The Ultimate perVERSEities

The Ultimate perVERSEities[Reading] ➽ The Ultimate perVERSEities By Kurt Newton – Poetry collection published by Naked Snake Press Cover and interior illustrations by Chris Friend This edition collects PerVERSEities 2004 and PerVERSEities II 2004 also published by Naked Snake Press Poetry collection published by Naked Snake Press Cover and interior illustrations by Chris Friend This edition collects PerVERSEities and PerVERSEities II also published by Naked Snake Press and includes new material exclusive to this edition. It seems I've been assaulted with several collections of horror based poetry lately and while I occassionally enjoy some dark verse I'm not exactly an authority or a huge fan of the genre However when something as fun as THE ULTIMATE PERVERSEITIES comes across my desk I'm than happy to spend time with some horrific rhymesokay I triedSet up in 6 sections Newton's poems are usually short and sweet and at times offer some truly ghastly scenarios In 'Captives of the Curious' we meet several helpless victims in some unusual situations my favorite being 'Dead in the Water' about an afternoon cruise on a sailboat that goes horribly wrongNewton's second section 'A Brush with the Macabre' proved to be my favorite of the book each poem featuring horror with a bizarro twist check out 'Small Town Parade' and you may begin to doubt the author's sanity'In Sanity's Wake' offers 10 poems including the hysterical 'Holocaust Beauty Pageant' MAN do I love that title'Forbiding Places' takes a look at all kinds of dwellings the best being the b movie titled 'Slaughterhouse Girls' and 'Church Bazaar' one of the longest and best pieces of the collectionSection 5 'Nightmare Trappings' features another longer one titled 'Aborting the Antichrist' which features a shock ending and several 'Wet Dreams' most of us would rather not havePERVERSEITIES ends with 'Oddly Enough' featuring a few food based pieces of which 'Breakfast of Champions' does a fine job of combining laughs and gagsWith plenty of artwork courtesy of Christopher Friend whose sketch on page 74 is to die for Newton's PERVERSEITIES is a neat little book for when you're craving some bite sized chills and you don't need to be a big poetry fan to enjoy it Kurt Newton's The Ultimate perVERSEities Naked Snake Press 2010 is a collection of short poems intended to tax our inhibitions and biases over which themes are supposed to be left unwritten and unsaid The book lives up to its title Ranging from toilet humor to overt body horror the poems reuire a strong stomach Tabloid eye candy titles like circus trainwreck massacre and slaughterhouse girls who were naturally born the daughters of butcher men hint on Newton's black twisted humor There's a piece entitled mad cow patty which showcases Newton's playful and original reference to cactus burgers the thought of which is ridiculously perverseFrom the evocative and unsettling The Birdcatcher You don’t know why the creature haslet you live while killing all the restbut it has made a bed of bones andmatted feathers Now and then itdrops wet meat into your open mouthFrom my favorite piece Letterhead The letters she sends are special bound withskin a chip embedded in the folds the latestin bio sensory pleasure grams Each word atitillating promptAnother notable piece is the highly disturbing the balloon clownTorture porn in to the dogs ignore the smellit is just our skinscrumpled loose about our anklesBlasphemy atrocity and bestiality abound Populated with freaks and brooding outcasts with the undead and the soon to be dead The Ultimate perVERSEities gives so much in terms of imaginatively rehashing genre elements Donna Taylor Burgess of Naked Snake Press is to be commended for taking a leap in publishing this tome