How Do You Hug a Porcupine?

How Do You Hug a Porcupine?[PDF / Epub] ☆ How Do You Hug a Porcupine? By Laurie Isop – The third book in the General Mills Spoonful of Stories series Can you imagine hugging a porcupine Sure it's easy to picture hugging a bunny or even a billy goat but where would you begin to try to hu The third book You Hug eBook ✓ in the General Mills Spoonful of Stories series Can you imagine hugging a porcupine Sure it's easy to picture hugging a bunny or even a billy goat but where would you begin to try to hug a porcupine After seeing all his friends hug their favorite animals one brave boy works up the courage How Do ePUB ✓ to hug a porcupine but the porcupine isn't so sure he wants to be hugged The latest contest winner Laurie Isop and illustrator Gwen Millward aren't afraid to ask the pointed uestions. 45 STARSThis book is so darn cute I am a fan of Gwen Millward's illustrations already esp The Bog Baby and this is another charming work The story is adorable too It's very easy to hug some animals Can you hug a horse? Of course and hugging a cat or dog is not so hard you can hug them in your own backyard BUT How do you hug a porcupine? I love seeing all the different animals getting their hugs this would be a nice one for vegetarianvegan families since farm animals are included but they are all seen being loved and I love the tenacity of the child trying to hug the porcupine As my friend Lisa pointed out in her review I did feel a bit sorry for a few of the animals that no one wanted to hug but the final illustration shows most of them being hugged or about to be hugged And the final solution to hugging a porcupine is just greatThe story won the Cheerios New Author contest I think it's great Cheerios encourages new authors and I also feel the story is strong enough that no one should think of it as less than for winning a Cheerios contest vs something literary The rhyme scheme isn't perfect but it's still a good readOn a deeper level I think the message of this story is so great because we sometimes meet prickly people in our lives but if we really wantneed to get to know them we can often overcome that prickly exterior and sometimes they will often met us half way once they know we want to be friends Right on the cover it says this book is the winner of the Cheerios cereal New Author Contest Well I’m glad they’re supporting authors and books and reading And they sure found a gem with this book and author and with its illustrator tooThe rhyming story is wonderful rhyming all the way through until the last page which has just one word The story is fun and funny and sweet The only thing I didn’t like was that there were a couple animals along the way that weren’t hug worthy and they looked rather sad about thatI loved the pictures I love the art style and the colors and the details and I especially love the expressiveness of all the animals and of the children tooThis is a fine book for reading aloud one to one or to groups and early readers will enjoy it too ages 2 8I love that in the author’s bio it says the animal she’d most want to hug is an unfortunately extinct Caspian tiger and I noticed that the illustrator for this book also illustrated a book I read earlier today Guess What I Found in Dragon Wood Can you hug a horse? Of course A cow? With arms around her neck that's how A dog or cat is not so hard Just hug them in your own backyard Hugging bunnies is just divine But how do you hug a porcupine? How indeed? First time author Laurie Isop who won the Cheerios New Author Contest with this adorable book teams up with talented illustrator Gwen Millward whose work can also be found in such titles as The Bog Baby and Guess What I Found in Dragon Wood to answer that all important uestion Everyone loves hugs of course but how does one manage to embrace a creature who is so bristly and unapproachable? Fortunately where there's a will there's a way and it doesn't reuire marshmallowsAs someone who comes from a hugging family myself I found both the premise and the execution of this story delightful The rhyming text reads very well gamboling along in an entertaining fashion while the artwork is simply charming I found Gwen Millward's animal faces uite expressive here from the porcupine's concerned longing to the elephant's tolerant bemusement The droll expressions on the faces of the dog and cat when they were being hugged were particularly amusing All in all a lovely little picture book one I would recommend to any young reader who loves animals or enjoys hugs as well as to fans like myself of Gwen Millward's art Wonderful book Brought a much needed smile to my face This uniue story is full of colorful illustrations about many different animals including the Porcupine Most people believe that it is not possible to hug a porcupine due to its sharp uills However IT IS VERY POSSIBLE One must hug a porcupine with a gentle touch The author says “it has to be hugged very CAREFULLY”I first choose this book based on the cover It immediately grabs your attention because everyone knows you are not supposed to hug a porcupine This book is a delightful story that would be enjoyable for younger kids maybe between the ages of kindergarten until 8 years old This book would be a fun book to read aloud in an elementary classroom In addition to reading this book one could teach about not judging a book by its cover per se Then the instructor can go one to talk about how sometimes we judge our peers by how they dress act or smell but that doesn’t mean anything We should all reach out to everyone eually and give them a chance Most animals are easy to hug You can hug a dog or cat in your own backyard and you might need a ladder but hugging a giraffe is doable Elephants like to be hugged around their trunks and baby chicks like sweet little hugs But how do you hug a porcupine? Why very carefully of courseThe gently rhyming text and short sentences make this a wonderful book for a read aloud with toddlers The bright illustrations set against a mostly white background feature a gang of multiracial children who just love to give hugs The illustrations are large enough for a group storytime but also include humorous details such as the little boy putting marshmallows on the porcupine uills Full Review at Picture Book a Day This book tells a story about how easy it is to approach and hug all different kinds animals However a porcupine is one animal that does not seem possible to hug because it looks so prickly Throughout the book the author lists all these animals but keeps on referring back to the porcupine By the end of the book the author reveals that it is possible to hug the porcupine it just has to be done carefullyI thought this an adorable book that would be great for younger childrenMy favorite aspects of this book were all the rhymes and illustrations that go along with each page I loved the very last page of the book when the author says the way to hug a porcupine is carefully Very creative bookThis would be a great book to use in the classroom to teach children that even if someone may not seem nice at first to still always give him or her a chance This book covers how to approach hugging all different kinds of animals Porcupines however seem like they are impossible to hug Throughout the book the author compares how to hug other animals to how impossible it seems to hug porcupines In the end it is revealed how to hug a porcupine very carefullyThis book was very neat It would be great for young children I loved the rhymes and illustrations on each page This was a very creative and adorable bookThis would be a great book to read soon after connecting with your class It also is a great way to get the lesson of not judging someone on first impressions It is important to always give people chances A picture book by first time author and Renton WA resident Laurie Isop who won the Cheerios New Author contest The premise of her book is that everyone deserves a hug The rhyming text talks all about the different animals you can hug and how to hug them but the uestion keeps coming up—How do you hug a porcupine? Of course we learn in the end that you hug one very carefully The illustrations are soft and cute and readers will enjoy the rhyme rhythm and silly storyReviewed for Puget Sound Council I was pleasantly surprised by this book by a new author Laurie Isop In rollicky rhyme a book about hugging sort of The somewhat bland cover doesn't really do the book justice as the pictures in the book are genuinely cute and fun Considering one animal after the other made us tangentially think of the lovely now classic Is Your Mama A Llama?

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