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The Watchers❰Reading❯ ➶ The Watchers Author Jon Steele – Lausanne Switzerland In the cathedral tower lives a strange boy with a limp who talks to the bells In a luxury penthouse lives a high class prostitute who's in mortal danger And in a low rent hotel li Lausanne Switzerland In the cathedral tower lives a strange boy with a limp who talks to the bells In a luxury penthouse lives a high class prostitute who's in mortal danger And in a low rent hotel lives a private investigator who has no idea how he got there Jay Harper finds himself in Switzerland on the trail of a missing Olympic athlete A hard drinker he can barely remember how he got home last night let alone why he accepted this job When he meets the stunning but aloof Katherine in a hotel bar he uickly realises that he's not the only one in town who's for hire She's a high class hooker who can't believe her luck Which is about to change For the worseIn the meantime Marc Rochat spends his time in the belfry talking to the statues his cat and the occasional ghost His job is to watch over Lausanne at night and to wait for the angel his mother told him he'd one day have to save When he sees Katherine he thinks his moment has come Which indeed it has But not in a good way. This is an atmospheric and chilling fantasy novel with gothic overtones The location has a strong sense of place in Lausanne Switzerland With a character all of its own is the majestic Lausanne Cathedral and it plays a major part in the story We are set to enter a world in which the forces of evil are runnning amok in a battle that has its roots in the beginning of time The young limping Marc Rochat is a bellringer and Le Guet the watcher of the Cathedral Jay Harper is an amnesiac detective from London who finds himself in Lausanne working for the IOC trying to locate evidence of a formula from Alexander Yuriev Katherine is a beautiful American call girl who services the desires of rich and famous men She is based in Lausanne to avoid the IRSThe story takes a little time to get going but the purpose for that is to lay the groundwork for the action that comes later and to give insight into the main characters including Lausanne Cathedral It becomes clear that there are many layers to Marc and Harper and that the roles they occupy have a much higher purpose Yuriev turns up murdered and horrifically tortured in a burnt car Katherine gets than she bargained for in her encounter with the evil Kormarovsky and the 200 club She is offered sanctuary in the Cathedral by the courageous engaging and enthralling Marc Harper is made aware of the missing Book of Enoch and the dead black potion Further horrendous and supernatural murders take place Marc Katherine and Harper become connected All roads lead to the Cathedral There is an almighty and thrilling conflagration for the very soul of mankind that takes place in the Cathedral Will Harper Marc and Katherine survive?Elements of the story could be viewed as a biblical allegory What I do know is that this is a cracking story that will hold the attention of the reader A lot of meticulous research has gone in to the book It is a well constructed and epic story with characters that you desperately come to care for especially the wonder that is Marc This is the first of a trilogy and I am planning to read the others Brilliant read Cannot recommend the book enough Thanks to Penguin Blue Rider Press and Plume for an ARC I have a short list of books that I love and always keep a copy of It includes The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova Drood and The Black Hills both written by Dan Simmons and The Lord of the Rings These books are characterized by great story telling abilities by the author They are not the kind of books that shall remain nameless the worst written by an author also with the first name of Dan that have a cliff hanger at the end of a two page chapter They are the sort that weave a story so cleverly and rich with story that it takes the reader into another world that is not soon forgotten long after the characters names can’t be recalled The Watchers by Jon Steele is now on my list I loved this book from the first beautifully written and haunting chapter to the last heart pounding one Its exotic locale Lausanne Switzerland its clever plot twists and turns and the revelation about two thirds of the way in of what exactly is going on Though it’s a relatively large book at than 570 pages I devoured it in just a few daysI was besotted with Jay Harper one of the main characters I think it was his sense of humor that gets me every time and his sure fire way of seeing through to the heart of any matter His relentless pursuit of the bad guys didn’t hurt either Another main character Marc Rochat tugged at my heart and I cheered for him the whole book through This book isn’t for the faint at heart however There are a few scenes that are difficult to read so if you don’t like to read anything violent I suggest you skim those few short paragraphs and keep reading – it’s worth itIt was a happy surprise to discover that The Watchers is just the first book in a new trilogy It’s definitely a must read for the literary thriller crowd and just about anyone who enjoys great writing and a fabulous story A bell ringer an amnesiac detective and a high priced call girl walk into a barOh wait That’s not how it goes; the bell ringer wouldn’t walk into a bar Let’s start over shall we?The Watchers tells the story of fallen angels both good and bad fighting a war on earth Or in this case in Lausanne Switzerland The bell ringer Marc has a limp and has flashbacks The amnesiac detective’s gut tells him things are not as they appear to be but he’s so busy getting hauled around that some days he can barely tell which way is up And the call girl is beautiful but not much It took me a long time to finish reading The Watchers Part of the problem was that I had other books I had to get in first due to commitments And part of the problem was the sheer size of The Watchers though I have inhaled GRR Martin’s books like nobody’s business I guess the biggest problem was getting through the set up – I was 250 pages in before things started happeningOnce they did though boy did things start to flyI loved Marc’s character the predictability of his actions the good that resonated in him I loved his talking to the bells too it gave them such personality and these are bells people Jay Harper is a confused mess which while most likely is intentional confuses the reader as well “Is he good? Is he nuts? Is he? What is he exactly?” all ran through my mind while reading Jay’s scenes He’s like this mouse in a maze trying to find the cheese but the cheese is in a whole other box entirely So how is it that he’s a detective?And don’t get me started on Katherine She’s gorgeous and that’s it She loves the life of ease and luxury she lives not knowing she’s good and caught in someone else’s snare Not exactly the kind of female character I enjoy reading that’s for sure If there’s anything redeeming about Katherine’s character it’s that she appreciates Marc for his goodness – but it takes a lot for her to get there that’s for sureAll in all The Watchers is a fabulous story that could easily have been told in about 23 the pagesdrey’s rating Pick it up These are the hardest reviews for me to write other than the reviews where I absolutely loved a book and just want to gush about it without any critical thoughts when a book's ideas were interesting but the execution left something to be desired This is the situation I find myself in with The Watchers by Jon Steele The idea of fallen angels roaming the Earth who were the watchers the title alludes to is a cool one and a lot could have been done with the biblical Nephilim However The Watchers fell flat for me for several big reasons the pacing the characters and the story tellingI'll start with the good Many of the twists were unexpected and there were several mysteries whose resolutions I wasn't able to guess Once the plot kicks in you will probably want to finish the story even if just to figure out who Harper is who the bad shadows are and what they're after etc Also the scenes with Katherine after she is kidnapped are genuinely scary The novel was unafraid of getting dark that's for sure which I appreciated And like I said the biblical lore is interesting enough to stand on its ownNow for the bad and the uglyThe first 200 to 300 pages are excruciatingly slow as we are introduced to our main characters of Harper Katherine and Marc through largely unconnected vignettes As the plot finally begins to unfold the pace then switches back and forth between frenetic and glacial It wasdisconcerting Each time I began a new chapter I would wonder if I could skim it or if this would suddenly be the paragraph where a twist or plot point was unveiled I think if those first few hundred pages had been pared down the actual plot would have been given some urgency as well as space to expand As it stands the pacing is just too disjointed to allow the thriller this book wants to be take holdAs for the characters Katherine was completely useless there to be a pawndamsel in distressexcuse to write in sex scenesallegory for Mary Magdelene She is meant to undergo a sort of transformation as the book proceeds from a selfish silly young woman to someone thoughtful and mature The problem was I didn't really believe it or her as a character Whatever characterization she is given is about as deep as a puddle Harper waseh Technically our hero but surprisingly low on the heroics and instead consistent on a getting beaten within an inch of his life b lagging a step behind the major goodevil forces and c cursing at people who can help himhave knowledge than he does Amnesiac detectives can be written well but I felt as little connection with him as I did with KatherineRead the rest of my review over at Bookwanderer In this age of instant gratification that drives the two page chapter and all the other improvements we have seen in the development of the novel over the past twenty years or so it is refreshing to see that one author is not afraid of long drawn out character building and the slow yet tension filled ascent to what you know will be a stunning climax when you reach the top of the mountain and it is Richly atmospheric and suprisingly tender amid all the gathering gloom this is a beautifully written book to savour and enjoy especially when all of the action finally does get going The portral of Marc Rochat and his adorable cat Monsieur Booty is in particular evocative and memorable I like cats This is the first book of a trilogy and it will be interesting to see if the second book picks up on the main characters introduced so far or delves off into other directions I for one want to know what finally becomes of Katherine the high class call girl with a heart of gold after all she has been put through by the story's end I would highly recommend this to anyone who likes a detective story or mystery with a flash of the supernatural added in for good measure I'm gonna have to DNF I just can't get into this as much as I would have liked I've been reading it since the beginning of January and getting nowhereBut I also really badly want to know what happens It piued my interest enough for me to want to keep reading but the pace just meant that I couldn't It was too slow for me and a little too heavy goingI WILL give this another go in the future And I'll probably finish it too spoiler alert Hard to follow from the beginning but eventually I was able to make sense of the convoluted interconnectedness of character and plotOne thing I don't care for generally is twisted theology even in a fictional world There's so much hopelessness This didn't uite go that far but it was definitely dark and even morbid to some degreeThe three main characters were written very sympathetically for the most part and I enjoyed engaging with each of themI didn't care for the horrific treatment of the female protagonist in the middle of the book because I'm not a fan of graphic sex or violence I think the end result could have been achieved without that but it certainly cemented my understanding of the evil involvedIn any event once I figured out the connections I found the story to be well written and the characters very well developed A good read and nicely self containedeven if I didn't realize it was a trilogy until today Went into this thinking Didn't Victor Hugo write some little thing like this? Shame on me for one never actually having read Hugo's tome and two almost passing up this book Crippled sorry so not PC bell ringer prostitute guy that saves the day Sure been there seen the Disney version and Mandy Patinkin too But not uiteI dare you not to fall in love with Marc Rochat Even Harper gets to you Kat didn't do so much for me one gosh aren't you cute? and I was ready to poke her in the eye Which is probably unfortunate since I'm sure we'll be seeing her again Maybe Mr Steele will give us to like about her next time She seems to be growing up a bitMarc's job is to call the hour from the bell tower of the Lausanne Cathedral Why from 9 pm to 3 am I don't know It's his duty He's a little slow about some things an accident at his birth he explains but he knows what he's aboutHarper on the other hand doesn't seem to have a clue He doesn't even know who he is but he's been set a task and he's trying awfully hard to solve a mystery when everything seems to be working against him even the people who are supposed to be helpingAnd then there's Katherine who's so self absorbed she doesn't see the danger around her until she's in way over her headThe book had me wondering what the heck was going to happen pretty much from the beginning There are a few sections of exposition that made me think Wow author did some research here but I don't think it could be avoided There's a LOT of information he has to get across and he uses Harper's general lack of knowledge to bring us up to speed until he jumps into warp and drags the reader along for the tripGood read Long book Please don't let your younger kids read this Definitely not PG 13 Every once in a while you pick up a book solely because you are intrigued by the cover or the synopsis on the inner sleeve and you have no expectations other than to see if it is worth reading beyond the first chapter And then IT happens You fall into a world so exuisitely imagined that it lingers in your mind long after you've closed the pages trying to fall asleep while pondering how all of these intricately drawn story lines are going to weave themselves together Characters are so vividly described and their internal landscapes so exposed to the reader that you cannot help but understand them even if you don't necessarily like them And in this book add the steady beat of a mystery that increases its rhythm with each turn of the page like some distant marching band pulsing its way right onto your front step That is what this book was for me an unexpected pleasure a rewarding read an introduction into a series that now has me completely within its grasp From the first few moments you are introduced to Marc Rochat you will fall in love with him beforetimes nowtimes and forever times Jon Steele has created a masterful story that does not let you go gratefully I was able to pick up Angel City within a few days of finishing The Watchers and found that book picked up the thread of this one flawlessly For those who found fault with the use of French I can only say that I don't know than 15 words of the language and it was not an impediment to my enjoyment of the story at all I loved the sound of the words as they rolled through my mind and found that it enhanced the feeling of being told a story as opposed to reading one Highly recommend this book and Angel City and can not wait until the next book in the Angelus series is released in 2014 Got a copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewOkay so at first; This book could have been 50% shorter The first 70% of the book nothing really is happening You get to know the characters and the story develops a little bit but to my taste this part could have been much shorter I've thought about not finishing the book a coulpe of timesI'm glad that I kept reading The last 30% of the book is action paced and actually grips you I've read that part within a dayMarc Rochat is above all my favorite character Maybe one of my favorite characters of all time He is so kind and likeable and the parts where he talks to Miss Taylor are lovely to readAnother good part about the book is the way it's written It's describing the whole scene in a beautiful way the writing style makes me think of poemsThe ending left me kinda sad but also a bit curious about the next part

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