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The Tudor Secret[Reading] ➹ The Tudor Secret ➯ C.W. Gortner – The era of the Tudors was one of danger intrigue conspiracy and above all spies Summer 1553 was a time of danger and deceit Brendan Prescott an orphan has been reared in the household of the powerful The era of the Tudors was one of danger intrigue conspiracy and above all spies Summer was a time of danger and deceit Brendan Prescott an orphan has been reared in The Tudor Epub / the household of the powerful Dudley family Brought to court Prescott finds himself sent on an illicit mission to the king's brilliant but enigmatic sister Princess Elizabeth But Brendan is soon compelled to work as a double agent by Elizabeth's protector William Cecil who promises in exchange to help him unravel the secret of his own mysterious past A dark plot swirls around Elizabeth's uest to discover the truth about the ominous disappearance of her seriously ill brother King Edward VI With only a bold stable boy and an audacious lady in waiting at his side Brendan plunges into a ruthless gambit of half truths lies and murder Filled with the intrigue and pageantry of Tudor England The Tudor Secret is the first book in The Elizabeth I Spymaster Chronicles. Set in those fractious days both preceding and following the death of Edward VI CW Gortner places his fictional suire Brendan Prescott into the story A foundling at birth and brought up in the Dudley household he seeks to unearth the secrets surrounding his birth Tasked with a clandestine errand to Princess Elizabeth by Dudley the Duke of Northumberland he simultaneously finds himself escorting Princess Mary and acting as a spy for Elizabeth’s protector William Cecil the Master Secretary In the fraught days following Edward’s death and Lady Jane Grey’s marriage to young Guilford Dudley Prescott will face the two women he realizes are his arch enemies the Duchess of Suffolk and Lady Dudley Both want his true identity to remain unknown and angle for his demiseIn a mesmerising manner Gortner tells a fascinating tale where truth resides alongside fiction wrapped in a tale of intrigue that will satisfy both lovers of royal intrigue and historical fiction The Tudor Secret is first part in the trilogy The Spymaster Chronicles 35★ This is the first Gortner novel I've read and while I love reading novels set during this period this one hasn't turned out to be a favorite of mine Brendan Prescott foundling raised along side the powerful Dudley family comes to court to serve Robert Dudley In his attempt to follow his master's first command he meets Princess Elizabeth Tudor and finds himself captivated then pulled into the complicated world of politics during the reign of Edward VI I thought the mystery was decent enough and the period and the history were well done but I had several problems with the story The first being the inconsistency of character of the protagonist Brendan Prescott He is very clever and politically knowledgeable one moment and conversely ignorant the next Gortner uses Brendan's ignorance as an opportunity to fill the reader in on relevant political history For example on page 90 William Cecil gives Brendan a uick run down on why Cecil wouldn't want Princess Mary to rule England Unfortunately Brendan would have been well aware of Mary Tudor's religious leanings and so in my mind it was a very unrealistic exchange between these characters There were other instances of this same inconsistency and while I understand the reason for it I found that it detracted from the uality of the writing and my enjoyment of the story Another problem I had was the rapidity with which everyone who met Brendan trusted him This was a period in time when people had their heads lopped off for the wrong political alliances and yet everyone just immediately trusts this young man whom they know nothing about including Princess Elizabeth and her pretty Lady in Waiting? Then there was the way that things worked out so conveniently and easily for Brendan he always had coin at the ready to pay for whatever help he needed he found a little side kick willing to do his bidding the moment he arrived in London It was all just a little to perfect for my tastes I also found it difficult to believe that Brendan would be advising the highest ranking nobles in the land on what they should do and who they should trust it just seemed a tad on the silly side As did the fact that on two different occasions Brendan mentions leaving his sword at home for safe keeping that is just complete silliness There were many many things that just didn't ring true to my ears and because of that I didn't enjoy this story It was an easy read and probably would be fun for people who aren't familiar with this period in time and could just read along and enjoy the ride so to speak First things first this is not a mystery For some reason I thought it was but it's really just Historical Fiction It covers a period of about 3 weeks and the huge leaps in character growth during that time are uite unbelievable Our main character starts out a naive bumbling country boy who picks up on court intrigue and gains maturity with startling swiftness in a matter of days Definitely some suspension of disbelief is neededHowever I found it a uick light read especially for a historical fiction set in the Tudor period Things are not as fleshed out as they could be but I liked the main character and a couple of the minor ones too I might even choose to read about them at some point Although I have enjoyed other works by Mr Gortner I could only read a chapter of The Tudor Secret before I put it down telling my boyfriend This is much too fake to read Perhaps it is because I have been in of a actual history kick for the past year versus historical fiction or perhaps it is because of the fact that book was reading like a high school drama club play Granted if I had stuck it out then it may have progressed better Call me a uitter but I just couldn't read a book that appeared fiction than historical fiction FROM THE PUBLISHERA rousing historical adventure set in the Tudor court during final days of Edward VI's reign a time of danger deceit and courage Brendan Prescott a foundling reared in Dudley household arrives at court to serve as a suire to the arrogant Lord Robert Dudley Keen and ambitious Brendan hopes to gain advancement in his new post until Lord Robert dispatches him on an illicit mission to the King's enigmatic sister the Princess Elizabeth and Brendan discovers that nothing in his world is as it appears A dark plot brews around Elizabeth's uest to unravel the truth about her brother King Edward VI's disappearance Lured into her service as a spy with only a bold stable boy and audacious lady in waiting at his side Brendan plunges into a ruthless gambit of half truths and lies pitted against the wiles of a vengeful opponent who may hold the secret of his own mysterious birth a secret that could shatter everything he believes in and cast an inescapable shadow over him Elizabeth and the future of England itself Filled with the intrigue and pageantry of Tudor England The Secret Lion is the first book in The Spymaster Chronicles This new edition features the Two Bridges Press Reader's Group Guide A young white boy discovers he is special in this ground breaking tale In a stunning turn of events all the major female players which include Elizabeth I Mary I and Frances Brandon of Suffolk are one dimensional cardboard cut outs who exist only to help this special young white boy find the truthEver author who blurbed on the back of this book should feel bad about themselvesPS The cover wardrobe is inaccurate Just for the record Everyone has a secretLike the oyster with its grain of sand we bury it deep within coating it with opalescent layers as if that could heal our mortal wound Some of us devote our entire lives to keeping our secrets hidden save from those who might pry it from us hoarding it like a pearl only to discover that it escapes us when we least expect it revealed by a flash of fear in our eyes when caught unawares by a sudden pain a rage or hatred or an all consuming shameThe Tudor Secret is the first in the Elizabeth I Spymaster Chronicles I cannot even count the number of books related to Tudors I have read I can't seem to get enough of them After reading The Tudor Secret I am really looking forward to the second in the seriesThe Tudor Secret offers us a glimpse at one of the most turbulent times in British history from the perspective of Brendan Prescott a servant in the Dudley familyYoung King Edward VI is rumoured to be dying John Dudley the Duke of Northumberland might as well be running the country At the same time Elizabeth is slowly rising to power She has her suspicions about her brother's illness but is prevented from seeing him Being the next in line to the throne after Edward VI and Mary Tudor she is surrounded by enemies deceit and people who will do anything to see her dead There are conspiracies secrets betrayals lies and danger all around Brendan Prescott unknowingly and reluctantly becomes embroiled in this dangerous game Brendan is a powerful protagonist uick clever intelligent honorable and brave He was abandoned by his real parents and brought by a woman called Alice who had found him Alice was like a mother to him until her sudden death which still grieves him He's raised to be a servant in the Dudley family and as a child is bullied by the Dudley brothers At the age of 20 he is summoned to the court to be a suire to Robert Dudley But things are not as straightforward as they seem There's a mystery about his birth and his real parents that he is determined to unravel Brendan is ordered by Robert Dudley to pass on messages to Elizabeth but is soon hired by Sir William Cecil to spy on the Dudleys What he discovers is a dealy web of lies around Princess Elizabeth Brendan is determined to protect Elizabeth from the Dudley's clutches Out of all the Tudors the one I am completely enamoured by is Elizabeth It was fascinating to see this extraordinary woman through Brendan's eyes especially since he is as taken with her as I am Elizabeth is all at once an enigma and an admirable woman In Brendan's eyes she becomes even so Elizabeth is reckless stubborn determined and an incredibly brave woman Like everyone else Brendan falls unedr her spell You can understand why he is determined to risk his life for her Some of my favourite scenes in the book involved Elizabeth There are moments that define our existence moments that if we recognize them become pivotal turning points in our life providing solace when our end draws nearFor me meeting Elizabeth Tudor was one of those moments Amid the incandescent flames and sheen of mirrors the colored satins and extrabagant jewels as courtiers sank into obeisance like oversized heaps she Elizabeth stood out like albaster A chill slithered up my spine It was as if I was seeing everything for the first time my senses attuned to this forest of treachery and deceit populated by well fed predators who circled the princess much as wolves circled their preyHaving read so much about the Tudors I knew exactly what will happen There was no suspense about the actual events What makes The Tudor Secret a gripping fast paced read is that we get to see the these events through Brendan's perspective Add to that the suspense about Brendan's birth which makes the book even exciting Further The Tudor Secret captures the feel of the Tudor era the scandals the controversies and the court intrigue The details add to the atmosphere of the book The Tudor Secret depicts Robert Dudley in a very diffrent way from anything I've read about him I admit I do hold a soft spot for Robert Dudley But in this book he is short tempered selfish and cruel Though my heart broke a little to see him depicted this way it's still refeshing to see a different take on himThere was just one small problem I had the romance It felt a bit unecessary and I felt the book could have done without it I just wanted to skip over the romantic bits and continue with the actual plotIt must be obvious that I am obsessed with the Tudors I wasn't much of a history fanatic until I came across them Since then my obsession with them has grown and expanded to other eras in British history Then there's Elizabeth whom I will never tire of Much to my joy The Tudor Secret offers a captivating portrayal of my favourite Tudor Read The Tudor Secret with an open mind Do not expect complete historical accuracy It's just a very original and very entertaining take on the Tudors Though the timeline of the major events and their basic nature is accurate there are some changes After all Brendan is a fictional character and his story is entwined with the actual facts Fact and fiction beautifully combine to give an unputdownable book This book can be enjoyed by both historical fiction as well as mystery lovers The author kept me guessing till the end The Tudor Secret is an engrossing compelling look on the eually fascinating Tudor era I will be looking forward to of Brendan's adventuresOverallAdventure filled and riveting look at the TudorsRecommended?Yes If you love the Tudors or if you love historical mysteries this is a perfect book book for you Historical fiction readers should thank Mr Gortner for choosing to take us along with his imagination and give us such tales of what might have been It takes a strong knowledge of time place and history to be able to weave a story that at its core is completely based in fiction but populated by icons Yet that is exactly what Mr Gortner does with this first book in his Elizabeth I Spymaster Chronicles We meet young Brendan Prescott as he is making a journey to London A foundling Brendan was brought up in the mighty Dudley household knowing nothing of his origins Thanks to his caretakernurse and unbeknownst to Lady Dudley he is well educated; he can read write and speak FrenchIt is a dangerous time for England as young King Edward is very ill Dudley Duke of Northumberland is currently in charge and is trying to maintain that control through his sons Robert of course loves Elizabeth and always will and young Guilford Dudley is being married to Lady Jane Grey This is the London in which Brandon arrives While there he meets William Cecil and is erm encouraged to spy for ElizabethI don't want to say much for fear of ruining this most excellent book Mr Gortner knows how to write to create an atmosphere of tension and fear He also makes the characters come alive on the page Again as with book this well written I felt like I was watching a movie in my head A movie I didn't want to end I will note that our hero had the most extraordinary luck NOTHING could kill him But what is a good spy tale without an invincible hero right? There is also a touch of romance and I am not talking about Elizabeth and DudleyThis was a truly enjoyable read with an intriguing premise that sets up the rest of the series uite well I am very much looking forward to the continuing adventures of this particular spy I am a huge fan of CW Gortner’s The Confessions of Catherine de Medici and The Last ueen and so when the opportunity to review The Tudor Secret came my way I uickly seized it And I was not disappointedAs a newborn babe Brendan Prescott was abandoned on the grounds of the powerful Dudley family Taken in and raised at Dudley Castle Brendan is tormented daily by the Dudley brothers in particular the handsome yet arrogant Robert As the book opens we find Brendan riding towards the court of Edward VI where John Dudley is Lord Protector to begin his service as suire to his old adversary Robert Not long after coming to court Brendan is solicited by William Cecil to assist in uncovering a plot against the Princess Elizabeth which they believe is lead by the ambitious Dudley family While unearthing secrets at court Brendan is hoping to find answers to his own mysterythe identity of his parents and the truth behind his birth The Tudor Secret was a uick light read with an entertaining mystery within a mystery Brendan is a very charming character as are his sidekicks Kate the feisty lady in waiting and young Peregrine stable boy turned spy’s assistant I just adored Though it wasn’t as historically heavy as Gortner’s other two novels The Tudor Secret is nonetheless an entertaining and fun read and I am very much looking forward to the next book in the serieswwwpassagestothepastcom I won this in a Goodreads first reads giveaway which I was very excited about Free books; yay They asked for a review so here it isWhat I liked about the book I find the time period absolutely fascinating I thought the author did a great job interweaving fiction with non fiction The Tudors are the ultimate dysfunctional family that you hate to love or love to hate That always makes for great reading I also liked most of the characters flawed as they wereWhat I didn't like Wow I really had to suspend my disbelief to get through this one Everything just happened way too fast I mean really? The main character was taken to court to serve as someone's suire and within a day he's spying and almost dying every five minutes? He falls in love in less than a week? Mmmmkay He has the trust of Elizabeth within one conversation? Alrighty then I also saw a lot of sentences that pretty much just repeated what the previous sentence said in a different way If those would have been edited out I would have been much less irritated I wish there was 12 stars because I'd probably give this book 2 12 stars if I could I have yet to decide if I'll read the next one when it comes out Maybe if I win that one ha ha

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