These Hellish Happenings

These Hellish Happenings✤ [Download] ➼ These Hellish Happenings By Jennifer Rainey ➶ – In 1707 hapless vampire Jack Bentley made a pact with the Devil in order to escape a vampire hunt Dealing with Satan seemed better than your standard angry mob at the time But three centuries later Sa In hapless vampire Jack Bentley made a pact with the Devil in order to escape a vampire hunt Dealing with Satan seemed better than your standard angry mob at the time But three centuries later Satan is ready to collect His dues whether the vampire likes it or not He's taking Jack down to Hell and He's even got a job picked out for him down below an eternal position at the Registration Office of the Damned Jack attempts to adjust to life on the Administrative Level of Hell where fire and brimstone have These Hellish ePUB ✓ been replaced by board meetings and the occasional broken copier But the whiny complaints of the recently deceased are the least of his problems Try adding to the euation a dead ex lover a dangerous attraction to his high ranking demon companion Alexander Ridner and the sticky and distorted anti vampire politics of a Hell that is surprisingly like our own world. If you think vampire literature is limited to gory stories of the ruthless undead and sweeping tales of sultry temptresses and their buff but sensitive and oh so mysterious male counterparts then you’ve certainly never taken a gander at These Hellish HappeningsAs a fan of comedy the supernatural and anything that combines the two which is a mix that is sadly difficult to come across I approached the book with high hopes – and Satan knows I wasn’t disappointed Jack Bentley’s story is not that of your average vampire; it’s of a humorous documentation of the hardships that come with being a bloodsucker in the real world – and in the Underworld These Hellish Happenings is pleasantly uick paced with a sharp wit and a deliciously cynical sense of humor that leave you wondering if you should feel sympathy for Jack’s plight or just laugh at itI highly recommend this book to anyone interested in humor involving the supernatural politics or supernatural politics as it so happens human rights or just a refreshing new take on literature’s vampire that replaces sparkles with bad luck and a taste for The Ramones When it comes down to it These Hellish Happenings is just one hell of a good read The book is an exciting and fresh take on your typical vampire hell demon shtick Rainey has assembled an impressive cast of characters and has set about dilligently creating an interesting world for them to live inWhere others would go for romance and bodice ripping this book takes a lighter approach Much of the book is slightly reminiscent Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy The hero fights through the spectacular world of hell only to find that it has all the mundane features of our own life rigid corporate practices grass root politicking and annoying co workers The book is a bit slow in some points and misses some opportunity to hit some comedic grandslamsbut where it falters slightly Alex Ridner is there to pick it up He is the life of this novel's party For me the character of Alex Ridner made the book One of the things I'm hoping Jennifer will explain is how the main character could be alive for three hundreds years and have no other marketable skills than being able to work in retail But there will be a Book Two I'm guessing and this will than likely have Alex Ridner And that's good enough for me Jack is supposedly a 600 yo vampire but he acts like a lazy 15 yo teenager He sold his soul to the devil in exchange for 300 years of not having to drink bloodThis story starts off very very very slowly mostly because Jack is the most boring vampire on the face of the planet I thought once he got dragged to hell that the story would pick up but it doesn't In this universe Hell is a Bureaucratic Nightmare Which is just as boring as it sounds Watch Jack as he goes to work from 9 5 in the pits of hell with evenings and weekends off Watch Jack get involved in Demon politics and go door to door handing out fliers Watch Jack be an annoying little twitSeriously I didn't like any of these characters at all I had to force myself to finish so I could write this review At several points I was rooting for the other team in the hopes that something interesting would happen Does it? No not really I have honestly not been so pleasantly surprised by a book in uite some time I expected a funny vampire story and that's really about all What I got was an intensely amusing uirky story that I had a very difficult time putting down This isn't your typical vampire story not by a long shot Jack is an unlikely hero and that somehow just makes me love him He has a delightfully dry sense of humor and the voice he brings to this story is wonderful He's just a guy trying to make his way through his un life when the minions of Hell come to collect him after his deal with the Devil elapsesIf you're on the fence about this one don't be It's very different and wildly entertaining Take one dismal music loving vampire with a contract to sell his soul to the devil and what do you have?Funny uniue and a jolly good readDon't worry Jack the vampire isn't sparkly and can be downright annoying When he's hauled off to hell when his contract expires he doesn't find pools of lava or other annoyingly trite hellish happenings Instead he just might find true loveVery enjoyable read Very original clever and all around a fun read Read review on my website In These Hellish Happenings we follow vampire slash music collector Jack Bentley as he is reminded of a bargain he striked with the Devil himself about three centuries ago Although three centuries is a long time even for a practically immortal vampire the Devil never forgets anything Jack is brought down to hell where he begins his new job as registrar at The Registration Office of The Damned There he is forced to write down the names of the recently deceased and tell them where to go next Although his new job proves to be extremely boring there are some uircks about it For instance Jack gets to live with a demon called Alexander who is basically Satan’s second in command Without counting Belzebub in that is He gets to meet new friends learns that life in the pit isn’t all that different from life on earth as here too his species is discriminated against and he might just start the revolution that will change Hell forever Mix all of that with some dark humor and you’ve basically got what These Hellish Happenings is all aboutJack Bentley makes an interesting protagonist Whether or not he’s evil isn’t even debated throughout the novel as basically everyone who ends up in hell has stepped over some line once or twice in their lifes He is an interesting character with a two sided personality we think vampires bad but what we see from Jack he turns out to be a rather okay fellow in that department since he drinks bottled blood at a bar for instance with an undeniable and highly enjoyable sense of humor and a mind that’s not too stubborn or stupid to demand change When he’s thrown into Hell – as a matter of speech – the place below is on the verge of a revolution with two parties battling each other The one party wants to make demons rule in hell and demote all other species to low level jobs like for instance Cerberus shit cleaning duty The other party battles for euality between the species and they soon see in Jack a possible leading man for their ideals and opinions This brings Jack in a rollercoaster of events all of them eually original and hilariousWho could have imagined any of the things Jennifer Rainey brings in this novel? Hell divided in offices and every demon vampire or poor soul sent to the bottomless pit with a job of their own A hellish environment with politicians – like it’s not enough that they make life a living hell already parties struggles elections possible promotions and an 8 till 6 working schedule It’s safe to conclude that Jennifer Rainey’s take on hell her world building in particular is both very original and very impressive Jennifer Rainey basically gives us our view of modern day society our politics our human rights actions and our work ethics and presents them to us agaisnt the facade of Hell There are brave political statements touched in this novel which make it all the interestingAnd not only does the author provide us with an authentic original view on Hell and the Underworld she also has an entirely new take on vampires as they are usually portrayed in literature and on demons Jack Bentley is anything but an ordinary familiar looking vampire and Alexander his demon roommate is anything but the demons we are used to Humorous original with an impressive storyline and fantastic characters These Hellish Happenings is an excellent read not only for its originality and marvellous characterization but for its impressive writing style and enjoyable humour as well If you like fantasy and even if you don’t you should just try this book It’s a rare jewel in the fantasy genreThese Hellish Happenings is the first book in a series and I cannot wait to read the seuel About the BookIn 1707 Jack Bently made a pact with the devil so that he could survive a vampire hunt Three hundred years later the devil has come to collect his due So what is in store for Mr Bently in Hell? An eternity of working at the Registration Office of the Damned Now not only does Jack have to deal with such tedious repetition for an eternity but there is also a discrimination against supernatural types in Hell such as werewolves and vampires So Jack tries to survive Hell as best as he can which causes him to obtain some demonic allies and to become wrapped up in office politics of the Hellish variety ReviewI picked up this book because it seemed like it would be a witty and original tale Although I did not think it was the best book ever written it was uite an original piece It was nice to see vampires that weren't all about sex and Hell wasn't just fire and brimstone The main reason I didn't give this book stars was mostly because of the characters I could not stand most of them to be honest I found them to be flat and a bit too generic Jack especially grated me I could not believe that he was a centuries old vampire from the way he acted He just reminded me of some punk teenager such as listening to punk music which is the only good music according to Jack and trying to get drunk all the time Now I could see why he may put up that type of character for humans but he acts the same way among other vampires I also could see him liking some modern music but not a single ounce of his habits customs or personality hinted at his original era Also any of the wit that comes from the characters mostly Alex and Jack is idiotic and the villain is just as stupid Then the villain is evil because he just happens to want to stay on top of the work chain The author had to make him pathetic of course by making him greasy and cheesy and no one likes him It just seems like the author tried too hard to make you dislike him However for what seems to be a first published work it could have been much much worse The other thing I strongly disliked is that Jack got off too easily Seriously he ends up in Hell and he ends up not having to live in the Employment Housing the shift he works is just like every day life you get to go home and get weekends off Jack gets a really rare job for vampires and then Satan himself ends up going easy on Jack Even though we are supposed to feel that his life is horrible Jack has so gotten the large slice of the pieI have to admit I did not see the main relationship coming mainly because Jack was poorly written and it was sweet and pretty and the reading was uick paced and made the book fairly enjoyable All in all it was a good plot and with some better editing and defined characters it could have really been something This author definitely has some potential So when you're a vampire you would think that Hell needs to make a deal with you to get you on their team apparently they do That's where Jack has found himself On the verge of death the real final final death Mr Vampire is offered up a deal we'll save you give you 300 years of guaranteed life but then you're coming with us With nothing to lose and plenty to gain like those 300 years he says sureThing is for a vampire 300 years just fly by Yes even when you're the kind of vampire who works at horrible customer service retail jobs You cannot hide from demons so yeah time's upBut hey the good news such as it is Jack gets to work at a desk checking the good err not so good? new residents of hell However despite hell being better than he'd expected there's still politics at play Vampires for example are not as well liked as say humans The housing situation is not very promising You risk running into old lovers You might have to check someone claiming to be Jesus or a lot of them And you might fall for a demon or twoThis is a very different Vampy tale than you're used to In fact it'd be easy to forget that Jack is a vampire were it not for people well demons protesting his existence or getting myths and facts all mixed upIt's also not uite the Hell or Satan that you're used to Okay it's a little warm and not very pleasant but it's not that bad You might wish you had an AC unit and worked a little less and sure you'd like to live in the right part of town but eh you might have had some worse times when you lived And hey there's always the picnicReally the only really negatives here are The ending felt rushed Making deals with creatures like vamps seems a little silly aren't they kind of already on your side after their first or twentieth kill Mr Demon? Convenient plot points for this story sure but they just make no senseWhy the attacks on vamps but not others? It's not really explored while being such a big storylineThe character of Lucy seems just a convenient plot device as well Really Lucius obsessed with just her for that long? The cheery office lady? Really? ConvenientStill overall a uniue and fun story A clever funny sarcastic view of modern society and politics set against the backdrop of Hell Many laugh out loud funny parts many pop culture references Then why didn't I love this book? I think the author never went far enough with Hell and the supernatural characters There was obviously a political statement trying to be made Euality versus segregation Immigration rights Hell was uite the boring place Paperwork political lobbying door to door campaigning company picnics slanted political news networks But this was set in Hell for Satan's sake Demons fallen angels and vampire abound Hell felt like a typical mundane office with disgruntled workers The characters never did anything well Hellish or even used a whole lot of powers They were fun and funny but never truly devious You could change the setting to Washington DC and the characters to Senators and Congressmen and you'd practically have the same book The book was best when dealing with the relationship between Alex and Jack Some very funny and touching moments The previous relationship between Jack and Ben didn't really add anything to the story and really if it was edited out I don't think it would have been missed The brief glimpse of breath mint loving Satan was great Loved Satan wished he would have shown up sooner in the bookOverall probably a 35 I liked it for the most part uite a bit I just don't think it's an unforgettable book I think the book missed by not pushing the envelope enough The flow and style of the writing was really good and I will definitely check out other books by the author in the future