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Warning: Contains Language➽ [Reading] ➿ Warning: Contains Language By Neil Gaiman ➲ – Oaklandjobs.co.uk DISC I THE SHORT CUTS 1 The Song of the Audience 138 2 Nicholas Was 235 3 Babycakes 454 4 Cold Colours 1611 5 The White Road 2057 6 Banshee 2541DISC II THE LONG HAUL 1 Chivalry 3255 2 Troll Bridge 283 DISC I THE SHORT CUTS The Song of the Warning: Contains Kindle - Audience Nicholas Was Babycakes Cold Colours The White Road Banshee DISC II THE LONG HAUL Chivalry Troll Bridge . Really you would think that I would stop this by now I've read than enough of Neil's work to know that his stories aren't just for kids But still And even despite the effing TITLE OF THIS COLLECTION I uttered a little gasp when Neil said fuck And I'll admit It was a little sexy too What? OK fine A lot sexy Anyway I don't know why I have this thing in my head regarding Neil Most of the books I've read of his have been for adults I mean I like his kids stories yes but it's not like I think he should stick to writing for younger audiences I LOVE his adult themed stuff I don't know why this surprise on my part persists and I keep finding myself surprised when he says words like penis and terms like getting laid and such It's actually kinda annoying really Stupid brain having like thoughts of its own BAH Errr so Moving on If you haven't guessed by now this collection is definitely for adults There's a good bit of humor but a majority of these stories are uite dark Nicholas Was Babycakes Cold Colours The White Road and Troll Bridge were all very dark I like DBabycakes was actually very very disturbing and I think that makes it my favorite of the bunch despite it's short length It's one of those stories that just makes you go What the FUCK? I listened to it twice back to back So disturbing and scary in its plausibility Nicholas Was was also very short and dark and I found myself wanting of this story Especially since it seemed kind of tied into the American Gods world Cold Colours seemed like this as well actually All in all I really enjoyed these stories and the mythological flair that Neil brings wherever he goes His reading was fantastic as always I would highly recommend these stories Just don't be shocked when Neil drops the F bomb like I was ; Here is another small audio collection of short works by Gaiman These are early selections from his careerThere is mostly poetry in the first section Now I'm not big on poetry I don't get it really But I will say that Gaiman's reading plus the haunting music he has accompanying it gives it a great spooky feel I still don't understand it all but it sounds wickedThe lead off selection is actually a piece of stand up that Gaiman does called Being an Experiment I highlight this because it's pretty damn hilarious especially the part about the ants The experiment is what happens to a writer as he consumes alcohol The results are greatOf the poems I most liked Babycakes That one is pretty weird and haunting and chilling Love itThere are also two longer works short stories from Smoke and Mirrors Chivalry and Troll Bridge They're two of the better stories from that set and are even cooler with Gaiman readingFinally we finish with a song Banshee It's not available anywhere else so the best I can gather from it is that this was a poem put to musicsong by The Flash GirlsOverall another enjoyable set of short audio works from Gaiman I might have to see about finding a longer work that he narrates When Neil Gaiman reads his own work it is some kind of magical Baby Cakes Banshee and Chivalry were my favorites having already read Troll BridgeAs always Mr Gaiman My favorites of the short stories were the last 3 Banshee Chivalry and Troll Bridge Heck yeah Still liking Gaiman I got this one as part of the Neil Gaiman Rarities Humble BundleI am still not sure how I feel about audio books I was listening to this while driving and I understand that there are times when there is no better way to consume your literature but for me this is a poor excuse I have my own imagination to hear what Mrs Whitaker sounds like and Gaiman does an excellent work writing her accent and way of speaking Do I really need his voice as well?The collection does include what may be the best short story ever written by a human being Chivalry which never gets old Troll Bridge and Babycakes are also favourites of mine But with only one of the stories being new to me and the stories being enjoyable in other formats I can't give this than three stars out of five I was horrified and disgusted I didn't finish the book but what I got through went between trash to horrific I think one star is generous The poems and stories wandered between barely comprehensive drivel to sadistic evil half formed ideas It's hard to believe Neil Gaiman wrote it would never have believed it completely different than any novel of his I've read Most of them were interesting entertaining and original stories that are taken to the next level by Gaiman's fantastic narration or probably I just love his English accent so don't take my word for it Mixed bag of short stories some good and some not the holy grail was my favorite A bunch of early short stories from Neil Great as always

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