death not even an immortal could triumph over. I could kick myself for not reading this book sooner seriously I had this book sitting on my shelf for awhile and just the other night decided to pick it up and read it and I am so glad I did I have read tons of vampire books especially since starting this blog and to be honest I never tire of them but always wondered can there be any new ways to describe how vampires become vampires and I am always pleasantly surprised when an author does come up with something differentI wasn't sure if I liked Kristan right of the bat mainly I connected so much with this book I was afraid she was going to dig too deep into the vampires secret lives But it didn't take long to convince me that her and Dimtri belonged together Dimtri 'sigh' what can I say about him but he is all what I love in a hero But then came Achilles oh I think I really will like him wait and read the book if you haven't and you will see whyThere isn't one thing I didn't love about this book it had hot steamy scenes romance that left you 'sighing' action and to top it off the worldbuilding was incredible Only the thing I hated was it ended I will definitely be reading from Theresa Meyers Rating 35 out of 5Theresa Meyers' latest release offers an interesting twist on vampires What if they were created by a virus? This is one of many secrets that reporter Kristin Reed uncovers as she searches for her next big story Seattle has been plagued by a string of murders labeled the Bloodless Murders because the victims are found drained of blood Clues lead her to a club where she discovers that vampires are real and they have been living secretly amongst humans for centuries And the incredibly sexy club owner? A vampire Dmitri Dionotte is trejan for the Cascade Clan the one responsible for their secrecy and security Dmitri knows the ones responsible for the murders are revier vampires enemies of his clan Afraid that humans will see all vampires as evil if the truth behind the murders is discovered Dmitri decides to use the Kristin as a way of revealing his clan's peaceful existence to the world He wants people to know that not all vampires see themselves at the top of the food chain Dmitri's plan puts Kristin in great danger as the reviers want to remain secret and they will do anything to stop herThe plot of The Truth About Vampires was complex Vampirism caused by a virus Vampire ichor used to heal injured and sick humans Ichor being sold on the black market A turf war between good and evil vampires And caught in the middle of it all was Kristin a reporter just searching for an amazing story to prove she is eual to her male counterparts The author did a nice job tying all of that together for an exciting fast paced story There were a few huh? moments in the book where I just didn't understand why things happened but overall this was a uick and enjoyable readWhat about the characters? I liked Kristin She was smart and determined but also insecure and desperate to prove herself as a journalist Dmitri was certainly a drool worthy hero flawed tortured irresistibly sexy smelled like chocolate I was especially taken with his backstory of how he became a vampire There was strong erotic tension between Kristin and Dmitri I could definitely feel their lust but love? I'm not sure They went from strangers to bond mates a bit too uickly The one character I thought was lacking was the villain Vane I wish he would have been developed I really didn't understand the motives behind his actions or if he was really that evil for a vampire The Truth About Vampires is the first book in Theresa Meyers' Sons of Midnight series I'm hoping to learn about her world of vampires in future books I have my eye on a couple of secondary characters I would love to hear their story I'd give it a 25 if I could but there's no way I could do 3 starsThe story starts out strong granted the dialogue is a bit outdated and redundant at times who says buddy boy any but it is interesting and fast paced which keeps you intrigued However the you read the problems you come across My first issue with the book was the characters they were incredibly unlikeable and unbelievable Kristen is that classic tough chick with daddy issues which is too over played for me Also her obsession with gender roles then her behavior as the pathetic girly girl didn’t match up and it made me hate her right away I love strong independent female leads but Kristin wasn't that she was a naive and idiotic girl that liked to ramble on about living in a man's world Not at all empowering Then you have Dmitri his constant mood swings and random changes of heart were absolutely ridiculous and annoying As for the secondary characters they were all too cliché for comfort – the sexist boss the sinister smiling bad guys and so onAs for the story itself as I said it did in fact start out strong But the story goes in so many directions so many random tangents that are never picked back up that you lose focus from the main plot whatever it was Parts of it read like a stream of consciousness and not like a novel which makes it difficult for a reader to continue reading The author had loads of truly fantastic ideas but she never went anywhere with them so when I finished the book I was left wondering what the hell was the point of even writing them in I was also left with countless uestions – why did the vampires even reveal themselves to humans when there was no need for it how are these unrealistically powerful vampires so easily killed by average humans why doesn’t this romance novel have better sex scenes – and on and onWhile I didn’t enjoy this book I know of many women who would The author has some great ideas and she keeps things interesting which is sure to make many other readers happy Clare C's Review The Truth about Vampires caught my attention from word one and held it for the entire ride Dimitri Dionotte is strong smart and sensitive He has strong morals and fierce loyalties However he doesn’t run over the heroine and impose his will on her Kristin Reed is my favorite kind of heroine She’s driven focused intelligent and strong Her mission to win a Pulitzer isn’t derailed because she falls for a vampire I love a heroine who doesn’t give up what she wants for the hero A real hero wants his lover to achieve her dreamsThis novel isn’t just a love story The plot revolves around the exposure of the existence of vampires to humans Two warring factions even go to war with humans watching their every move Themes of racism are explored when huge masses of mortals react badly to finding out vampires are real The pacing of the action and the skillful writing kept me riveted and on the edge of my seat the whole time Meyers weaves layers of plot and theme together with great characters to create one heck of a novel The major conflicts are resolved in this installment but that conflict creates a ripple of problems I for one can’t wait to read the next installment of Meyers’s Sons of Midnight series 5 Tea Cups and a Recommended Read This story will suck you from the very first page I wasn't able to put the book away until I read every last word Then I went back and reread my favorite parts and there were several of thoseFrom the beginning there is blood guts and a murder mystery to be solved by Dmitri What Dmitri hadn’t planned on was falling in love with a beautiful woman who has no clue what does and doesn’t exist but she soon learnsThrough Kristin the vampires are able to come out into the light or out of the closet so to speak While doing so Kristin is put in the middle of the murder mystery that Dmitri tried to solve from the beginning This captivating tale has strong sensual and vibrant characters The well thought out fast paced plot has an ample supply of romantic heat Last but not least there are several unexpected twists and turns that wouldn’t let me put the book down until I was doneI would HIGHLY recommend this I loved this one The basic premis of the story is a reporter working on an article about a series of murders with bloodless victims leads her to a club run by vampires and has her falling in love with the vampire she meets and while trying to solve the murders learns about the vampire world and help bring the out of the coffin into the human worldAnd it was very well writtenm the characters were interesting and the chemistry between the two leads was tantalising There were some wonderfully descriptive passage throughout the book as the two connected I loved some of them so much I started highlighting my favourites and making notes but there were too many of them So I gave up and just lost myself in the awesomeness of the novel There was plenty of actsion some great world building and a mix of hot sex and tender romance with a fantastic endingAll in all I loved it and look forward to Meroe from this author My first impression when I read the description was chocolate scent? However after reading the story Theresa did a great job incorporating elements of her own making in this story Although I've never been to Seattle I was impressed with the imagery and feeling of history she implemented into the story The heat believe Kristin and Dimitri was great the chemistry better and the endingwhat you thought I was going to give it away You will have to read it yourself and see I read The Truth About Vampires in like 2 nights and was sad to see it end However the pain was short lived cause it seems this will be a series This novel is one that you will come back and read again and again Great Job Theresa Kristen is a beautiful reporter trying to get a break to write a Big story when she starts investigating murders she meets Dimitri a hot bar manager that is way to hard to resist When he reveals that he's a vampire she wants to be the first to write The Truth About Vampires and make the front page but she never thought the world would react the way they did and that she would be in the middle of the war Not only are the humans raged but so is a nest of vampires that want her deadThis is a wonderful book it has a twist of exotic horror and sexual lust with a bit of danger i loved it it was a good book keep you on the edge of your seat If you want to share a secret with the world how would you go about it while trying to keep control and yet prevent a hysterical riot from the fallout? Such is the driving background conflict that kept me on the edge throughout this tale The element I enjoyed most about The Truth About Vampires is its exploration of the ‘what if’ scenario and the domino affect it can have on people and society in general It is a uniue and original premise that was fascinating to watch unfold I liked being at the beginning of the event not after the fact like a lot of books that have already been written Dmitri is the hero with a lot of responsibility on his shoulders He has a fine line to walk already when I first meet him in the story but once he gets a whiff of Kristin that’s when he and I realize that his life has just gotten a bit complicated Which of course is when the fun begins and the plot begins to unfold I liked watching or reading as the case may be Dmitri in action He’s part puzzled because Kristin isn’t a typical human female and he can’t read her He has a duty to perform but now he’s not too sure how effective he’s being at it So much internal conflict compounded with the fact that he is falling in love at the worst possible time of his existence made for some fast page flipping His character was easy to like and easy to be intrigued by Kristin on the other hand is a handful She has drive and determination and is initially a burr in Dmitri’s hide Her persistence gets her the scoop of her life and it might also be the last thing she does Talk about stirring up a hornet’s nest and yet she wouldn’t have it any other way I have to respect a woman who works as hard as she does despite the setbacks the threats and the unexpected bogeymen who want her out of the way She’s a complicated character and I enjoyed the fact that she goes after what she wants even if what she wants is Dmitri When Dmitri and Kristin finally work out their issues enough to explore the physical nature of their attraction I was treated to some wonderfully well written scenes which I enjoyed to the max The drama the suspense the interplay between the main characters and secondary characters were all well done well paced and at times surprising Ms Meyers certainly has a way with words and that fact was reiterated again and again with each new revelation exciting scene and internal dialogue moments where a reader gets to understand better what drives the hero and heroine I also liked the very intense and gripping closing chapters where Kristin shows her mettle and stands up and backs her man I thought that was pretty cool and it made for some great reading The Truth About Vampires is uite simply a joy to read I was totally enchanted by the uniue perspective and it was a wild and engrossing ride all the way through I adored how Kristin and Dmitri worked off of and with each other and the happily ever after was everything I could have wished This book is well worth taking the time to read and I highly recommend it Originally posted at