Set Sail for Murder

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Jordan – The iconic Polly Pepper musical comedy superstar of yesteryear is experiencing a bit of a professional dry spell she can barely keep her bank account afloat let alone her career So when the nefarious The iconic Polly Pepper musical comedy superstar of yesteryear is experiencing a bit of a professional dry spell she can barely keep her bank account afloat let alone her career So when the Set Sail eBook Ï nefarious Laura Crawford scene stealing former cast mate and perpetual diva proposes a Polly Pepper Playhouse reunion cruise Polly is on board full steam ahead But she soon realizes that Hollywood on the high seas will be nothing short of a shipwreckPacked to the gills with has beens D listers and sycophantic fans Polly's celebrity cruise is really a ship of fools and it's sinking fast If that weren't enough Polly's tiny room troubling lack of champagne and mandatory appearance schedule leave her feeling than a little murderous towards Laura Unfortunately that ship already sailed Laura is found dead the next morning slain by Season Six of The Polly Pepper Playhouse box set the collectors DVD ruthlessly sharpened to a razor's edgePolly immediately begins fishing for clues and her first big catch is pianist at sea Lawrence Deerfield whose career sank when Laura maliciously cut him from a recent stage production But Polly will have to cast a wider net to catch this killer with a ship's worth of burned cast mates spurned lovers and obsessed fans there are plenty of other motives in the seaWhen Polly herself is accused of the crime she knows it's time to shape up or ship out If she can't solve this maritime mystery the clever killer could send Polly's whole career and even her life overboard. DNF i got to go into a thrift shop in KS found 6 books for like gosh was it25 cents a piece? i think that was what it was?? this was one of the six i did pick cool cover the book cover got me i mean look at that so humorous couldn't help it what a read Finding the right book on is tough different cover hope i got the right one?? great read new to RT Jordan's writing well done will read soon enough check this series out ; The newest Polly Pepper murder mystery SET SAIL FOR MURDER is RT Jordan's best effort yet This time Polly who has a REAL facebook account for you mystery fans who love to read fun Hollywood gossip Look her up and befriend her her son Tim and her trusty domestic companion Placenta spend the entire book on a cruise ship Polly and her three sidekicks from her old TV variety show are among the celebrities on board this fan convention on the high seas The luxury liner is packed with greats near greats and ingrates from TV shows now running on TV Land and Nick at Night There's also a killer on board and they make their move early in the book Dead bodies seem to follow Polly around when she's making a movie REMAINS TO BE SCENE hired to be a judge on a TV reality series A TALENT FOR MURDER or even starring in a production of AUNTIE MAME on stage FINAL CURTAIN In her fourth rollicking adventure mystery lovers will enjoy reading how the confined space tightens the mystery Classic sleuths were always solving their mysteries in the end by bringing all the suspects together in one room That has already been taken care of since the ship is sailing to Alaska and no one can get on or off the boatAs usual Jordan's comedic novel offers hilarious sparkling dialogue Hollywood gossip and a clever murder mystery plot that will keep you guessing right up to the last chapter Unlike a lot of Agatha Christie mysteries that boasted clever twisty plots at the expense of much character development the Polly Pepper mysteries have a trio of fully formed believable characters in Polly Tim and Placenta You enjoy spending time with them Their bumbling amateur sleuth status is charming and you can't wait to see what they will stumble into next In many ways they also remind me of the characters Woody Allen Diane Keaton Alan Alda and Angelica Houston play in Allen's under appreciated comedic gem MANHATTAN MURDER MYSTERYReaders setting sail for murder with Polly in this mystery are in for a wonderful trip a tricky laughter filled locked room mystery of the highest order Get your boarding passes now Aging film icon Polly Pepper her gay son Tim and her maid and best friend Placenta go on a celebrity cruise at the urging of a former cast member of Polly's show Laura Crawford But the cruise is not as advertised and the deceptive Crawford is murdered Polly is left to find her killer before the authoritarian ship's captain decides that she has the best motive Awash on her usual sea of champagne Polly finds a murderer and then another and then another Her credibility is gone and she's antagonized much of the ship's passenger list before she realizes what the murderer's motive is Living legend Polly Pepper joins her fellow cast members from her TV show on a cruise to relive their glory days However the first night out one of the co stars is murdered This is the fourth in the series and the characters were still over the top fun however the plot was very easy to figure outRead my full review at Carstairs Considers Very funny book My daughter picked it for me for Christmas because I read similar books I had not heard of these but I really enjoyed it so went to the library and rented the first 3 in the series Yeah another one I couldn't even finish The main character's frenemie steals her room and she doesnothing? Then she does all the exact classic things that you shouldn't do to not be implicated in a murder It just irked me the book was a farce than anything else The three main characters were not very believable but the book was humorous I am not sure what I can say about it without giving away parts of the book so I guess this is it VERY Good BOokand FUNNY You will really enjoy this Funny one liners but pretty silly story and characters

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  • Set Sail for Murder
  • R.T. Jordan
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  • 01 March 2015
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