Little People

Little People➠ Little People Ebook ➦ Author Tom Holt – I was eight years old when I saw my first elf' And for unlikely hero Michael it wasn't his last Michael's unfortunately but accurately named girlfriend Cruella doesn't approve of his obsession with th I was eight years old when I saw my first elf' And for unlikely hero Michael it wasn't his last Michael's unfortunately but accurately named girlfriend Cruella doesn't approve of his obsession with the Little People but the problem is that they won't leave him alone And who can blame them when it is his own stepfather who is responsible for causing them so much misery Oh yes Daddy George knows that elves can do so much than the gardeningLittle People is the hilarious new comic novel from Tom Holt. Tom Holt is the English euivalent of Christopher Moore The big difference is that Mr Moore puts setuppunchline sets in his chapters while Mr Holt is much subtle and restrained Douglas Adams is an apt and accurate comparison Where they are alike is that they both are not shy about setting up outrageous situations but then living within the constraints set up They also are both very very funny and well worth readingThis is his first book or at least the earliest of his works that our library has and is a little weak plot wise It is still funny but there are long periods where in an effort to make his plot work it gets less funnyOn the other hand it is well worth the read just for the gratuitous shots at Microsoft This is a hard one to rate because I really liked it up until the very end which I found unsatisfying and frankly unbelievable I know that sounds strange I mean I bought into elves and other worlds and hoards of strange happenings but in the end Holt seems to get human nature wrong He wouldn't have to change much but he leaves one or two important uestions unasked and I was disappointed especially since I enjoyed the rest of the book uite a lot I seem to have enjoyed a Tom Holt's novel at one point in the past Having read Little People I can't imagine why Our hero Mike Higgins is a wimp even by Holt's standards he's not even a nerd Nerds are smart As usual he has a hyper competent smart girlfriend who's too good for him and as usual he's a Destined Hero who's totally incompetent Other characters don't even get names except for Daddy George our villain who has no depth no motivation and no actual competenceI really need to learn when to put down a crappy book Like others of Holt's books it starts slow but this one is even slower because the protagonist is a self proclaimed loser and his life is incredibly boring anyway This never gets better since any character development is either incredibly sudden or completely lacking The use of the phrase exactly the same except for the differences is used in almost every chapter and though its use is comical in some cases is very annoying The ending keeps in tune with Holt's other books in that it is abrupt but unlike others that I have read it only takes a couple paragraphs and is disappointing to say the least There is no wrap up about how this poor sap figures out what to do with his life next nor if he ever finds a human counterpart to Spike It just ends sad and in the rain Great concept poor execution My absolute favorite Tom Holt story I only picked it up because there was a note near the Pratchett section of my local bookstore saying that if I liked Pratchett and Douglas Adams I might want to try HoltHow right they were I only want to clarify that I did not have this creepy ass cover on my book Funny enough worth my bathroom time What a completely unnecessary ending Some excellent lines some interesting world building albeit full of plot holes but the ending was Whaaaa? The ending devalues the book It's a long time since I read any Tom Holt I like his uirky sense of humour This book concerns a school boy who sees an elf at the bottom of his garden He eventually is led by one such creature to Elfland where he learns that his step father is holding large numbers of elves in his shoe factory where they work for no pay and very little food His constant disappearance and reappearance often at lengthy periods of 'human' time severely annoys his girlfriend An amusing romp I must read some of Tom Holt's work haven hitherto only read his books about the sinister J W Wells Co I enjoyed the humour of this book and the idea I wasn't wholly convinced about the main character Michael changing from someone who didn't have a clue about maths and wasn't assertive to then being the opposite I get that he became different in Elfland but to have the nous to work out his first escape from the shoe factory which wasn't in Elfland and then rally the elves to his cause for the second escape was not really believable I opted to suspend disbeliefit was a book about elves after all The ending both puzzled and disappointed me as I wasn't really sure exactly what happened

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