Generation Hope #1-5

Generation Hope #1-5[Read] ➮ Generation Hope #1-5 By Kieron Gillen – Spinning directlyout of UNCANNY X MEN comes the most important new X Book in years GENERATION HOPE When Hope Summers returned from the future she triggered the rebirth of the mutant gene Five lights a Spinning directlyout of UNCANNY X MEN comes the most important new X Book in years GENERATION HOPE When Hope Summers returned from the future she triggered the rebirth of the mutant gene Five lights appeared on Cerebra and five mutants' powers came to life but their activations Generation Hope Kindle - have been chaotic and dangerous nearly killing each of them Now Hope joins Cyclops Wolverine and the fifth light But will this new light be a hero or a villain. Artwork 3 starsStory 2 starsA somewhat derivative opening salvo to Generation Hope's new book Uh were they counting on none of their readers having read or seen 'Akira' or was this supposed to be some kind of homage to it? The story did get better once they left Tokyo which is why I'm rounding up to 3 stars rather than down to 2Here's hoping volume 2 is better Hope's status as the Mutant Messiah appears completely warranted The new mutants since Hope have had problems with their powers and Hope's touch stabilizes them She had little trouble with the first four new mutants but the fifth is a different story entirelyThe Future is a Four Letter Word has an interesting start as Hope Cyclops Wolverine Rogue and four of the lights the first five new mutants are referred to as lights have to fight a newly emerged mutant who is particularly dangerousIt's interesting seeing how uickly the four lights follow Hope in the face of potential deathThe volume was OK Three of the five lights have familiar mutations Two have powers with no physical change and the other has powers and a physical change The other two lights are uite different as one is entirely primitive and instinctual while the other is very much monstrous I don't feel as though I learned much about any of them so far so hopefully there will be development in subseuent volumes Hope is interesting as she even has advice to give Professor X All in all Generation Hope is off to a solid start Generation Hope is one of Kieron Gillen's earliest Marvel works and it comes from a very confusing time for X Men I won't even pretend to understand everything that was going on with the mutants at the time but it all comes down to House of M and Scarlet Witch who wiped out the mutant genes from the world or something so now new mutants don't appear any Except they do they just need Hope Summers to help their powers manifestHope herself has a very complicated story but kudos to Marvel — they actually put a multi page explanation of her origin in the back of the first issue so I didn't feel too lost while reading this comic Again this is why I love Marvel and why I never seem to be able to get into DC's backlog of comics — they just don't care about explaining thingsStory wise the book is pretty simple — Hope's team of new mutants or lights as they're called here go to Tokyo to help yet another new mutant with his powers But they're too late he's out of control and has gone full Akira the resemblance is uncanny It's an OK story but Gillen's dialogue and character work make it a fun ride nonethelessThe artwork sadly is pretty terrible throughout almost the whole book From covers to the interior it looks very mediocre and uninspired with one notable exception The last issue of this collection was done by Jamie McKelvie and Matt Wilson again one of their earliest Marvel collaborations with Gillen This is the best issue of the volume the one where the characters start to click together and the story gains some momentum Because you can never go wrong with Gillen McKelvie and Wilson they're one of the best creative teams in comicsOverall I enjoyed the first volume of Generation Hope It's fun accessible and just has a good X Men comic vibe about it which can be really hard to come by especially in the modern era Marvel The I read about Hope the I like her A Badass teenager who has to carry the entire mutant future on her back? How can you not be interested This volume is mostly a huge fight Hope has gather the future mutants the lights as she calls it Once gathering them one of them transforms to a Godzilla like monster Together they band together with the X Men as well to stop him The last issue is really about Hope building her band of fighters and going on the search to find mutants Good Hope is still badass as always She takes no shit from anyone raised by cable to survive she does just that The band of lights is pretty cool Each very different and all young so get new mutants type vibe there I also thought the end built up for hopefully and exciting future for this series Bad The big fight to bring everyone together has been done so many times can't help feel a little bored Also the art isn't the best Not bad but just kind of blend Overall it's pretty solid fun If like Hope this comic worth reading for that alone It could be better plotting and art but it's pretty fun regardless A 3 out of 5 For my full interview with Kieron Gillen follow this link coolThis story carries the torch from Second Coming as we follow Hope and her team of “lights” These are the first new mutants small m and n that we met during Fractions’s UXM run This is basically the first time we really start to see them gelHope is a cool character I’ve liked her for a while now but it’s fun to see her develop in the new roll as team lead She stands up to everyone here; Cyke Emma Magneto Rogue Wolverine she has a very “ok boomer” vibe to her and she doesn’t let these oldass X Men push her aroundI’m not sure if it’s even supposed to be subtle but anyone who knows fuckall knows that she is accessing the Phoenix That can’t end wellBesides hope there’s a whole new cast of characters for us to fall in love with and they are a pleasure to watch Salva Espin and Jamie McKelvie draw us a great comic witj incendiary action layouts and intensely drawn characters Keep it up This is a good series for any X fan Gillen starts us off with a detailed examination of different characters' introspection in motion which I like they're not sitting around moping and taking about what they wish they were doing maudlin low budget TV drama style but acting and considering who they are in the act I'm fascinated by the mad philosophies of the villain interesting turns of phrase both evocative and intelligible at the same time Gillen writes some interesting words when he has the inclination And has a pretty good handle too on how teens would think and talk at least from what little I rememberMy biggest complaint about Gillen's and others' writing of newish X Men they all give Hope an incredibly sophisticated and self aware vocabulary and speech pattern Here's a girls who was raised since birth by a gruff apparently none too talkative soldier who was mostly alone with him her whole life and who otherwise only had contact with post apocalyptic marauders scavengers and freaks Then she returned to the 21st century and has spent less than a year among a band of freaky mutantsShouldn't she have some verbal and thinking limitations? A narrow vocabulary a bias towards military analogies maybe a limited range of emotional expression? Hell I'm in my fourth decade and I'm still amassing tools to express what's going on in my head Jodie Foster's character in Nell couldn't speak a word of English after being raised by a stroke victim and I'll offer that Cable's not too far off intellectuallyDespite that and the Saturday morning cartoon uality of the art there's enough potentia and thoughtl being woven into this to keep me interested in reading from Gillen And that's probably in part due to the interview included in the book that helps us understand what Gillen's up to and hints at what's in store3 stars for execution 1 for the groundwork and promise laid down here Generation Hope proves to be a very center of the road X book with the handicap of having to introduce new characters into the fold It's difficult to get readers to buy into new mutants and none of the new characters get any significant lime light time failing for me at least to build any attachment to them in the five issues we are allowed The are is all fun despite some uestionable colors towards the end and Jamie McKelvie even shows up to pencil an enjoyable fifth issue so that's a pleasure The villain? was also an interesting Akira esue flesh monster that made for some really interesting scenes especially considering Hope's mimic power Generation Hope is a fine companion book to Uncanny but doesn't do enough to get a real recommendation as a stand alone work If you want to read Gillen writing a teen team seek out the vastly superior Young Avengers series I'm still continuing my great x read of 20172018 and I am WAY behind on reviews due to a move and limited down time I will be updating everything I have read in the meantime with tiny or nonexistent reviews so I can catch up againAfter the absolutely amazing crossovers that led us to where we are with Hope what a disappointment this is Somehow I read this before The birth of Generation Hope so maybe that will make this better but oof Hope comes across completely different than she did with Cable the new mutants seem pointless Oh she has the abilities of Iceman and Pyro? Wow or stupid He's a freaking dog? Really? This was just so disappointing on so many levelsOh and someone watched Akira a few too many times The first pure Gillen in my readthrough The art in this one is really good The characters definitely play to Gillen's strength he's just great at writing young people Young Avengers anyone? Wicked Divine? Hope is becoming of a character here and her team the lights are gaining individual personalities as well The newest addition Kenji is a fascinating character A Japanese artist who goes full on Akira references The last issue is actually by Jamie McKelvie and includes some great CharlesErik conversation too So yeah a very promising start I'd read this one before but with less of the context and I look forward to where it goes Here's our decennial batch of new mutants I didn't find this to be a very good start; the power set is rather bland the key concept that Hope needs to get to them doesn't make much sense and the whole book just fell rather flat for me But it's early yet; we'll see if it can redeem itself

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