The Little Red Pen

The Little Red Pen❮PDF / Epub❯ ☆ The Little Red Pen ✪ Author Janet Stevens – Poor Little Red Pen She can't possibly correct a mountain of homework all by herself Who will help her Not I says Stapler Not I says Eraser ¡Yo no says Pushpin AKA Señorita Chincheta But when the Poor Little Red Pen She can't possibly correct a mountain of homework all by herself Who will help her Not I says Stapler Not I says Eraser ¡Yo no says Pushpin AKA Señorita Chincheta But when the The Little MOBI :¼ Little Red Pen tumbles in exhaustion into the Pit of No Return the trash her fellow school supplies must get themselves out of the desk drawer and work together to rescue her Trouble is their plan depends on Tank the rotund class hamster who's not inclined to cooperate Will The Little Red Pen be lost foreverThere's no lack of trial and error hilarious chaos and creative problem solving in this mission Kids—and adults—will never see their school supplies in uite the same way again. so first of all I didn't know until this book that Janet and Susan are sisters blush The Little Red Hen meets Office Depot This of course lends itself to all sorts of puns and funny characters the pushpin made me laugh aloud silly illustrations LOVED all the excuses on why they can't help the little red pen grade the papers Great concept with lots of potential however I think the story could have been edited a little Nice message about individual talents helping the team Super great idea for an end of the year teacher gift Wordplay runs amok in Janet Stevens' latest picture book It's the old story of Little Red Hen retold sort of but then again it's completely different Sitting atop a paper cluttered teacher's desk Little Red Pen rushes to get papers graded If they don't get the papers graded she says the students won't learn the school might close the walls might tumble the floor might crumble the sky might fall it might be the end of the world Who will help me save the world? But from Stapler Eraser Scissors Pencil and all the other desk tools all she hears is Not I Stapler can't because people keep pounding on him and his back might be broken Pencil can't because he doesn't want to get sharpened down to a nub who needs a nub? Eraser can't becausewhat was the uestion? He can't remember his head is getting smaller In her attempts to grade the papers herself Little Red Pen falls into the pit of no return the trash can Is this the end of the world? Oh my goodness sooooo many puns Clever clever clever that Janet Stevens The particular skills of each desk tool prove to be useful than even they thought as they pool their resources to rescue Little Red Pen Give a copy of this book to your favorite teacher She might just use her little red pen to mark a big smiling happy face on your next paper For a little taste of the wit here watch the trailer I have enjoyed all of Janet Stevens and Susan Stevens Crummel's work and they are hilarious personages but this book was a disappointment The distinct personalities for each tool in a teacher's desk were funny but the idea that students will not learn if their papers are not marked up by the little red pen annoyed me When the Little Red Pen rolls off the desk and into the pit of no return the other school supplies in the drawer put together a rescue mission to save her from the pit and save the known world in the process I didn't know what to expect with this one and I was surprised at what I found I'm also surprised this is the first of it's kind that I've come across In my experience too many 'bubble texts' can easily take away from the story This story has a lot I guess I like to just read straight through without having to worry about extras but the whole speech in a bubble thing should be saved for comics for the most part IMHO Susan Stevens Crummel's illustrations work perfectly with the storyline I can't think of one single illustrator who I could say I'd have rather liked to see illustrate here As far as I know this is the first we've read from Janet Stevens and even without the negative that I mentioned above I can tell Stevens is talented Hopefully if she has other books they aren't all along the lines of this one This is good not great but it's bound to get a great many 4 and 5 star ratings and glowing reviews Update we rechecked this out of the library and read it again on 81211 Because Mommy didn't remember ever reading it before and because Mommy didn't listen to Julia that we had in fact read it I liked it better this time around but I can't help but find it telling that I forgot it so completely in less than a few months Especially since it's really not a very common looking book Oh well it was a little better the second time around I enjoyed this read It is funny The Red pen is grading paper during the night Although she asks for help no one will When she falls into the trash can accidently the others eraserscissors stapler ruler highlighter try to help grade the papers but make a mess They decide to rescue the Red pen It's daring dangerous in a hilarious seuence of events they save the day and Little Red Pen RECOMMEND This is one to add to your Janet Stevens and Susan Stevens Crummel collection I rounded up to 3 stars on this one because of the cool illustrations and the fact that I have a thing for office supplies especially pens I've been known to linger in the pen aisle longer than normal whatever normal is But red marks have a bad repution on school papers and I had a hard time reconciling that as I read this book targeted for children I loved this book The story is reminiscent of The Little Red Hen only the players are all things found on a desk Their personalities are all familiar to us all The illustrations where superb Sisters Janet Stevens and Susan Stevens Crummel make a delightful team for the creation of children's books Awful writing Too wordy and extreme in the mission of the office supplies Great idea gone off the rails Too bad as illustrations are excellent Little Red Pen has a lot of papers to grade for students Without other school supplies’ help she worked on it by herself and fell into the wastebasket The rest of the school supplies cooperate to rescue her In this story the school supplies were personified and represented their characteristics The red pen was the one who has a responsibility to grade students’ paper on the other hand others such as a highlighter a stapler and a pushpin played roles to support grading and organizing papers They also showed the supplies' fears of being discarded when they no longer function properly For instance if the ink were dried out the highlighter would go into the wastebasket All the supplies who fell into the wastebasket were saved in this story but I believed that learning to throw away suppliesthings you no longer need is also a valuable lesson that children could benefit from A guide for parents might be necessary for some readers like me because some children could misunderstand the story and believe that they should keep old unnecessary school supplies There is lots of communication between the school supplies in the text By using different colors and font types it was easy for readers to recognize who says what The authors did a good job with representing the energetic and active mood of the story and the characters by formatting the texts in curvy and swirling lines rather than the flat lines The illustrations also looked uniue and exotic which is effective because it exposes children to diverse art styles and encourages their creativity

The Little Red Pen Epub · The Little  MOBI :¼
  • Hardcover
  • 56 pages
  • The Little Red Pen
  • Janet Stevens
  • English
  • 21 August 2015
  • 9780152064327