Fallen Angels

Fallen Angels❰Reading❯ ➻ Fallen Angels Author Tara Hyland – Oaklandjobs.co.uk From the author of Daughters of Fortune comes a sweeping family drama that follows a mother and daughter through the poverty of post WWII Ireland and London and into the glamour of 1950s Hollywood and From the author of Daughters of Fortune comes a sweeping family drama that follows a mother and daughter through the poverty of post WWII Ireland and London and into the glamour of s Hollywood and beyond revealing the ways in which family ties can never be brokenTara Hyland is beloved by readers for her exuisite talent at weaving family sagas that journey through the rocky roads of secrets lies and betrayals only to show that no challenge no matter how difficult can ever truly sever the bonds of loveThe novel opens in when Franny Healy is a beautiful and spirited teenager living in the poverty of County Cork Ireland Franny wants nothing than to escape to the excitement of London But when she discovers she is pregnant her boyfriend abandons her Undeterred Franny flees to the city where she finds work as a nightclub performer She shines onstage and is soon propelled into a life she’s only dreamed of filled with Hollywood stars glamorous parties furs and fashion plus a new husband—who must never know of the daughter she left behind in County Cork with her mother. Sins of the Mother is a story of a mother and a daughter spanning three decades and two continents In 1946 sixteen year old Franny Healy finds herself pregnant and ditched by her boyfriend in Country Cork Ireland She had no intention of being married off to a local boy which is what her mother plans to do to her so in the middle of the night Franny sneaks out and heads to London After finding a place to stay and having her daughter Cara Franny makes strides to accomplish her dream of becoming a famous Hollywood actress Through some well timed luck Franny finds herself on her way to Hollywood but leaves her daughter with her estranged mother hoping to send for her in a few months but things don't uite end up that way Franny ends up being a famous film actress known as Frances Fitzgerald and keeps her daughter a secret The first half of the book switches back and forth between Franny and Cara showing each one's point of view of being apart from the other After her mother's move to Hollywood Cara only sees her one time for a week two years later The second half of the book is showing through the eyes of Cara and boy does she get put through the wringer After her grandmother dies she's sent to an orphanage run by a sadistic Mother Superior and eventually escapes She then ends up in an abusive relationship with a boy from her childhood One day Cara takes a hold of her life and starts a respectable career and then sets out about information about her mother and why she abandoned her Sins of the Mother didn't have just one but two strong heroines Neither one of them are perfect but with strength and determination they're both able to pull themselves from whatever situation they're in and will themselves to something better The last part of the book blew me away what twists We're shown flashbacks of the years Franny was married and we see that things weren't as they were the first time we saw them I got unexpectedly emotional at one point after getting one huge shock I love surprising twist endings they're the ones I remember the most I found the end completely satisfying and ended up loving the book than I planned on I really enjoyed this book Franny and Cara were both interesting characters I enjoyed to twists and turns the plot took I couldn't put this book down I would recommend this book to anyone As I read this book I was thinking okay three stars but when I arrived at the end the two double twists were so unexpected and so cleverly executed that I have given it four stars This book has been on my shelves for some time Judging the cover as they always tell you not to do I hesitated about reading it A bit fluffy Hollywood romance? Nothing wrong with that but I'd never fancied picking the book up but something made me do it and I am VERY pleased I didIf this novel were a Hollywood hairstyle it would be an intrically woven plait which looks neat and smooth but look closely as nothing is what it seems There's sharp pins sticking out unwashed bits and is any of it real? The novel kept surpring me for as one story starts the pebble of another story starts to role unitl a few chapters later and it's snowballed Each section of the book rolled into another with ease with lots of twists and turns and unexpected dramas There was a varied cast of characters and the author drew them all so well I could SEE the castle and the grand house in the hills see the bending Californian roadsand smell the irony of the Hollywood facade That casting coach in recent times has taken on a much darker tone but here in the 1950s it was pretty dark enough if this novel is anything to go byTo merge Ireland and Hollywood together with snippets of London and Morocco is no easy feat but as the years go by the story progressed the characters changed and the story of Frances and her daughter Clara wove around secrets before coming to an ending that wasn't neat but a complete and poignant surpriseIt's a bit Kate Morton esue or Lucinda Riley esue in parts Never judge a book by its cover nor a person by their appearance or actions of one day This was a fascinating journey of a read and I enjoyed the many thrills of this whirlwind of a story Could you abandon your own child? This novel's central theme appears to be abandonment love and understanding The author delivers on all fronts She manages to stay fairly neutral in this novel not an easy task in a novel where judgement is easy to dole out The main character of the first part Franny is likable at first She appears as an eager child looking forward to the rest of her future However a turn of events involving a pregnancy and the father taking off leaves her far cynical and desiring a better life Her gluttony eventually gets the better of her She takes off and abandons her daughter Cara much like her lover did to her years ago Cara grows up fresh faced and tough with her grandmother her absent mother missing birthdays and sending presents late Cara's bitterness towards her mother at first seems accurate and deserved However things are not always as they seem and Cara soon finds out her mother's life is not nearly as glamorous as she once thought This author highlights Huntington's Disease in her novel; the disease is integral to the plot and important to learn about The author writes very smoothly and frankly details are never left to the imagination This novel is recommended for young adultsadults who enjoy women's fiction I really enjoyed this book You take a journey with the main character from when she is teenager until her death You see the mistakes she makes along the way as well as the triumphs and loves in her life Fanny is someone you can love and yet hate and think ‘Why’ all at the same time Her life is difficult and exciting I love that reading allows the reader to experience so many lifetimes then we will ever have Cara Fanny’s daughter is a tough character with a love for life despite what life throws at her As the reader we are privileged to see her life unfold seeing her mistakes and triumphs her loves and losses The supporting characters are interesting and multi faceted making the book flow well and the story exciting making turning the next page a must Every time I put this book down I would still have it at the back of my mind We can all relate to a family tale where love is sometimes all that holds us together and this one will not disappoint I think anyone would enjoy this book it’s over 400 pages but it is worth the journey What a fantastic read A little historical wrapped around a wonderful story with women at the core I fell in love with the story from the beginning and even with it being a chunkster I couldn't put it down and finished it in two and a half daysWith a glimpse at the very beginning that would weave nicely into the ending this book was nothing like the books I have been reading recently it had heart turmoil twists and turns I fell in love with Franny from the beginning and just wanted to hear her story The characters that weaved in and out were dynamic and kept the story moving forward Even the ending had turns that I couldn't have even predictedI will not spoil this great read with any details but will instead urge you to go to your closest bookstore perferrably an indie and grab this touching story Even a reluctanct historical fiction reader will love this one Excellent Can't wait for tara hyland to write another excellent read Also everyone must read daughters of fortune Excellent also I am not a big fan of historical books but this one felt like it could have been set in any period of time I really enjoyed this book I might have given it four and a half stars if i could Really interesting book I read it in two days but it didn't left impression on me

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