The Soul Hypothesis

The Soul Hypothesis❤ The Soul Hypothesis free download ➞ Author Mark C. Baker – What do we mean when we speak about the soul What are the arguments for the existence of the soul as distinct from the physical body Do animals have souls What is the difference between the mind and t What do we mean when we speak about the soul What are the arguments for the existence of the soul as distinct from the physical body Do animals have souls What is the difference between the mind and the soul The Soul Hypothesis brings together experts from philosophy The Soul PDF/EPUB ² linguistics and science to discuss the validity of these uestions in the modern worldThey contend that there is an aspect of the nature of human beings that is not reducible to the matter that makes up our bodies This perspective is part of a family of views traditionally classified in philosophy as substance dualism and has something serious in common with the ubiuitous human belief in the soul The Soul Hypothesis presents views from a range of sciences and the resulting big picture shows clearly than could a single author with one area of expertise that there is room for a soul hypothesis. While I believe the soul exists from other lines of reasoning the line of reasoning in this book is not convincing It is essentially the same old mostly philosophical arguments with half understood physics and neuroscienceI had high hopes for the chapter entitled Energy of the Soul by Robin Collins which tries to claim that just because General Relativity Theory does not make a comprehensive claim for energy conservation in regards to gravity that the whole idea in regards to energy conservation can be abandoned This is not the case for particle interactions that do not involve the gravity force Amazingly this author does not mention dark energy which due to a proportionality constant in the General Relativity euations is expanding the universe at an ever increasing rate The space that exists the energy is created This is a huge violation of the classical conservation of energy law Books that shift ones views about the nature of reality a few and far between The editors of this book are Theists specifically Christians of some sort as they reveal in the conclusion of the book At the outset of reading this book my worldview was pretty much materialistic and atheistic If the authors wanted to convert me to Christianity they fell short of the mark They have however changed my beliefs about the nature of consciousness in relation to the brain and caused me to embrace nonphysical entities as integral to reality In essence they have convinced me of the truth of dualism ie there is a nonphysical aspect to human nature So I will no longer refer to myself as an atheist but as a heretical agnostic who believes we are than merely physical beings The case the authors put forth is cogent and explains phenomenal consciousness with what we know about the physical world If a nonphysical realm exists at least in the form of conscious entities that have an element of the nonphysical I can no longer adhere to strict materialist metaphysics That said it is a long way from positing a nonmaterial realm to deism or theism or anything like the dogma of an organized religion I enjoyed this book and my outlook is different for having read it so even if the authors intended for their readers like becoming an adherent to a faith they have fallen short but they have done a great deal in shifting this reader's view about the nature of reality The chapters on why physicalism materialist monism is incomplete are clear and convincing Meanwhile the chapters on physics are too speculative to be taken seriously The section on emergent dualism is perhaps the most satisfying perhaps because that is my own ontological view Overall this is an uneven book that at times takes itself too seriously An excellent treatment of an important topic with a broad range of dualistic views presented This book looks for scientific evidence theory that might be evidence for the existence of the human soul and in this sense it is a rare find with some fascinating insights but it is hard work to readIt is written from a scientific perspective and is 'pro' the soul but despite the efforts of its contributors through a series of essays I found it very dry and in some places uite obscure in its notionsYet some of the essays were pitched at a good level for the general reader in particular providing medical evidence to support such beliefs

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