Demons of Air and Darkness (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)

Demons of Air and Darkness (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)☂ [PDF / Epub] ☁ Demons of Air and Darkness (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) By Keith R.A. DeCandido ✐ –      Once they moved from world to world in a single step through innumerable doors that spanned the galaxy They were masters of space and to those who feared them they were demons of air and dar Air and PDF/EPUB é      Once they moved from world to world in a single step through innumerable doors that spanned the galaxy They were masters of space and to those who feared them they were demons of air and darkness But long ago they left their empire and their miraculous technology behind Now someone has found the key to it Demons of PDF or and all those doors have been flung open Gateways Demons Of Air Darkness      A world near Deep Space threatened with destruction from the distant Delta uadrant becomes the focus of a massive rescue effort as Colonel Kira Nerys her crew and some unexpected allies fight to avert disaster on a planetary scale Meanwhile as Lieutenant Nog of Air and Epub Ù and Ensign Thirishar ch'Thane search for a way to shut down the spatial portals forever uark becomes involved in a dangerous game that could determine once and for all who will control the Gateways. These are a great series but end on a cliffhanger When the galaxy wide network of Iconian gateways are mysteriously flung open the crew of Deep Space Nine find themselves in the midst of an ecological disaster Waste from a Malon freighter in the Delta uadrant is being dumped through one of the gateways and making its way to the colony of Europa Nova a short jump from the station With the population under threat from theta radiation poisoning Kira must mobilise a task force to save the nativesThis DS9 crossover into the Delta uadrant may be somewhat small and gratuitous in nature but it's nevertheless effective in continuing to advance the relationships which are being developed in this relaunch Many of the complaints relating to the Gateways series of novels stem from the cliffhanger endings to each novel For the purposes of this review I've also read the coda to Kira's story included in the What Lay Beyond novelThe evacuation of Europa Nova takes center stage in Demons of Air and Darkness allowing for a rather paint by numbers adventure with most of the crew that often falters and slows the pace of the novel considerably While we're constantly reminded that time is running out and radiation levels are rising I never sensed any real urgency in the writingIf pacing is the first issue then the second is most certainly the likability of the colonists that the crew are trying to help With the only true sympathetic character being the elderly president of the colony we're exposed to a long line of ungrateful refugees who just seem to want to complain about having their lives disrupted Case in point Ezri takes time out to address the complaints of refugees who have been given uarters on the station only to have them moan about light levels and the uality of coffee Seriously Scenes like this just serve to stretch credulity and annoy me as a reader Coupled with that we have a rather contrived scene where a space fearing resident decides to take hostages on the planet and Vaughn must step in to prevent their murder I really was left scratching my head about the inclusion of such scenes they're not even interesting filler and they actively remove any empathy the reader may have with the cause our heroes are fighting forYet while the evacuation storyline may have left me unimpressed I was happy with the opportunity it presented to focus on the characters Kira in particular was finally allowed chance to address many of the events that have taken place in the previous novels although granted a lot of this takes place in the What Lay Beyond coda The pairing of Kira and Taran'atar on the Delta uadrant mission was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed the showdown between Jem'Hadar and Hirogen hunter even if it was rather short lived I can't help but feel that the author would have been better focusing on the Delta uadrant angle just for the pure fun factor of seeing species from the two uadrants interact so uniuely Meanwhile there's a further storyline involving uark and Ro attempting to infiltrate the Orion Syndicate This is believably linked in to the larger Gateways story and I enjoyed it than the evacuation plot DeCandido's characterisation of uark is spot on and the tangential inclusion of Garak was cleverly done From the way things are left there seems to be room for the return of uark's new Orion dabo girl employee Treir Finally the coda Horn and Ivory I'm still not sure what I thought of this While it's undoubtedly a great vehicle to explore Kira's inner turmoil after being attainted and losing Sisko I'm left with mixed feelings as to how effective it was Kira steps through the D gateway to find herself 30000 years in Bajor's past and involved in a war between different factions for the possession of a tactically important peninsula This is all designed to be a reflection of Kira's own life a man of the military faced with a government who has just been liberated but is considering allowing another power to come in and support them The similarities are clear to see however I find it curious that we had to go through this time travelingvision inspired detour to simply come to the conclusion that Kira must pick herself up dust herself off and carry on with the job of commanding the station I'm not sure I really bought into the fact that this was meant to be a pivotal moment in Kira's life she never really felt like she was standing at enough of a crossroads to justify it Still the change of setting is fun and the end scene with the Iconian gateway attendant was a great way to finish offSo a mixed bag Some great writing for uark and Kira stops this from slipping to two stars although it still ranks as the low point of the relaunch series to date A worthy readEven tho lots of characters moved on DS9's relaunch novels can be good This one is worth reading whether you're reading it for the Gateways series or just for DS9 Cliffhanger need book 7 for the conclusion My least favorite of the Gateways series though that might have something to do with the fact that I wasn't much of a fan of the relaunched DS9 series or of the Hirogen Star Trek Deep Space Nine What could you possibly want A well written book held down by a ludicrously absurd premise from a couple of not great TNG episodes I finished this book very uickly The story was very fast passed and kept me flipping pages The Chapters transitioned uickly from one place to another gamma uadrant Bajor DS9 etc and it was easy to keep track of as the chapter would begin with a title indicating where you where returnreturnAlthough the author claims that this is a stand alone story that happens to fit in the DS9 Relaunch world I personally would not recommend reading this unless you have at least read SD Perry's Avatar There's not enough background in the fast pasted Gateways book to understand why in the world there is a Jem'ha'dar fighting for the Bajoron Militia and why in the world TNG's Ensign Ro is hanging out with uark Almost feel bad for folks who just read the gateways series returnreturnBasic synopsis is somehow something that is a practically identical to Stargates though I think they are in invisible shows up in the DS9 universe But the Federation hasn't figured out how to use the DHD Dial Home Device is what the SG 1 world calls it Starts off with someone in another uadrant of the galaxy dumping anti mater waster into a hole in space in hopes of saving their world and avoiding been killed by some crazy hunters These hunters remind me of the hunters from the DS9 Episode Captive Pursuit going after Tosk but I don't think they are identified as such Through on top of some Xenophobic aliens really mad that refugees are coming through a gateway and be amazed that its finished in less than 300 pages Much better writing than the previous novel The fact that this ties into the ongoing DS9 relaunch helps as there's much of a sense of progression and things going on in the background as well as an investment in the eventsThe story is also pretty good fun The gateways crisis doesn't affect Deep Space Nine and the Bajoran system in the same way as other places so we spend most of the book with the crew helping to evacuate a planet This allows for some particularly strong character moments for Kira as well as Commander Vaughn whom we're still getting to know at this pointThe stuff with uark negotiating with the Iconians is maybe a bit less interesting but ends up going to some fun places Likewise the background plot with Ezri feels unnecessarily suashed in amongst all the other happenings especially since it gets so little resolution here Meh A little bit on Shar's background What's seemingly a fun idea to take on the Gateways they start throwing people everywhere causing chaos and it's a little like Marvel's Acts of Vengeance in that one show's bad guys are leashed on another show's good guys becomes a boring plod when Kira and Tar'an'tar sp take on the Hirogen Great idea but the Hirogen are dull as paintMostly just kind of a big yawn I'm not sure why the Star Trek crossover ideas always SOUND fun then just aren't REALLY glad I'm reading the omnibus Twist of Faith which has an introduction that told me

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