In Plain View

In Plain View➯ [Read] ➫ In Plain View By J. Wachowski ➻ – Just three months ago Maddy O'Hara had been the freelance photojournalist to call for coverage of an international crisis But now she's stuck at the far edge of the Chicago flyover tapping in to what Just three months ago Maddy O'Hara had been the freelance photojournalist to call for coverage of an international crisis But now she's stuck at the far edge of the Chicago flyover tapping in to what maternal instincts she can summon to raise her late sister's eight year old daughter She's also working for a smalltime television station that wants warm and fuzzy interest pieces Maddy on the other hand wants a storyAnd then she finds it—a photo of In Plain ePUB ✓ a dead man in Amish clothing hanging from a tree Her instincts tell her there's a lot to this than anyone wants to let on Especially Jack Curzon the by the book sheriff Maybe she's seeing things that aren't theremaybe she should follow the sheriff's rules but somehow Maddy doesn't think so Not when evil's hiding In Plain View. uite good for a debut suspense novel Maddy and her young protégé Ainsley make an unlikely team that works here Intense fast paced plot this mysterysuspense'who done it' kept me turning those pages Investigative journalism for a local station is not the choice she would have made but Maddy has given up her hard earned career as a crisis correspondent to care for her orphaned niece in the suburbs of Chicago When a young man hangs himself in an Amish community Maddy intends to exploit the salacious possibilities for her six minute piece until she begins to uncover the secrets of the man's troubled backgroundWachowski has crafted a solid mystery where the motivations of the individuals are the focus Maddy wants to know why Tom suicides when the it becomes clear that his reasons are not straightforward which inadvertently puts her in the sights of her sister's murderer It's obvious fairly on who killed Gina but the motivations and his tie with Tom are not clear until the climax Overall the pace is goodfor me the tension of the final scenes were well written and I found the ending satisfyingIn this novel we have perspectives from Maddy her niece Jenny and the murderer I am not sure that this approach worked for me particularly as the killer's perspective made it easy to identify him Scenes from Jenny's perspective emphasised the distance between her and her aunt and provided a part of the story that Maddy couldn't reveal but I found them disconcerting I would have preferred that we had stayed with Mandy's perspective through the bookHaving said that I found it difficult to relate to Maddy for much of the novel because of the neglect however unintentional of her niece I can understand her difficultly with inheriting the care of a child in tragic circumstances and how far from Maddy's own experience being a suburban mom is but still it bugged me that she put her own needs above Jenny's I felt her character could have done with a little softening even though I liked her upfront attitudeMaddy's supporting characters are likeable Ainsley bears up well under Maddy's cynicism and I liked what we see of Tanya There is a minor romantic subplot between Maddy and the sherrif and their mutual attraction and banter is a pleasant inclusionI wasn't enamoured with In Plain View but it was a respectable read andI have to say I really like the Book Trailer for In Plain View especially that creepy voiceover Meh This book had some really interesting elements to it and the beginning was uite promising but it ultimately fell flat for me Initially I found the heroine Maddy O'Hara intriguing She's worked as a photojournalist in some of the world's worst conflicts Following the mysterious death of her sister she's now working at a station outside of Chicago while caring for her 8 year old niece While working on a story she stumbles into the dramatic death of a young Amish man who had left the local Amish communityAll of this starts off in interesting fashion and I found myself getting sucked in However the book starts to lose direction and meander as it approaches the halfway point By the end I wasn't sure the solution to the mystery made much sense and worse yet I wasn't 100% sure I caredThen there were all the loose ends We learn that the things Maddy has seen have affected her but the author never really explores that There are also hints that the death Maddy witnessed is part of something much larger and while we do get some explanation on that there are still hints of unresolved mystery left out there As I said the book starts off well and the author does provide interesting information on the Amish community However the end result just didn't entirely work for me I'm pleasantly surprised I downloaded this book on a whim from the library I was searching for Amish fiction and this came up in the results The Amish aspect is in the background than anything; the primary story is that of a photojournalist who is back home after the death of her sister She takes a job with the local station so she can keep her niece in the same school and the family house When she gets an early tip about an odd story soon she's plunged into a web of secrets and lies Where it leads is surprising as I didn't uite anticipate that The narration is a little odd but I didn't find it as off putting as some other reviewers did It's the kind of book where you actually wish there was a follow up just to see how Jenny's doing how Ainsley gets along in his job etc I'll give this 2 12 stars The writing style is kind of weirdwith all it's Pan Cut Shift Zoom Voice over etc and this is coming from a photographer who was drawn to this book BECAUSE of the photojournalism aspect There wasn't nearly enough suspense or action in my opinion and I didn't find any of the characters all that interesting or even likeable; I definitely didn't feel any attachment or connection with them I enjoyed some of the humor and having grown up surrounded by the Amish community this book did make me look at them and their thought processes a little differently in a good way But overall the book was just meh for me I had to read this one via Overdrive librarynot my favorite ebook platform interesting premise which is why I have than the usual number of categories Most of the bad language in the story fits; Ie it's not included just to use a 4 letter word lots of twists and turns with this one A good read if I could I would give this book a 35 rating it was an ok book nothing earth shattering and not a leave you at the edge of your seat but it was ok there were a few topics that were brought up but there was never a real reason as to why they were put out there like I said it was ok not the worst but not the best I think I would try the author again though The very beginning was a rough start for meconfusing and scrambledbut I stuck with it I'm glad I did because it turned out to be a great story within a story Couldn't put it down until I finished J Wachowski's In Plain View is a Can't Put It Down read Loved College Boy Ainsley and look forward to seeing what eight year old Jenny will be up to next