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Fell issues 1 8✻ [EPUB] ✰ Fell issues 1 8 By Warren Ellis ❅ – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Benvenuti a Snowtown ui la vita rotola pericolosamente verso l’abisso L’agente Fell animo nobile pieno di cicatrici del passato dovrà imparare in fretta le regole del gioco in un noir feroce ed e Benvenuti a Snowtown ui la vita rotola pericolosamente verso l’abisso L’agente Fell animo nobile pieno di cicatrici del passato dovrà imparare in fretta le regole del gioco in un noir feroce ed essenziale come un colpo di pistola L’estro di Warren Ellis Authority Planetary Nextwave incontra il talento di Ben Templesmith Giorni di Notte. Re read this one last night Desperately wish there was to the story though it's pretty obvious that it's not going to be resurrected after ten yearsThat said as single volumes of discontinued stories go this one has a lot to recommend it No big long term story closure But the stories themselves are excellent and the craft of their execution is amazingFair warning This is dark stuff Violent in the extreme Emotionally heavy Grim Gritty I might even go so far as to call it unremittingly nihilisticI don't know if that was going to be the intention of the entire series but we can't judge that All I can say that this one extant volume is existentially dark and there is no upbeat resolution Personally I probably would have found that palatable back in 2005 when it was written But right now? In 2018? I'm going to put a warning sticker on it for you If you're having a hard time dealing with the weight of the world right now maybe pick something else of Ellis's instead Lord knows there's a lot of marvelous stuff to choose fromSo again Excellently In one of the opening stories we encounter a coroner eating a sandwich over this corpse while our protagonist Detective Fell can barely contain his vomit A tomato drops from the sandwich into the corpse and coroner goes after it with his pincersFell If you retrieve that piece of tomato from where it fell and then put it in your mouth I will shoot youCoroner I was simply going to remove it I have to go over the bridge for organic tomato you knowFour panels later the coroner pops the corpse tainted tomato into his mouth This works both as funny slapstick and droll metaphor Detective Fell was recently transferred from a bland suburb into the impossibly grim and sualid Snowtown and you can tell that Fell like the dropped tomato is going to get popped into some hungry meta coroner's mouth before this is over So yeah on the one hand you get these generously nasty hardboiled mystery stories one after the other just like the olden days of the Black Mask But you also get these visual and narrative jokes blooming like night fungus as the story goes on None of this would have worked very well if it weren't for Ben Templesmith's horrific pupil dilating visuals which transform this into a perfect work of art Warren Ellis created a strange dark noir investigative tale with Fell a comic that doesn't uite look like any other It doesn't feel much like any other of Ellis's works the structure isn't as tight it's jazzed up and free to roam about the dark seedy city of Snowtown a town torn with innumerable murders and sociopathic crimes that the straight well meaning lead detective and the few people he gets close to are the only lights in the vast murky city so starved of humanity that humans disappearing and turning up by the docks is as investigated and cared about as a kitten caught in a tree in any other town With artwork that borders on hallucinations narcotic fogs all punctured with illuminating presences of ever so bright shafts against harsh or muted colours that don't so much cohere as they drip and spill and smudge in flurries of impressions behind the main action What Ellis has done so well here and why even the last part a catalogue of mayhem is insert enough pathos into a landscape without the common human traits save the very worst And it hurts It hurts to see our little wrangled lanky protagonist try and pick up the pieces of this town as well as falling sand trying as well as he can still producing an immense ray of hope across the dim corners of Snowtown and in a sense giving than just this fictional little shit hole hope This could run for a long time and explore so many things so get back to it please Mr Ellis Richard Fell the main character of this dark and violent set of stories is a detective that was transferred to a decaying trash zone called Snowtown This zone is the typical urban area consumed by violent crimes and corruption The graphic novel is composed of 8 different chapters These chapter stories are simple and straight to the point but uite grimy violent and dark Fell sees himself in a crumbling place where empathy doesn't exist crime prevails and police forces are basically nonexistentFell is reminiscent of the Sin City series regarding the violence topic but with a different pace where the main character defines the real pace of the stories The content of those 8 chapters is emotional consuming heavy and obscure Further Templesmith's opaue and cloudy artwork highlights Ellis' writing style In addition the artwork layout delivers an enigmatic vibe which manages to emphasise the darkish ambient of the narrative Mysterious nuns disgusting rapists and paedophiles and suicide bombers are just a range of villains that take part in the Snowtown's crime world Fell is not just a simple set of tales about cheap violence it's a book loaded with plenty of dark emotions and it succeeds in unloading all these dark and uncomfortable emotions into the reader Rating 45 stars It's 2013 and this series is still to be fully completed I read the 9 comic book issues that looked at the 'feral city' that is Snowland through the eyes of detective Richard Fell Good series 7 out of 12 One of my favorite comics ever collected here into a trade paperback The comics themselves were short only 19 pages but extremely dense each one telling a complete story The setting is a creepy suburb called Snowtown a dark bleak place overtaken by urban decay Fell is a detective exiled to this place and fights something of a losing battle against the hopelessness and pointless horrific violence that pervade the placeThe stories themselves are dark and often gruesome and made all the so by the fact that Warren Ellis is often inspired by actual events Life creates horrors worse than anything any writer could dream up after all The stories are well accentuated by Ben Templesmith's artwork it suggests as much as it says outright and conveys the nature of the story far better than would an artist dedicated to photorealistic depictions Wow This was so dark and gritty it reminded me of the movie Seven specifically the gluttony scene The setting is so seedy and the characters are vile so naturally I loved it Oh man this was great I need Detective Fell must have done something pretty bad to get transferred to Snowtown ie the pit of hell It's a den of crime violence and sin and he's one of 35 detectives assigned to keep the peace Fell isn't afraid to take the law into his own hands to bend it twist it when he sees fit This actually makes him a better understanding cop that the ones who play everything by the book For some reason his transfer doesn't get him down For some reason his line of work doesn't get him down For some reason he cares about the people of Snowtown who aren't nothing to himThis collects a number of Detective Fell's casesinvestigations after he gets transferred to Snowtown He's branded almost immediately upon arriving by barkeep Mayko who later becomes his girlfriend with Snowtown's protective sigilsymbol an S with a slash through it I kept expecting something otherworldlysupernatural to happen because of its predominance it's used to tag buildings all over the town but the only strange spirit wanders the streets in the guise of a vice ridden nun I'm not sure if she's real or not possibly just some other symbol of the sickness and vice that is Snowtown?I'm curious about what Fell did to end up there He's not revealing anything just yetBen Templesmith's illustrations are haunting as usual He plays with light and dark in horrifying ways His style is immediately recognizable Perfect for this creepy setting A mixture of Sin City and Transmetropolitan's absurdity and humor with a straight man type protagonist surrounded by insanity It seemed too over the top at first but really clicked for me around the middle of the first issue I'm not sure if it got less ever the top or I just got used to itI find Ellis's work really hit and miss and can't really think of any other comics he's done that I've liked outside of his work for Vertigo and Wildstorm and his short run on Moon Knight So I'm glad I gave this book a shot

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