El valle de los lobos

El valle de los lobos✯ [BOOKS] ⚣ El valle de los lobos By Laura Gallego García ✼ – Oaklandjobs.co.uk La llamaron Dana y creció junto a sus hermanos y hermanas como una más Nunca la trataron de forma especial y sin embargo todos podían ver ue era diferente Sigilosa como un gato apenas hablaba Su vi La llamaron Dana de los MOBI ï y creció junto a sus hermanos y hermanas como una más Nunca la trataron de forma especial y sin embargo todos podían El valle ePUB ✓ ver ue era diferente Sigilosa como un gato apenas hablaba Su vida cambió para siempre el día en ue el Maestro la llevó con él a valle de los PDF/EPUB Â la Torre en pleno Valle de los lobos Allí le serán desvelados los secretos de la magia más ancestral. I read this book when i was a child I think I was about 8 or 9 years oldI read it in less than three daysI knowyou may say that's not a big deal because the book isn't very long but thenand for a kid of my ageit was than enoughThe thing is that I really loved this book for many reasons including the simple but formidable prosethe characters' tendernessthe friendship between Kai and DanaetcHighly recommendedspecially for children Leí este libro de niñacreo ue tenía unos ocho o nueve años cuando cayó en mis manosLo devoré en menos de tres díasSe ue no es una gran hazaña ya ue el libro no es excesivamente largo pero por auel entonces y para una cría de mi edadera más ue suficiente aunue esperé con gran impaciencia la segunda parteLa cuestion esue este libro me encantó por muchas razonescomo la sencilla pero formidable prosa de Laurala ternura de los personajesel valor ue se le da a la amistadetcMuy recomendable para todos los públicos pero especialmente para niños This is about a girl who can see spirits and an evil man sees this in her and takes her away from her home which is suffering from drought She has an imaginary friend since she was young but he's really one of the spirits sent to help her until his time of dead They all go to live with the evil magician but one day a grand lady appears to her and won't go away The grand lady is also another spirit and needs her help to defeat the evil magician So they do but in order for her to defeat him she has to die first and then come back to life which she can because she is the doorway to the spirit world She wants to stay in the world of the dead to be with her Spirit friend but he made her go back to live out her life until its her time to die and then they can be togetherThe girl has to learn what are her most important choices in life and to live every ounce of it until it's her time because of her promise to Kai her spirit friend I love it i recommend it a lot i need the second part right now This book was amazing and even though reading it in Spanish was muy dificil it was a great read and got me hooked by the first chapter • Title and Author El Valle de los Lobos Laura Gallego• Main characters Dana has been chosen to become a wizard in the wolf valley Kai the ghost best friend of Dana Marietta the cooker of the tower The professor the director of the academy • Summary of the plotDana grew up with her brothers and sisters as one however everybody knew that she was different she saw things that others did not see and his best friend was a ghost Kai His life changed forever when the professor appeared and took her to the Tower in the Valley of the wolves where there was a curse There she grew and learned how to become a wizard Everything goes well until a ghost appear to her asking for help and Dana helped her • Summary of the conflictDana is trying to help the ghost She decided to go to the valley at night But there is a curse in the valley she went to the valley and saw what she was looking for when the wolves came for her and start attacking her Next day she woke up at the tower and what she only remembered was that she went to the valley and almost died She keeps on thinking on what happened and decided to go again but this time with help She asked her only classmate and he agree to go The night didn't go well because they almost die again When she woke up again she didn't remembered anything again At the end she founds what she wanted and realized that the professor was bad He killed the women that appear to her so she put the curse on the valley • Conclusion I read this book because the author has written a few books that I liked However this book wasn't one of my favorites It wasn't a very good book because it was saying always the same and repeating things that weren't important instead of talking about the main idea of the book After some research I noticed that this was the author's first published book which kind of comes as expected after reading it One of the things that bothered me the most was that the prose was unplanned bland and explanatory in the least interesting parts She explains how a girl meets a strange boy and they suddenly become best friends forever in less than four paragraphs and then uses the whole epilogue to provide you with the background story of the villain Saying that she was rushing things out while writing this story is an understatement It is obvious that her first novel was pretty much a writing experiment Still I believe that like any author she must have shown progress along the rest of her books which I still have to read so if you have read other books from her and liked them I'd recommend you not to expect the same uality from this one Well this wasn't the most amazing book ever but I liked it The frustrating thing is that it was translated from Spanish six years after being published And the rest of the series still hasn't been translated AndI don't speak Spanish So now I'm rather upset because it's uite cruel to translate the first book ONLY Meh I guess I'll have to learn Spanish so I can read the rest of this series This book shows that you can love someone even through they are in a different world than you READ ITI normally don't like fantasy that much but this book changed my views drastically It keeps you hooked and is extremely interesting When I started reading this book I had no idea that this was originally in Spanish If I didn't know that this was translated from Spanish to English my opinion would be way harsh Usually books that have been translated miss out from the literary devices that could have been used Maybe in Spanish this book would have given me a better feel however I don't speak Spanish and may never read the actual version I'm just going to judge the English version What really annoyed me was the lack of descriptions Me personally love books with great descriptions and use of literary devices because they make me interested in the book However in this book there are descriptions that are enough to keep the story moving but no enough to make me feel like I constantly need to know what would happen next For example After a moment he smiled and Dana relaxed; but she knew intuitively that however closely their souls might be united a perplexing abyss lay between them It may sound descriptive but it doesn't speak to you like it's rich enough It just doesn't hit you enough that you want to know about that metaphorical abyss The transitioning of how time works isn't all too great either For example right after the uote One gray cloudy day after doing chores Dana and Kai ran to the forest It just doesn't make sense to me that right after a part uestioning Kai and Dana's unity it just transitions right away to a new day like nothing just happened from the previous scene However this book delivered that it's a fantasy book that's a pretty uick and decent read I'm just picky about how the language is presented I would recommend this book 5th to 8th graders because it will give the satisfaction of reading a fantasy book to mainly young readers

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  • El valle de los lobos
  • Laura Gallego García
  • Spanish
  • 09 July 2015
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