Wind in the Wires Wings of war

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Unlike most WWI memoirs Grinnell Milne does not focus on his aerial victories against the enemy With the exception of his first he doesn't write about them at all and we only learn of them as he relates telling his suadron mates Instead he writes about his observations and feelings about flying about those he was flying with and about the hardships he endured including being shot down and captured but not about his actual captivity It's a pleasant read and you get the feeling that you have in some way gotten to know him personally It's not however a good first read for those who have never read a WWI flying story There are famous pilots who regale in great detail their dogfights and victories There are skilled pilots who explain flying a kite as those early canvas and wood craft were called in such detail and care that at the conclusion of their story you feel like you could climb into a crate of your own and take off at the unbelievable speed of 80 miles per hours and risk looping the loop But with perhaps the exception of Eddie Rickenbacker's biography you'll be hard pressed to find a personable author with whom you'll wish it were still possible to share a brandy in front of the fire and review the day's flying The author was a First World War pilot who successfully escaped from a German POW camp after 2 years in captivity and went on to serve in a Royal Air Force fighter suadron on the Western Front finishing the war with 6 confirmed victories This is his story which comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED In the late 1960s Ace Publishing Company published or republished memoirs of flying aces of World War I in paperback format They were assembled and edited by Stanley M Ulanoff These memoirs were as good or bad as the effort the ace put into them Aces like Duncan Grinnell Milne and Charles Biddle were not the highest scoring of their nations but served courageously and capably and wrote memoirs that are pleasurable to read Grinnell Milne’s Wind in the Wires originally published 1933 is downright delightful As “Mark” above says Grinnell Milne doesn’t dwell on his victories Compare his story to say that of Capt Rene Fonck the Allied “ace of aces” who would write I put my bullets into the target as if I placed them there by hand Fonck was good and would be the first one to tell you soCaptain Grinnell Milne’s story has three components before his being captured in 1915 his captivity and his return to duty in 1918 Of all he wrote light heartedly The escape attempts—many—by him and his companions read like a comedy of errors pp159 162 in the 1968 paperback He writes well of his comrades and reveals their characters and humanity The chicanery by which he returned to an active suadron in the closing days of the war is also amusing and seems so typical of the devil may care attitude of fighting pilots everywhere This book sitting on my shelf for fifty years proved to be a pleasant surprise Good fun and an insight into the minds of the young men who flew in the early planes Some funny bits such as freezing his spotter or altering the lists through judicious spillages; some courageous bits such as attacking ground machine gun emplacements; some regretful such as post factum musings on the civilian casualties of his bombing raidsI enjoyed this very much but the dangers he faced are perhaps glossed a tad only in passing does he mention how far he outlived the 6 weeks average and it is in the details the officer who would have impeded his plans dying next day the turn over of personnel in his suadron in a very short period etc that the futility and awfulness of the early air war is shownThere is a wonderful moment when he records waving to a German during a dog fight and getting a cheery return as they shot at each other and it is hard to know whether to laugh or cry

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