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Enigma (DC Comics Vertigo)☀ [PDF / Epub] ★ Enigma (DC Comics Vertigo) By Peter Milligan ✍ – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Al parecer Enigma el héroe de la infancia de Michael Smith ha cobrado vida y ha salido de las páginas de un cómic Ahora Michael siente el deseo irrefrenable de encontrarlo una obsesión ue amenaza Al parecer Enigma el héroe de la infancia de Michael Smith ha cobrado vida y ha salido de las páginas de un cómic Ahora Michael siente el deseo irrefrenable de encontrarlo una obsesión ue amenaza con destruir el mundoENIGMA UN RELATO SOBRE OBSESIONES SEXUALES LAGARTOS VOLADORES Y SUPERHÉROES. 'Shade' is still The Book for me when it comes to comics I've read Moore Gaiman Ellis and Morrison but none were ever struck as true In terms of humor depth of psychology insight and variance in ideas only Moore's 'Swamp Thing' comes close but it's still not as unusualYet in the intervening years I didn't return to Milligan He is less visible than those other authors and my stumbling across Shade when I did was a mere coincidence; Only recently have any collections been made available and those only cover the weakest part But it is only natural to return to the source I have sought elsewhere for his eual and missed him so my road leads back to Milligan and it would be hard to pick a remarkable book than EnigmaIf Shade parallels Swamp Thing then Enigma is a thematic companion to Watchmen and flat out superior if we believe Morrison's sidelong jab at Moore I wouldn't say their styles invite a one for one comparison but I do agree that Milligan's is the most literary voice in comicsDespite being shorter Milligan's deconstruction it is less narrow in focus less suggestive organic and revelatory less drunk on its own political transgression 'Enigma' plays with power reality and the farce of superheroes but is drawn not with the cold harsh lines of watchmen but a confused and lifelike dreamI have come to know good writers by this sign that they make inescapable a vision you never could have accepted without them Milligan has this kind of insight and wit and a wry self consciousness the sort that Morrison has always counterfeited in an attempt to reverse engineer clevernessThere is rarely a false note in Milligan He speaks with post modern realism always playing with the audience turning words back on themselves revealing the world through the inadeuacy of dualism His works have verisimilitude in their details in their absurdity in their unwillingness to settle on a single viewThis book is often difficult often unpleasant I can't say I always enjoyed it but can easily say that it was good well written with a strong voice unpredictable it forced me to think and to feel at onceFegredo's art is likewise difficult He is a very skilled draughtsman deceptively skilled The art is messy scattered and free sometimes the story gets lost in the experiment but when he needed to he could hit the high points and do it well Beauty confusion sex pain and death play across the page each recognizable each palpableIt's remarkable that a mainstream publisher had the courage to publish such an unusual book and speaks of a strong editorial staff concerned not merely with their market but with the evolution of the medium I can only hope that publishers and companies of the future will recognize the importance not just of sales but of the long lasting effect of making available original adventurous visions like EnigmaAt first I found the story somewhat all too similar to Shade and while I enjoyed Shade I needed Milligan to do something new to challenge himself as he had continuously done in that series But Shade also started slow so I kept with it It unfolds its struts built of surprising human moments each poignant beneath the a wild surreal magical canopy Finally Milligan manages to do the hardest thing in writing to deliver the ending the work deserves There is resolution yet we realize that we already knew it the mysteries had been germinating in our minds and now that the end is here we wish we could change the uestion that we had once begged him to answer But the new uestion is already lost on the wind and it is in that moment between conclusion and the implication of something greater that we find ourselves utterly gripped He takes us on a journey we see the sights discrete moments and memories and then he drops us off where he picked us up Yet on disembarking we cannot help but feel that in some indescribable nagging way the world he has kindly returned us to is not the one we left My Suggested Readings in Comics Michael Smith's boring life is going nowhere when characters from a comic book from his childhood start appearing in the real worldI've got about half of Peter Milligan's run on Shade in long boxes in the basement and Enigma has been on my radar for years so I snapped it up at a convention not long ago for the princely sum of five bucksEnigma came out during Vertigo's early days so it has that WTF feel a lot of early Vertigo books have at first On some level Enigma is a deconstruction of the super hero genre an examination of what an omnipotent being might do if he was isolated and alone for most of his life It's also a story about human sexuality about breaking out of your comfort zone It's also about flying lizardsThe Enigma is a super hero from Michael Smith's favorite comic book from his childhood When the Enigma and other characters from his stories start appearing all over town Michael goes looking for the creator of Enigma to find out what's whatPeter Milligan has always written some intelligent crazy twisted shit and Enigma is of the same This is one crazy book that takes the super hero concept in strange new directions When an omnipotent being spends a couple decades living in a well by himself how else is he going to act?My only real gripe with the book is that Duncan Fegredo's is a little cluttered and a little too muddy It still gets the job done though His Enigma is creepy as hell at times and his style is grounded in reality as befits the story With Enigma Peter Milligan stretches the super hero concept about as far as it can go Four out of five flying lizards Enigma is very strange and very different It is a story about superheroes and sexuality The less I say about this strange story the better If you like strange tales this one is right up your alleyMichael Smith is a boring person stuck in a bad relationship One day his world changes as villains and a hero straight out of the pages of a favorite comic of his begin to manifest Is this real? Is he causing it? This starts a strange and twisted tale about Michael looking for answers to his past and to his own sexuality It is a uestion not only of his alter ego the Enigma but also of his own sexualityThis can be viewed on many levels It has a great psychological outlook It really delves into what motivates us and what drives us More than that I will not say but the underlying story is a dark and grim one The narrator's identity will surprise you it did me and doesn't become evident till the end bravoThis isn't for everyone it is strange and reminds me a lot of Grant Morrison's work This would have been a 5 star rating but sadly the art doesn't measure up to the heady level of the plot and prose That is a shame There is some excellent prose in this comic and that makes it very different from a lot of what I see in comics nowBut it does bring up excellent uestions about what makes a superhero the motivations behind the heroes and about human sexuality Lofty concepts that are well handled by an interesting plot and buttressed by engaging prose The only hamper is the mediocre art There are maybe four main things I remember about Jeff Ayers the manager of Forbidden Planet my go to comic shop when I lived in NYC The first is that Jeff gave me a student discount long after I graduated from college and he would instruct the other people on register to do so when he saw me The second is that he was very gracious about not wanting to sell my self published comic in his shop but he was willing to let me put flyers for it on the front counter The third is the time Grant Morrison did an in store signing and I sort of ran up to him to ask for a picture without really introducing myself first a move that made Jeff visibly cringe Note Grant Morrison was not offended I don't actually know if he's capable of being offended Also the MOST CHARMING FAMOUS PERSON I HAVE EVER METSidenote Michael Zulli is easily the least The fourth thing is that Jeff Ayers really loved Peter Milligan possibly than he loved Grant Morrison which was a lot and of all things Milligan I think he loved Enigma the most The fact that I too love Peter Milligan than Grant Morrison well specifically I love Milligan without reservation while I love Morrison with tons of reservations is definitely due in part to the fact that Jeff Ayers convinced me that Milligan was cool It is pretty hard to convince me that anything is cool really and maybe that's why I always held off on trying Enigma despite it being I think Milligan's most well respected work By the time I'd decided to give it a shot it was out of print and fabulously expensive but then it came back into print and then I found a copy of the old edition in a bookstore for eight dollars anywaysoBut I guess if I'm being completely honest there are two other reasons I wasn't sure if I wanted to read Enigma The first is that the art always looked like mud to me This was wrong I mean Fegredo's art is muddy and at times incomprehensible But I was wrong to think this was a bad thing The art just makes you work for it a little and once you start speaking its language there's some absolutely beautiful choices being made throughoutThe second other reason I never tried Enigma I think was that I knew it was about a gay superhero and I think for a long time I just wasn't particularly excited about reading about a gay superhero As I think back on the kind of person I was in my 20's I feel like I was a modern and accepting dude the way that Kevin Smith characters are modern and accepting Like the dudely dudes of his films are basically tolerant and they vote right and intellectually believe in the things they know they should but the abrasive humor also masks a lot of insecurity about gender and sexuality I don't know if I really got to work on chipping through that until grad school to be completely honest Nowadays I'm REALLY excited to read about gender and sexuality in the comics And while part of me is sad that I took so long to read a comic that jesus might actually be one of my new favorite comics I'm also pretty happy that I waited to read Enigma until I was interested and excited to do soLike a Kevin Smith movie Enigma exists in a very specific cultural moment in which its protagonist Michael Smith is the sort of liberal minded straight man who a seems to think its okay for gay men to exist and b also thinks it's okay to punch a gay man in the face if he feels his masculinity being threatened He's the kind of character who only really makes sense for the decade or so in which he's written any earlier and his general tolerance of gay culture might seem unbelievable for such a blue collar whitebread Any later as in now and his individual intolerance codes too easily as bigoted and cruelIn this Enigma is not a timeless graphic novel and has to exist in the early 90's when it was written However everything else about the book in which Michael Smith discovers that his favorite childhood comic book superhero Enigma seems to have come alive really moves beyond these temporal boundaries As Michael becomes convinced that he and Enigma are connected he leaves his disinterested wife and his middle class existence to track down the character's creator Titus Bird an alcoholic ex hippie who is just as surprised to learn that Michael isn't gay as Michael is to learn that Bird is Meanwhile the glimpses we see of the Enigma comic within the comic suggest that Bird's original creation steals shades from subversive underground comix as much as it borrows from the land of capes and tights Titus seems to be what you'd get if you mixed Denny O'Neil and Howard Cruse and that in itself is fucking fascinatingThe dichotomy is exacerbated as Enigma and his evocatively named villains The Truth The Head Envelope Girl begin to roam Michael's 'real' world of Pacific City and how great is is that he lives in a clearly comic book named metropolis instead of Los Angeles which it seems to stand in for and how great that its initials are PC From the onset Michael's obsession with Enigma clearly has romantic undertones that every character but Michael is able to see As Enigma's battles against his foes cause increasing amounts of collateral damage to the city damage that Michael assumes the blame for there's an obvious but artfully crafted metaphor for the way that coming out can feel like a far reaching destructive actAs Michael clumsily tries to understand the nature of his obsession with Enigma the book's early chapters similarly fumble with the overlap of gay culture and fetish culture capes and tights yadda yadda However it actually seems accurate to say that Michael as a character is the one who fumbles He moves through preconceived ideas about homosexuality to the physical act of sex to an understanding that the way sexual orientation is connected to identity as a whole is important than how one dresses or who one fucks And on top of all this there's a really great pseudo superhero story from the Enigma comic within and an even better 'real' superhero story about the version of Enigma inhabiting Pacific City all skillfully rendered as a meditation on narrative and existence that is truly broadening to readThere's so much here that Milligan does well in making this story specific to sexuality and also totally not This very much feels just as much 'for' the gay community as it is a book that tries to universalize that community's concerns for a larger audience It also happens to be skillfully and thoughtfully done never preachy for a single panel and just horking beautiful to look atIf anything the craziest thing about Peter Milligan is that he is by turns the laziest writer and the most truly genuine one to come out of the British Invasion So much of his stuff seems to purposely miss the mark or to do so through lack of care that it makes it all the special when he nails it I've really never read a comic uite like this Having read it I don't know why anyone else would even bother trying to write one I can see that this probably felt ground breaking when it was released in the 90s and being incoherent and filled with sexual violence was still transgressive The banal main character was probably intended to give the narrative a literary feel the Everyman contrasted with the usual larger than life Superhero or Villain The trouble is he was boring to spend time with I felt vaguely sorry for peripheral characters Michael's girlfriend the girlfriend of the cop but they were so flat it was hard to pretend their bad relationships or horrific fates were anything but paper The lizards were an interesting choiceI probably would have finished this except I also disliked the art which was hectic More lines is not always better than fewer lines folks i wasn't expecting this to be a heavy read i was expecting it to be really good it was highly recommended but not that good or that deep and i am pretty sure if i read it again i will discover a lot of things that i might have missed This is a beautiful story about Life self sexuality all written in a beautiful philosophical way in a setting filled with mysteryI think it would be an insult calling this a super hero comic its much much than thatThe story revolves mainly around a normal human our protagonist Michael Smith even though Enigma is the one who is making everything happen its still a story about Michael smithThe super villains that were introduced here were amazing and mind provoking Titus bird was a great supporting character as wellEnigma was amazing such power to twist everything to his will but after the revelation i think of him as a villain actually not even anti hero he fucked up and he fucked up baaadThe origin story was amazingEverything will be revealed all the mystery will be explained in the last two chaptersi was disappointed when everything fill down to be about homosexuality or so it seems but its not really maybe that's the finale about sexuality but we really explored many areas of life and self through out the novel and i am privileged to have read such a beautiful work 3 Enigma is a love story of all the tedious people those who don't go out the small circle they live in and lead a life as one stagnant stream of consciousness Micheal Smith is woken up from such a life when his childhood comic book hero comes to life It isn't the plot but the tenacity with which Milligan moves the narration It is a dogged effort complete with raw apathy blood gore and a harsh exposition of the world The supervillains who wreck the day are mirrors that exemplify our own thoughts that lurk in the shadiest part of or mind One such supervillain shows people the truth the ones that no one wants to acknowledge in their own mind on any given day but its existence is enough for them be ashamed of the thought This leaves the people in a fugue state and naturally Enigma the superhero saves the dayMilligan dedicates several pages for Enigma to take root in our own consciousness and start seeing the world beyond the edges Micheal Smith bursts out of his shell and confronts his sexuality first hand The moment is cathartic and Fegredo's art accompanies Milligan's sharp insight The art becomes sharper Enigma's face gets clearer and comes to full vision as the story progresses Milligan never mis steps never lets go of the thread that he first picked up with the line You could say it all started in Arizona Twenty five years ago On a farm It was an ordinary sort of farm in Arizona The kind of place you have sexual relations with your parents and end up shooting someone The writing is at places troublesome; its obnoxious unnecessarily loud when it should have been uiet and uncomfortable Yet it easily impacts the narration and pulls you in down the well Fegredo's art complements Milligan's writing thus making even the art difficult in some places There is a continuous uest to understand the happenstances the allegories the metaphors the subtle and the implied all through the book The art plays spectacularly with the words and balances visual experiences Micheal Smith the protagonist struggles till the very end the nature of right and wrong the duality of existence Enigma poses a problem when such a nature is uestioned while Micheal finds it difficult to exist without it The dialogues between Micheal and Enigma at the middle of the book seems errant and superficial Micheal bemoans about semantics while Enigma treats truth as a literal thing Milligan forces readers to stop and rethink In that he is truly remarkable as a writerEnigma is a post modern phantasmagoria with each emotion brought to life on paper with piercing words and sharp art I'm not clear on why people are comparing this to Watchmen or Swamp Thing other than it's a good story with great art that was pretty much different than the usual comic book dreck in a good wayI had read this as monthly issues came out in 1995 amongst other stories coming out at the time Reading it from month to month kind of filters the story and I don't remember ever reading the entire thing in a single sittingThat was rectified last evening as I sat down pulled out all the issues and proceeded reading it from start to finishThis book is so deserving of a deluxe editionI liked the art Fegredo has a style that really stands out on the page Even on the newsprint uality paper I'd loved seeing this on today's glossy paper with enhanced colorsI was and still am a bit unclear on the ending but the story was excellent Did those guys have mommy issues or what? hehWithout giving anything away I appreciated how the 3 men were presented too often than not such characters can fall into stereotypical manners Good on Milligan for his honest potrayalsOK now I have the munchies for lizards hmmm lizards One of the best mini series ever It's an eye opening and totally different comics experience It takes the superhero mythos and turns it on its head The art by Duncan Fegredo is gorgeous and the overall look of the book will stick with you long after you've finished the last page This comic changed my life when I was in high school One of my first tattoos was a reference to Enigma I don't even have words for how much it means to me