Ardiente paciencia

Ardiente paciencia[PDF / Epub] ☃ Ardiente paciencia By Antonio Skármeta – La amistad insólita entre un sencillo e ingenuo cartero de provincia y el poeta Pablo Neruda El mutuo deslumbramiento por la libertad y la creaciónMario Jiménez un joven pescador decide abandonar s La amistad insólita entre un sencillo e ingenuo cartero de provincia y el poeta Pablo Neruda El mutuo deslumbramiento por la libertad y la creaciónMario Jiménez un joven pescador decide abandonar su oficio para convertirse en cartero de Isla Negra donde la única persona ue recibe y envía correspondencia es el poeta Pablo Neruda Jiménez admira a Neruda y espera pacientemente ue algún día el poeta le dediue un libro o ue se produzca algo más ue un brevísimo cruce de palabras y el pago de la propina Su anhelo se verá finalmente recompensado y entre ambos se entablará una relación muy peculiar Sin embargo la enrarecida atmósfera ue se vive en el Chile de auellos años precipitará un dramático desenlace. Happy New Year 2020 to all my good reads friends For the second year in a row I have set my goodreads reading challenge to one book Reading is supposed to be fun and provide an escape from whatever is going on in ones life at the moment Even a lengthy nonfiction history book when told by a master can read like a story and can lead to hours of joyful reading I want my reading to be stress free and not a slave to a challenge that tells me that I am either ten books behind or ahead of schedule As in 2019 I started my year with a short book and now my “challenge” is done Getting past that I needed to read a romance for a challenge in the group catching up on classics and lots Romance is not a genre I generally read so when I found out that the movie The Postman Il Postino had been based on a novella I knew it was just the book for the challenge So I begin my 2020 reading year with the poetry of Pablo Neruda on Isla Negra I saw the film Il Postino when it first came out in the 1990s Set on the eve of the 1973 Chilean revolution in a fishing village off Isla Negra the book turned film features an unlikely friendship between young Mario Jimenez and poet laureate Pablo Neruda Most men in this village are fishermen but Mario Jimenez does not want to fish His father a fisherman tells him to get a job and he answers an advertisement for a postman to deliver the mail to Pablo Neruda on Isla Negra In this short book the plot moves uickly and their friendship happens overnight because young Jimenez is enad with Neruda’s poetry and tries to write poems himself but to no avail at least at first Jimenez enlists the poet to help him woo his first love interest Beatriz Gonzalez and in this they are successful Much to the chagrin of Beatriz’ mother the feisty Rosa the love birds get married within two months with Neruda playing the role of matchmaker and godfather to their future children In 1973 politics threatened to derail the sleepy fishing village President Salvador Allende appointed Neruda as Chilean ambassador to France so the poet leaves for Paris Meanwhile the social democrats threaten the socialist way of life and one does not know who he can trust Without Neruda for companionship or employment Mario Jimenez is forced to work in the kitchen at his mother in law’s tavern With increased income coming now that the tavern has turned into a small restaurant Rosa Gonzalez buys a television allowing her patrons to see news of the outside world Mario has his eye on the world and the other eye on Beatriz as the couple continues to live in a constant blissful honeymoon state He continues to woo her with poetry sometimes Neruda’s own words sometimes original metaphors by the author What results is a luscious prose coupled with a uniue premise for a story that oozes sensuality and speaks of a touching multi generational friendship The scenes in Isla Negra flow with poetry in motion allowing for memorable scenes on the big screen Yet in the film Jimenez is just the narrator; in the novella there is even poetry which makes the words even of a gem to read Antonio Skarmeta was exiled to Germany following the military coup to overthrow President Allende in September 1973 During that week Pablo Neruda died Some believe that he took his life rather than face a new reality of Chile under military dictatorship This the world will never know As a sympathizer of the Allende government Skarmeta has created a memorable story although one that is most likely known as a gorgeous film Il Postino was a touching way to start my 2020 reading year and even checks off a box on a challenge in a genre I do not generally enjoy to read I have a feeling I will be reading of Pablo Neruda’s poetry later in the year and may even have to revisit this beautiful movie And now that my 2020 reading challenge is “done” I can take the time to savor the rest of what I hope are just as memorable books 4 stars A small book that is both humorous and poignant A mix of Neruda's poetry and the wooing of a young girl by the young man who delivers the mail to him Neruda of course get involved Politics and the Allende government play a significant toll towards the end Don't think I will ever think of metaphors in uite the same way Forget the covers this book has accumulated mine is not this one but a still from the movie of the postman with his bike Forget the synopsis This book hasn't much to do with the love of the postman for a woman though that's how it starts off I found the sex scenes silly but I believe they were intended to be especially with the ending of the first and basically the whole of the 2nd It does have everything to do with the love for the poet Pablo Neruda by the Chilean people as encapsulated by the postman Politics intrude it's only an undercurrent at first as it would be in the average person's life and the ending is uite chilling in an understated way This has the sight sound and smell of the sea Set in a small coastal town in Chile sometime the start of the 70's before the tourists cameHere on the Island the sea so much sea It spills over from time to time It says yes then no then no It says yes in blue in foam in a gallop It says no then no It cannot be still My name is sea it repeats striking a stone but not convincing it Then with the seven green tongues of seven green tigers of seven green seas it caresses it kisses it wets it and pounds on its chest repeating its own nameBut oh yes the sea can be still at night when the moon looks over it You see the moon's reflection in the water and you think about love There must then be a girl in this story and she must be beautiful Big bosomed fiery like a true latina Think of a name a romantic one like the moonlit sea Here she's the barmaid Beatriz a name like that of the poet Dante Alighieri's great love And since there's a girl there must be a boy too Here he's Mario the postman There is only one literate person in the entire town so Mario has only one customer But what a customer He's Pablo Neruda the greatest poet of the twentieth century in any language according to Gabriel Garcia Maruez who receives mails the world overThe sun the moon and the sea A beautiful girl The metaphors of love passion life and death The poetry of Pablo Neruda Pablo Neruda himself The entire concoction patiently brewed for 14 years Five all the possible stars no less It's been so long since I've read Pablo Neruda's poems my favorite of which goes like this Tonight I can write the saddest lines I loved her and sometimes she loved me too I must admit though that for all its beauty and truth a poem a day is not enough for me I prefer reading the letters of John Keats for that needed calm and serenity and if that wasn't enough I just write prose myself But for Mario Jimenez the Postman and fated poet and lover in this book poetry is his saving grace Without it or should I say without Pablo Neruda's poetry he has literally nothing except for his bicycle and his dislike of fishingThis is not so much as a romance novel as it is a tribute to Pablo Neruda by the author who in his dedication clearly admits from whom he got his inspiration Still there is something charming in imagining Neruda teaching a young man how to create metaphors And the story just gets entertaining when Neruda becomes than a poet to Mario's love life There's some Chilean politics depicted here though I'm not half as interested as when it takes Neruda away from his Isla Negra home separating him from all his comforts that he makes an interesting reuest from Mario in the form of a Sony tape recorder For the ending just prepare to be confused Perhaps despite writing this story for 14 years the author never intended to make it a novel after all In a word lite Filled with good thoughts superficial accounts and fun stereotypes I suppose it's mildly entertaining and happily confirms your worldview if you shared it going in Poetry is awesome makes you better helps to win the wimmins Green ink is nice and so is communism except when it isn't Military coups suck من أجمل وألطف الكتب ال قريتها ، مش كبيرة ف عدد صفحاتها لكن قيمتها الادبية لا تقاسشاعرية وساحرة ، بهيجة ومشمسة في معظمها ، ولكن تذهب البهجة والشمس وبيحل جو مقبض وغائم على الورق وعلى النفس من لحظة الانقلاب ومقتل ألليندي ، تستحضر معاها ذكريات سيئة وحاضر مظلم نعيش فيهsmall book very easy to read humorous very magical very poetic and FULL of metaphorsIt has a political background int it The chilean revolution Allende becoming the first Marxist president of a Latin American country military coup and Allende s deathmost of the novel is very sunny and happy you almost can hear the sea and feel the air that full of moist and sand on your skin while you are reading The last few pages was totally opposite dark sad cold cloudy For me that last part specially reminded me of the near past the dark present that we live in my country and the unknown scary future This was such a ridiculous book that could have been interesting if things were done differentlyHow would one silly teenage postman catch the attention and win the trust of a man such as Pablo Neruda all of a sudden?Ok he was annoyingly persistent in his goal of talking to the poet but so what? I would think it would take a bit such as Neruda seeing him as a kindred soul of sorts or maybe being reminded of his young selfNo luck there Mario was amazingly childish boring and dumb All he cared about was Beatriz her breasts and his erectionI don't see Neruda getting involved in stupid teenage drama A touching novel showing the beginning of Chilean period under Salvador Allende I have the chance to visit Neruda's house in Isla Negra which was projected by Neruda himself from his bedroom we can envisage the whole Pacific in front of us; the same happens with his workshop There are plenty of personnel objects exposed and all his three houses Valparaiso Isla Negra and Santiago are kept under Neruda Foundation I saw the corresponding movie a long time ago I must watch it again after read this magnificent book The title was what made me reach out for this book It intrigued me A novel about a young fisherman that decides to uit his previous job to become Pablo Neruda’s postman? Well count me inI am so glad I decided to bring this little treasure home What a charming little book The writing style is almost as original as the story itself Oh and the metaphors I always loved a good metaphor and this book is all but a metaphor in itself PS I really liked the way Pablo Neruda was portrayed uite a character

Ardiente paciencia Kindle ¼ Unknown Binding
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  • Ardiente paciencia
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