The Long Night

The Long Night❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ The Long Night Author Dean Wesley Smith – Centuries ago the Supreme Ruler of the planet Jibet fled a democratic uprising taking with him many priceless works of art Now uark’s greed leads Commander Sisko and his crew to the lost treasures Centuries ago the Supreme Ruler of the planet Jibet fled a democratic uprising taking with him many priceless works of art Now uark’s greed The Long PDF \ leads Commander Sisko and his crew to the lost treasures—and to the Supreme Ruler himself preserved in cryogenic suspensionThe discovery sparks unrest on Jibet and launches an alien armada against Deep Space Nine™ As Dr Bashir struggles to keep the dying ruler alive Jake and Nog uncover deadly evidence of lingering Cardassian treachery Now Sisko must somehow keep the mysteries of the past from destroying all hope for DS’s future. This is what a DS9 novel should be like It has tension Kira fighting her way through politics and a sense of mystery that isn't a murder Add a little humour from uark thrown in and this was a pretty good little book Definitely enjoyed it Thoroughly enjoyable It read smoothly like a long lost episode 45 StarsThe main theme of this book is conspiracy and unrest There is so much going on in this novel that it’s hard to know which scandal to focus on The main focus though is a Jibetian ship that was lost centuries ago–disappearing with the planet Jibet’s ruler and the entire crew The discovery which was happened upon my Warf because of his desire and greed for wealth causes a complete upset that puts Deep Space Nine DS9 at the center of what could be the start of a war If that is not enough there is something out of place on the ship itself Jake and Nog discover some tunnels that may be hiding seriously dangerous Cardassian secretsThis was only my second DS9 book that I’ve read The frist was The Heart of the Warrior DS9 #17 by John Gregory Betancourt which was just an okay read for me at 255 stars So my standards were low meaning I wasn’t really expecting this book to impact me in any way Turns out this was a much better read and very near a 5 star rating from me There was just one minor complaint that kept me from giving this all the starsHonestly I really enjoyed this plot and story It was interesting and gripping in all the right ways I actually liked that the story wasn’t entirely action paced Don’t get me wrong this is Star Trek; there was plenty of action but the action wasn’t what was driving the story It was the tension There was political tension friendship tension time constraint tension and even some personal validation tension This book had it allThe only thing I didn’t enjoy as much about the plot was the side story with Jake and Nog I liked that they were exploring the ship and dragging up well kept secrets but it was taking up too much time for me Everything of course made sense in the end and it offered new and interesting plot points as well as a way to directly influence and drive the story but it was hard to want to focus on the side plot when the main plot was so freaking interesting and Jake and Nog’s plot didn’t get super interesting until about the last 50 pages This is why I couldn’t uite give this book the full 5 stars I enjoyed this part of the plot but simply needed a smidge less of itAs far as the characters I haven’t watched DS9 in ages so I can’t attest fully to their accuracy but from what I remember they seemed pretty spot on Plus I can say that this character depth and development was way better than the other DS9 book I read I know a spin off book doesn’t need much character development as that was done in the show but they definitely still need depth otherwise the book is in my opinion pretty unremarkable and forgettableI only remember bits and pieces of the first DS9 book I read–just main plot points But with this one I remember almost everything that happened including small events and instances of comedic relief It was very hard to write the synopsis because I wanted to say so much I can even remember many of the emotions the characters felt because I was feeling the same ones Also I love the meaning of the title and how it was incorporated and stated in the bookThese writers did an amazing job of bringing these characters and their stories to lifeOverall I definitely recommend this book especially to DS9 fans But I honestly think any Star Trek fan with a general understanding of the Star Trek universe would be able to read and enjoy this short novelSince this book is out of print you can’t order it new But if you come across this book and you’re a Star Trek fan snatch it upReview originally published on my Wordpress blog Dreaming Through Literature The Long Night is the tale of one world's ruler that escapes a revolution only to be lost to history through the act of betrayal Eight hundred years have past since the Nibix has gone missing with all hands Now a prized relic from the ship's extensive treasure holds has wound up in uark's bar If the relic can be traced back to the lost Nibix ship the entire uadrant can be flipped upside down by civil war and the uest for the ship's richesAlthough I found this book to be both well written and at times entertaining I thought the author's were incredibly repetitive in their storylines and missed huge opportunities to write what would have been a great story At nearly 300 hundred pages long the book tells the reader dozens of times how the entire sector of space could be impacted by the discovery of the Nibix How civil war could break out How lives could be put in jeopardy But in all of the 300 pages the author's never took a moment to actually delve into what that would look like they just keep repeating how dangerous the discovery of the vessel could beThe second storyline of the book is Jake's and Nog's adventure into newly discovered tunnels in the station's walls There are a bunch of things wrong with this storyline as well First is that Chief O'Brien is so worried about Jake's safety around these tunnels that he wants Nog to go with him in case there are old Cardassian traps that may put the young man at risk During this time in the DS9 timeline Nog is about to go off to the Academy but has never shown too much an interest in mechanical objects like his father so why him? In fact wouldn't a better storyline have been that Garak joined Jake? After all a Cardassian spy knowing about Cardassian spying would seem like a better fit However Garak is never even mentioned in the book which sounds strange given that everyone assumes Garak is a spy and they find Cardassian spy tunnels on the stationBut for me the book's death knell is that the whole book is one giant build up to a minor fight amongst a handful of species all trying to get at the Nibix The story spends a ton of time warning about the events surrounding the discovery of the Nibix and the affect that would have on the sector but none of that comes to be And in the end all that time dedicated to that story is wasted by the Great Leader not being awaken until the very end of the bookIn the end though the story is entertaining but has none of the traditional Star Trek feel of discovery and the repercussions of the Federation sticking their noses into the unknown and then fighting the conseuences of their doing so And at the end of the 300 pages nothing is really worked out because the authors never really cared to explore the things they spent so much time trying to build upA yawn from me on this one I started off not liking this book at all It begins with a lengthy prologue about the ruler of an unknown race Luckily it gets better The main plot involves a legendary missing ship that Sisko and Curzon Dax had often discussed A sub plot mirrors the main with Jake and Nog exploring some mysterious passageways on DS Nine Once I got through the first 100 pages or so I really began to enjoy the book I am a little disappointed that the story includes guest appearances by many semi regulars like Gul Dukat and the Grand Nagus but not a peep from Garak I wasn't sold on the authors characterization of Jadzia Dax at first but either it grew on me or they got better They did a great job with Bashir While I'm normally annoyed by JakeNog stories that portion of the novel was interesting as well This is an engaging story utilizing the entire main cast in one way or another throughout the novel The finished work seems to call for a follow up of some sort; the rush to the finish is too blatant here Smith sets up the story very well providing details and drawing off the rich history of Trek The problem is the climax feels like a let down in the end There's a ton of build upwith a limp ending Even with that issue still an enjoyable adventure with the DS9 crew A nice story about a lost spaceship that's known to have lots of treasure on board The cover is a bit misleading as Odo and uark are only in the B storyline It's about Sisko Dax Bashir and O'Brien than them The treasure hunt keeps you reading and the political intrigue adds a bit of depth A good read One of the good ones An interesting premise the characters were spot on and pretty much all the main characters got their moment to shine Gotta say though they find a Cardassian spy station that shows signs of recent use on DS9 and noone even uestions whether this might perhaps have something to do with the resident Cardassian spy? C'mon This is the first book I have read by Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch The story unfolded vividly It was just like an episode of DS9 In fact after reading it I am tempted to go back and watch the old episodes I loved this one and I'm gonna call it right now This is my favorite DS9 book and I've only read seventeen of them The entire premise of a lost ship with the missing religious leader of a planet Not to mention politics I even enjoyed the b story in this one

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