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Scribbler of Dreams[Reading] ➹ Scribbler of Dreams By Mary E. Pearson – Kaitlin Malone hates the Crutchfields Her family has feuded with that family for generations and now her dad is in jail for killing one of them This legacy of hatred has never been uestioned until Kai Kaitlin Malone hates the Crutchfields Her family has feuded with that family Scribbler of PDF \ for generations and now her dad is in jail for killing one of them This legacy of hatred has never been uestioned until Kaitlin falls for a Crutchfield boy As if that's not bad enough that boy is the son of the man her father murdered. On a small planet where minute follows minute day follows day year follows year where tradition marches on with a deafening orderly beat – sometimes the order is disturbed by a dreamer an artist a scribbler – sometimes the beat is changed one person at a timeScribbler of Dreams is one of those few books that I was able to read in one sitting UNPUTDOWNABLE It made me feel a mixture of emotions from anger to sadness back to rage and ultimately resolve Mary E Pearson’s writing is execeptional and angst laden to the point where you have to be willing to forego an afternoon because once you start this story; you’ll find yourself glued to the characters and their journeyThe Crutchfields and the Malones have been sworn enemies for over a century Their land and family disputes have caused these two families to carry on a burden of hate and distrust that has been passed down from generation to generation When Kaitlin Malone is forced to leave the sanctuary of her private academy to attend her senior year at Twin Oaks High School as Kaitlin Hampton she crosses paths with Bram Crutchfield A relationship ensues but in order for it to continue it must be maintained by lies and deceit At the end of the day Kait takes a chance to discover if the person she’s fallen in love with has the power to search the deepest part of his soul to break this legacy of hate and create a new beginning for these two familiesI was definitely captivated by this Romeo Julie esue type story The plot was carefully developed; and conflict was strategically planted throughout the novel to keep me on the edge of my seat I will have to admit that I was disappointed that Kait relied on so many lies to hold on to Bram but at the end she learned her lesson and I was proud of the choices she ultimately made I was also bothered that nothing came of what the Crutchfields were planning to do to the Malone farm That seemed to have been glossed over ^^There was a part in the story where you witness Kait’s turning point and that’s when she asks herself How many faces does regret have? The uiet face of a lie barely whispered The seductive face of prying uestions The shrewd face of a deception well planned The longing face of a dream never realized How many faces too many to count and when I look in the mirror I see them allOne last point I deducted one star because I felt the story came to an abrupt end However I can close the chapters of this book with my own deductions but I would like to have seen them scribbled down at least as an epilogueGreat story that was well worth my Saturday afternoon Good Lord where do I begin??? This is hands down one of the worst YA books of all time The plot is a rip off of Romeo and Juliet which was not a turn off at all and was probably the number one reason I decided to read this Big mistake because Pearson relied so heavily on RJ that she failed to really set up any kind of plot that makes sense The story starts off with Kaitlin Malone telling us I hate the Crutchfields The Crutchfields being the family of her Romeo a young lad named Bram Crutchfield WTF kind of a name is Bram? Anyway the book starts off with Kait and her family harboring an irrational multi generational hatred towards the Crutchfields You're supposed to care about and wonder why they started to hate each other and I suppose you do but when the truth of it comes out it's completely laughable Why did my father have to kill a Cruchfield? the hatred between the Crutchfields and Malones goes back five generations when the Crutchfield sisters first parted ways Maggie Crutchfield was a slut when she became pregnant without the benefit of marriage her sister Amanda Crutchfield Malone refused to see her ever again When their parents died and left them thousands of acres that is now Twin Oaks they divided the land down the middle Now if you can't laugh at this overly dramatic break down of the history of these crazy families then you can certainly laugh at the retardedly one dimensional characters in this book Kaitlin Malone constantly writes nonsensical journal entries and has virtually no friends While pretending to be named Kaitlin Hampton her mother's maiden name she falls in love with Bram who is also incredibly dense and apparently an artist I say apparently because all of the art scenes were so horribly implausible to me I love that the characters barely know each other for a week before they exchange I love yous They have absolutely no chemistry and know nothing about each other and what Kait tells him are total lies BUT THEY LOVE EACH OTHER So the big drama in the novel is that somehow Bram's family is planning to buy or acuire a chunk of this precious farmland that belongs to the Malones Bram tells Kait bits and pieces about this upcoming acuisition and Kait while pretending to be a Hampton but really being a Malone goes on to discover that the Malone's new worker is planning to sabotage the Malone farm It's super dramatic stuff not really not at all and the whole conflict seems totally anti climactic There's absolutely no build up at all you don't feel invested in the characters or their problems and I kept reading hoping it would actually get better but I swear the novel got progressively worse And one thing that seemed completely out of left field and totally didn't help to make the book any interesting the secret journals of Maggie Crutchfield show up about halfway in the book Yes the same slut that tore the family apart miraculously wrote journals that fall into Kait's hands and Kait starts to feel a connection to her grandmother great grandmother? who tore the family apart It's supposed to add depth to the story but all it does is make it seem insanely randomI've read Pearson's The Adoration of Jenna Fox and really liked it so I know she's not a bad writer but this is a really badly written book The plot is horrible You don't feel invested in anything that's going on The characters are beyond flat Nothing about it is likable I'm really glad this was not the first Pearson book I'd ever read I don't know based on this one if I would have read any of the others I would have missed out on Jenna Fox and The Miles Between but it wasn't my favorite either I'm beginning to wonder if she wasn't just a one hit wonderScribbler borrowed just a little bit much from Romeo and Juliet It was un original and un compelling All the twists and turns were very obvious The characters were not very likeable The love story was decent but it was like waiting for the train to crash I knew it was coming I just wanted it to be over with No such luck though it was the last couple of chapters before anything crashed and burned The ending was abrupt like the author wanted to be finished writing it as bad as I wanted to be finished with the story Thank heavens it was short very short I have to also comment on the instant love going on Geez why is it so hard to actually write about falling in love instead of making your character pretty much fall right off the bat Gah I'm tired of thatI think what I'm writing makes it seem like it was terrible While it was not very great it was horrid It gets a Meh moment I award it with mediocrity I have to comment on the cover Hate it Boring I'm just not impressed 25 stars Bram eo Bram eo wherefore art thou Bram eo The very first time I read this book I ordered it from a book fair when I was in middle school I have reread it times than I can count since and it was one of the first stories I was so desperate to finish I did almost nothing else No the story is not original but guess what? It says that it's a Romeo and Juliet tale on the back of the friggin book What are you expecting? So amazing new tale that's never been done? So NO do not go into this book thinking it's going to have a bunch of twists and turns you didn't see coming What I loved was the passion and sexual tension Pearson managed to capture within the story It is a slow and steady story that shows there are no black and white sides to a story For the first time Juliet has to see things from Romeos perspective and work to resolve to conflict between their families She even slowly learns that the family feud stems mostly from her ancestors and learns to admit that she may have been wrong The ending was realistic and you know what? It ended there It was a beautiful story that made me cry and laugh out loud but it did not become a dragged out trilogy that ruined everything This is one of my all time favorite books and I recommend it very highly It is perfect for young girls because it never goes too far with the teenage romance and they have to work together One of things I enjoyed the most about this story was how poetic is was written I feel like the author has a knack for that I also felt like the story flowed well and for the most part it was engaging to me but I also felt like it was missing something that I can't uite put my finger on There is a murder deception mystery all in this story which is what drew my attention to the story in the first place I felt that for that part of the story it felt a little inadeuate I guess I was just expecting I did enjoy the characters for the most part but I felt like Kaitlin was fighting a losing battle trying to get these 2 families together and also I felt a little weird about the romantic aspect of the story considering the 2 involved were related even though it was not a close relation So the romantic side of things was a little off I also felt like the end was a little rush and incompleteEven so I am glad I read it I feel like it was pretty light reading and I can dive into her other books knowing she does have a pretty decent writing style so I do look forward to reading her other series I really really really enjoyed this book The book was kind of a romance book but it also had a bit of mystery to it I loved how the author made up the story of how they met and that they both were artists of some kind It was really cool that Bram and Kaitlin connected in that way I think others would enjoy the book Scribbler of Dreams because it is a story about two lovers who in the end try to bring their two different families together I SPENT YEARS SEARCHING FOR THIS BOOK HOLY SHITSo I read this book in 7th grade and I forgot about it by 8th But as the years went on I kept remembering this book I didn't know the title the characters names even what exactly in the book I just knew some of the plot the girl went to boarding school then public school meet a boy her family hates and they fall in love That was it That's all I knew So I spent years knowing I would never find this book based on that information alone because it seems like a pretty basic plot for a book And it is But then I decided to go stalker mode on it on Goodreads yesterday Spent hours looking for it and I couldn't find it So then I decide might as well go to google Probs won't find it there either sigh I go on google and type this in the search box book boy and girl whose families hate each other fall in love and the girl doesn't tell the boySeems basic right? I was expecting Romeo and Juliet to show up BUT NOTHIS IS THE FIRST BOOK THAT SHOWS UP THE FIRST RESULT IS THE BOOKS LINK TO GOODREADS AND I JUST I STARED AT MY SCREEN NOT BELIEVING WHAT I WAS SEEING Then I went bat shit crazy I was pissed I spend years fucking YEARS searching for this god damn book and then I type in the simplest fucking sentence that could have been any book's plot and ITS THE FIRST THING THAT POPS UPBut yeah I'm gonna read this again Give me a couple days to get over my strange happinessanger that I actually found it again ✌️ My friend lent me this book to read back in November or 2008 I never read it because I'm not very big on romances But I read the back last night and got somewhat interested I read it and uickly became amazed by this book It's a romance but not the typical type Kait has a huge hate for his family and Bram has a hate for her own So she hides her identity from him They fall in love But all this time she's been feeding him lies and pretending to be somebody that she is not And when he finds out it is her time to pay for it The story was very Romeo Juliet Complete with cathartic ending I can't remember all the details but I remember thoroughly enjoying it I really enjoyed this book It is mainly about a teenage girl and this boy she met at school and about their relationship This was a great book and I think just about everybody would like this book

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